Large 2gb of RAM?.......... "Does not Support Larger Video Libraries"

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by Nicholas Hewitt, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. Nicholas Hewitt

    Nicholas Hewitt Active Member

    I like how they say large 2GB of ram in their ads like they're trying to convince us that that's a lot........ In 2010 that was a lot!. even on their more expensive ones than the z9x, they have 2gb of ram. That's the reason I got the Z9x cause I know that 2GB is small. Ram is super cheap!! My phone has 8GB............. for something that costs that much like the higher options like the Z10 pro or Z1000 pro. I actually find that amount of ram ridiculous considering how large some people's libraries are. I got my Nvidia shield for the same price, extra ram. and it's a big name brand with minimal bugs. If they want us to be beta testers all the time at least give enough ram so we can enjoy our large libraries. I can't even use one of the library views without it crashing. If it wasn't for the VS10 Engine, I would have simply ignored this product.... after laughing at the 2GB of ram.
  2. Netmask

    Netmask Active Member

    UHD3000: I think there is a good argument for Media Player manufacturers making Ram user changeable and expanded like in PC's. It would be a good selling point and helpful for people who have large libraries and large files
  3. paresh

    paresh New Member

    I have a large collection of movies on an external 5TB drive in 4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray & MKV formats. Also, a handful collection of music files in MP3, HD audio, CD rips, never ever had a problem in accessing them. Moreover, I reckon RAM requirements differ in android phones & android boxes. An android phone may need 8 to 12 GB RAM to run some RAM hogging apps but the same does not apply to the android boxes. Thus, 2GB of RAM for an android box is enough, more than 2GB Ram will be an overkill unless really necessary.
  4. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    This is just my opinion,

    Let's say that with the current standard yes we can say that 2gb of RAM is little compared to the competition, but for the good functioning of HT 4.0 and to read our video files the 2 GB of RAM are sufficient in my opinion.

    Personally, whatever the view, the HT4.0 does not crash on my Zidoo, which view are you talking about?

    The amount of RAM could be useful if we install greedy video games on it and in this case it could be important but not for what it was originally designed.

    see you
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  5. Zigourney

    Zigourney Active Member

    What is it that you want to do that the 2GB ram is a limiting factor in your use case?
  6. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Have a Z9X and a UHD3000 never found cases where UHD3000 had less problems contributed to having more RAM.
    Some seem to forget also it is still running in 32-bit mode.
  7. Zigourney

    Zigourney Active Member

    Yea thats what I am trying to understand as well, I've had the Zidoo X9S, Z9S, Z10, and now have the Z1000 Pro, and I have never had an issue that was ram related and I have a pretty big collection of movies (21TB and counting), but saying that I only use my Zidoo boxes for movie playback, I don't even install a single extra app on my boxes, I like to keep them light and zippy! I know some of you guys out there like to install gaming apps and other memory hugging applications, but really I think you should keep apps to the minimal on these boxes and use them just for movie playback.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Adding Bloat ware Apps is a No No
    Takes up valuable resources etc etc
    never had a Crash on my Z10 Pro .
  9. Nicholas Hewitt

    Nicholas Hewitt Active Member

    Well I don't see how it can be only my box........ seeing as posterwall is software. it's been like this since I first took it out of the box.
  10. Nicholas Hewitt

    Nicholas Hewitt Active Member

    Never had a crash? I find that hard to believe...... mine crashes to the home screen if I flip down the page to fast in HT. or use the view that has them all along the bottom, or randomly during playback, or if I multitask, or if I go in and out of too many movie pages, or changing too many posters...... so I find it very hard to believe you've never had a crash unless all you do is look at the screen and have a very small library.
  11. Nicholas Hewitt

    Nicholas Hewitt Active Member

  12. Nicholas Hewitt

    Nicholas Hewitt Active Member

    Why would anyone use this for gaming? it would be completely useless..... I don't waste my time with petty cheap mobile games.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    All depends on how you use it .
    Mine can be left on for a while before watching a movie ……….
    I watch a movie or tv series one after another occasional You Tube it then gets powered off .
    As said not had issue .
    Mine is not on 24 / 7

    460 + Movies / tv series all stored on a ssd drive maybe small for some .
    I reg defrag it.
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  14. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Never seen a crash of the OS or any bundled APP as I recall. But I use HT4 hardly at all.
  15. Cary Grant

    Cary Grant New Member

    I have crashed HT3/4 a number of times with a "large" database There is an old post on this by another forum member. Movies are not the "problem" but TV series can be as these generate a large number of database entries ie series/season/episode/actor entries. I have encountered the same issue with the Dune "My Collection" app once again due to the database being held in system/flash memory hence my constant posts about holding the database externally on an sd card/NAS separate from system flash memory which the "old school"YAMJ (defunct) and yaDIS and KODI (external sql database) can do
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  16. Nicholas Hewitt

    Nicholas Hewitt Active Member

    Yeah, I have a lot of TV shows as well. Especially when there are 7-11 seasons and 22-26 episodes in those seasons.
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  17. Teddyboy

    Teddyboy Member

    I have a lot of tv shows too. I have a total of about 650 titles. 2 gb of ram is fine for much of what the box does, but the amount of data that tv shows can generate is quite a bit. Moving the database to a SSD drive, usb stick, sd card, or onto a nas would go a long way to making HT less prone to crashing. MyMovies does this with Dune. Some people in the MyMovies forum have thousands of titles in their collection. At this point I may go back to my htpc using emby until it’s more stable. I really want a box to get away from using a full blown pc and the issues that come with that.
  18. pcristi

    pcristi Active Member

    With RAM management implemented on Android 9 and 1024KB swap will not be easy to get running out memory.
    Real time monitoring on Zidoo box with Netdata (Monitor everything in real time).

    Thanks to MadAndron for build a package entware_install_zidoo_v1.09.exe where Netdata are included.
    Russian details under the spoiler.
    Изменения в v 1.09:
    1. Переработан принцип установки под ZIDOO на Realtek 1619
    2. Обновлены все компоненты энтваре до самых актуальных
    3. Другие мелкие правки
    Установлены следующие пакеты: SSH,Netdata,Transmission и Samba. Скрипт S08samba лежит в корне папки /etc. То есть кому самба сторонняя нужна реально, просто копируем его в папку /data/local/entware/etc/init.d и всё запуститься при следующей перезагрузке бокса или вручную, немедленно. Из установщика доступны три пункта: Установка, Удаление и создание бекапа.
    Запуск и данные для входа:
    http://IP:19999/#menu_system_submenu_cpu;theme=slate;help=true - Netdata
    http://IP:9091/transmission/web/#upload - Transmission
    в папке /sdcard/Transmission в файле settings.json обязательно заменить в пункте "download-dir": "/sdcard/TORRENTS", на путь к своему HDD. Сделать это перед стартом Transmission. То есть подключаемся по SSH и вводим команду /opt/etc/init.d/S88transmission stop. Редактируем конфиг и снова в SSH вводим /opt/etc/init.d/S88transmission start. Или выбираем пункт восстановить(если бекап был сделан предварительно) настройки Transmission(в установщике).
    SSH - login:root / pass:12345. Подключиться можно с помощью Putty например.
    Samba - Login:root / pass:root
    Для установки требуеться установленный Magisk Manager. Отключить опцию "hide root" в Magisk на время установки
    За помощь в настройке Entware огромное спасибо @Y K
    За переработку скрипта под Zidoo благодарим @pcristi
    Note: Entware package are required Magisk install on RTD1619DR.
    LE: add alternative package with English/Russian installing batch entware_install_zidoo_v1.09.rar
    (click on blue words for follow link).
    Not support of are offered. Rooting device can avoid warranty.
    Use on your own risk.
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  19. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    2GB of RAM seems adequate to manage decent sized video libraries. I have about 30TB of UHD, HD, 3D HD, and SD content (ripped as encoded on discs I own). That is thousands of individual files representing movies, documentaries, and television episodes (>3,000 individual files). I have no problems besides scanning files for updates can take time. More random access memory is unlikely to solve that problem. Wanting more memory is not a bad thing but there is no problem. Don't let a number obscure the actual functional capability.
  20. Nicholas Hewitt

    Nicholas Hewitt Active Member

    There is no problem for you, but other people disagree. Limiting customers is never good business practice. Considering that 2gb is very very small. Especially when you have TV Shows witch take up a lot more ram then Movies. Like I said in the horizontal row view, skipping through my TV shows crashes HT back to the home menu. This is unacceptable.

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