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Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by barrad, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. barrad

    barrad New Member


    Around 20 of my movies scrapped without the actors and directors info. I spent 3 hours trying to fix it with no success.

    When i done factory reset, the 20 movies scrapped as normal, with all the info. Once restored my back up, the actor info is missing.
    I tried clear and re scan, i changed the name of the file, i moved it to different location on the hard drive, still no actors/directors info...

    What else i can try to get it properly scrapped ?

    I do not want to start from the scratch as i have a large collection.

  2. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Active Member

    Not seen this behaviour - Can you give a couple of examples of movies that behave like this?
  3. barrad

    barrad New Member

    Hi thanks for the reply.

    The movie is irrelevant, it was 16 movies on the row in the catalogue of around 230 movies. After factory reset, the movies scrapping correctly with no errors. The problem is, i can not 'reset' the incorrectly scrapped movies when using my backup... no matter what i do, they do not have the actors and directors info.
  4. barrad

    barrad New Member

    I will check the exact movies when back home from holidays next week, it was def the Iron Man as far as i can remember.
  5. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Active Member

    So if you "clear match info" for them, and if you then rescrape, they still have these errors?

    That sounds like a cache issue.

    Maybe try this:

    1. Move the movies with errors out of the source folder(s) and restart HT2 so they are deleted from the database

    2. Make a backup

    3. Delete the sources from HT2 so the library clears

    4. Restore from the backup

    5. Move the deleted movies back into the source folder(s) so they scrape...

    Have a good holiday :)
  6. barrad

    barrad New Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. No matter what i do, the 20 movies scrapping without the directors/actors info.

    The only way i can get them to scrap correctly, is to start from the scratch. After the movie wall app reset, them movies scrapping correctly as normal.

    I really do not understand how this is possible. I tried to clear the folder info ( so it is showing 0 movies scrapped) then i removed the folder from the sources completely. Then i made the backup. After that, i reset the movie wall app. When i resumed the backup, the culprit folder was not present, so i added it. When start the scrapping process of the folder, it went very quick as it was already done...... And of course the problem is still exist.

    I think once scrapped it is not possible to clear the folder again....

    Any more ideas welcome how to clear folder info/data.
  7. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Active Member

    Definitely sounds like a cache issue - whatever's happening, you're not clearing it and the old values keep being resused.

    Another way around it is to edit the details in the web interface - http://ip_address_of _zidoo:9528

    Wouldn't take long to correct 20 movies.
  8. myzidoo

    myzidoo Member

    I also struggled with some database inconsistencies (field updating, deletions etc...) whilst the excellent method described above cured effectively many issues there are still some scrapping results (or non-results) which remain stuck and seem to survive pretty much every deletion/correction attempt made. Working directly on the database file was the only thing which allowed me to correct every posterwall issue :
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  9. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Active Member

  10. blenky

    blenky Member

    Thats sounds very interesting
  11. barrad

    barrad New Member

    I tried this method, but still can't get the movies to re-scrap correctly... When i clear the match info on the PC, the movie go to "others", but when re-scrapped again on pc or player, there is still no directors/actors info.

    I also tried to manually input the information on the PC and when confirmed it give me green success sign, but there is still no information. When open the options on PC again, the director/actor field is empty...
  12. blenky

    blenky Member

    I've had similar issues with missing director\actor info - but on TV shows. It seems this happens as the default scraper is TMDB which will bring back the basic TV info but not diretor or cast info. I need to manually do a rematch and change the scraper to TVDB. Probably not related to your issue as you are talking about movies - but thought I would share! I have reported this to Zidoo
  13. barrad

    barrad New Member

    Could you please explain what program to use and how to edit the entries? I downloaded SQ Lite Database Browser Portable but i have no clue what to do ... :)
    This is what i can see: Screenshot (59).jpg
  14. myzidoo

    myzidoo Member

    in SQL Lite you would need to click on the "browse data" tab (!)

    - then select the table you want. - In your case the main table you are looking for would be the [cast info] & [crew info] table : there you can fill in the "persons" all your movies refer to. Make sure to check how other lines are filled. some columns will be trial and error
    Note the "ID" - (first column) of every person.

    You then browse to either [episode_info] or [movie_info] ....
    enter the corresponding "iD's" in the (director) and (actor) column in the line referring to your movie.

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