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Discussion in 'Jellyfin for Zidoo' started by andy22, Jun 18, 2022.

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    Not sure but might help it. Also to login first via smb and the native media center first. I have no idea how this apllication works, but it passes the path to the internal player somehow. But with standard means one wouldn't playback a file with Zidoo just given a path. One has to setup the paths, home theater app and so on first. That's why I prepare it like that first. For sure not resolving any mismatched movies and so on. Maybe it helps. Not sure if it's really necessary.
  2. I guess in any case it may help me clearly identify my paths as I see that suggested in the PlextoZidoo thread.
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    eerwwhhh... Plex ;-)))
  4. Lol, it dawned on me to check that thread since you have to do similar path substitutions. One of the suggestions was using the media center app to identify the path correctly to diagnose issues, so sounds like that's worth a try.
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    I think you are on to something here... I've found I had to do this on my Z9x to authenticate the share first. I just set them up in HT4 like you.... then use Jellyfin Zidoo
    I have the direct paths set up as smb://username : password@IP/path for my synology shares; but for my shares for drives connected to my shield pro, I do not use the username : password... seems happy with the auth from HT4
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  6. Well I don't know what I did but tonight it worked and I'm seeing the title instead of stream. I didn't set anything up in HT4 or change paths.
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    @Markswift2003 You're using the official Android TV client w/o direct path, right? And you can still use the Zidoo player?

    Does ist support all the audio codecs that way, too? I might be not up2date here but I thought Jellyfins audio codec support is quite limited. Their documentation is not that informative on that, too. For example "Dolby Atmos" is not mentioned anywhere in the documentation.
  8. Markswift2003

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    Must admit I'm not sure - I only use Jellyfin for 2K movies, so most are vanilla DTS or even AC3. In the cinema I use Andy's version which is the only room with Atmos.

    I think there's an issue with DTS-HD in that it only plays the core, but I can certainly play TrueHD tracks on the standard version, but as I say I don't have Atmos in that room.
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  9. Nathan W

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    I use the most recent version of vanilla jellyfin android tv app without direct path with zidoos video player on my Z9X Pro and both DTS:X and ATMOS are passed through correctly (can see popup on reciever)

    Jellyfin likely makes no claims about supported audio codecs as its very device specific and saying it supports atmos will just fill their support with people who don't understand whats going on
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  10. Six66Mike

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    Has anyone tried v0.16.0 yet, released earlier in the week? I'm on v0.14.9 beta 11 still, wondering if there's any early feedback on how it's working on Zidoo.
  11. Markswift2003

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    Yeah, loaded yesterday and works the same as the others. Was on v0.15.something before that.

    With apks like that it's no problem to try them and revert if there are issues, but never had to do that with Jellyfin.
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  12. rozel

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    Hope you don't mind me asking a very very basic question? I have read this thread a lot but to be honest not sure what it does :confused:

    Could some kind person give me an example or two of a typical set up in which it used please?

    That would be very helpful for me - cheers!
  13. Six66Mike

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    For me I run the server on my Synology NAS (SynoCommunity build) and the Android TV client on the Zidoo.

    My primary reason for using it, I can manage the collection from my PC using a browser to access the server. So I can look at recently added content, make sure it's scanned and tagged correctly, update artwork to my standards, etc.

    That's how I used Zappiti Media Centre/Zappiti Video, the fact I can manage the collection from my PC is critical and HT's WebUI doesn't come close to the functionality and support I'm looking for, so I went with Jellyfin.

    Biggest drawback with the actual player that drives me nuts is almost everything you look at is horizontal left-right navigation, so if you want to browse all your Comedy films or a Collection you've setup, you can't see everything in a single poster wall and scroll through it, you have to hold the right navigation button on the remote for bloody AGES if you want to access something at the far end of the alphabet. Sorting for collections is by release date on the player, can't seem to change that either. So it has navigation issues that really suck, but the admin control from my PC browser makes up for it.

    Oh and Trakt integration helps keep track of what I've watched, so if I switch player or something corrupts my library, I can setup a new one and import the Trakt playback status. Though there seems to be a bug with play count when you look at Trakt, every night it syncs it seems to incrementally add +1 playback. I reported on the forums but couldn't be bothered setting up a github account to detail it there. If you care about the accuracy of your playback count or the summary of hours viewed it'll be annoying, but if you just want to capture seen vs unseen and have it backed up online, it's fine for that.
  14. Markswift2003

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    Jellyfin is a server/client media jukebox.

    You run a server on a PC (for example) and you add content to the server - Movies, TV Shows, Music, Books, Photos - which is collated, scraped and presented in a nice poster wall front end.

    That content is then accessible with a pretty front end by any number of clients on or off the local network.

    Essentially a central database simultaneously available to as many different players as you want - media players, phones, tablets, TVs etc etc.
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  15. rozel

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    @Six66Mike @Markswift2003 - cheers guys. I thought it had something to do with a PC. Would it work with videos I've stored on Google Drive? I've tried using Bubble UPnP with it but it's so sluggish - but that's by running it either on my Android Tablet or Phone. Essentially it would be great if I could run family stored videos on my TV at the drop of a hat (on Google Drive) and would be prepared to use my PC in another room to achieve this if needs be - sorry if I'm off-topic
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    If the Drive is accessible as a file share on wherever the server is running, and the client has access to that share, I don't see why not.

    So if you synced Drive on your NAS and that's how you setup your library, it should play fine if the player has access to that share.
  17. rozel

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    "Google Drive" is a cloud-based storage system like "Google Photos" and is where I store a lot of family stuff - my NAS's are all full, but can access those easily via my Zidoo. It's Google Drive I'm talking about. Sorry but I am a newbie when it comes to this "server" stuff
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  19. rozel

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    [QUOTE="Six66Mike, post: 208877, member: 92256"

    So it depends where you want to host the Jellyfin server. [/QUOTE]

    Hoping on the Zidoo?
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    Zidoo is the Player client, not the Server client. There is no server client software for Android.

    You'd either run the server on your PC or a NAS in most cases.

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