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Discussion in 'Jellyfin for Zidoo' started by andy22, Jun 18, 2022.

  1. Nathan W

    Nathan W Member

    anyone having issues with the next up/wait 10 seconds screen not appearing between episodes in 0.16.X vanilla edition on Z9X Pro (happens on .65 and .75fw)? Following an episode it just starts playing next one and makes exit behavior unreliable

    I've confirmed the settings within jellyfin are enabled and zidoo settings are set to only play 1 file.

    Downgrading back to 0.15.12 resolves issue. Curious if anyone has same issue or if I just need to do a purge of cache/settings/etc on my end
  2. Święty

    Święty New Member

    Similar issues here.
  3. Ordinator

    Ordinator New Member

    Does anyone know how to solve subs issue with official jf app?
    I'm currently using Andy's version, because you can't have both for some reason would be nice to have both.
  4. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    Quick note to finish off this topic.

    I couldn't find a way to play local files stored on USB drive from Andy's Jellyfin client and direct path. It plays all other locations except for local files. The same files are accessed without any issues from second Zidoo Z9X using direct path smb://smb_user:smb_password@Zidoo_Z9X/share/folder

    When direct path is enabled on local Zidoo the movie gets stuck forever with scrolling dots on opening screen with Zidoo front display showing 00:00:00. It works when direct path is disabled using Raspberry Pi 4 as Jellyfin server reading files off Zidoo SMB server and streaming it back to the same Zidoo. 40GB MKV files play without a single stutter, I can move back and forth on the timeline without any issues.

    All those local movies are included in HT 4.0 and preferred way to start this collection.

    This is to share my experience and save time for someone else trying it out with local drives.
  5. ya_boy_danny_rand

    ya_boy_danny_rand New Member

    I've been having the same issues with this since upgrading to v16+ and i'm on regular Z9X (non pro). something definitely broke on "next up" in that version and has persisted through all the recent versions. i'm thinking seriously about going back to 0.15.12 as the problem is quite annoying IMO.

    ***EDIT*** 16.6 was released a couple days ago and i tested it out and the issue is still there, so i rolled back to 0.15.12 and it's working correctly again. something else that was broken since v16 was if you have your zidoo set to show time remaining, once the next episode started to play it would bug out and just go back to the regular clock.
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  6. Z49845

    Z49845 Member

    Is there a problem with certain characters in the filename when using Direct Path Play on the Zidoo?
    I use local paths and network share substitution in my libraries.

    This file does not play:
    "smb://user: password@ Wolf (2020)/100% Wolf (2020).mp4"

    But i i change it to "smb://user: password@ Prozent Wolf (2020)/100 Prozent Wolf (2020).mp4" then it plays without problems.
    I have a UHD3000 with firmware 6.4.65.
    Jellyfin server: jellyfin_10.8.13_windows-x64.exe
    Jellyfin Client: jellyfin-androidtv-v0.14.10-zidoo_edition-Android6-9.beta-release.apk
  7. robsainz

    robsainz New Member

    I've had problems with chinese and/or japanese characters in the filename/path. I would advise to take out any other special characters just to be safe.

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