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    Well you can't really compare a projected image with a flatscreen image - they're different beasts.

    Projectors, even those costing 10x more that yours or mine, are still only SDR display devices - they can never reach the nits levels required for true HDR which I would say is a minimum of 1000 nits (most projectors struggle to get to 100 or so).

    So something has to tone map to SDR, whether it's the projector itself by receiving an HDR signal or the source as in your case.

    The Zidoo does a great job of it (the newer models are slightly better!) so a better test is to compare the HDR results of the projector vs the SDR results of the projector.
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    When I was using MadVR with my projector, I was getting the deep colors when tone mapping. I feel like the pop is missing from a tone mapped image using the Zidoo. But, I do get the pop on the Zidoo when I manually switch the Epson from Auto to Limited.
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    The top image gives me the pop to my eyes and the bottom looks dull to me. The top is manually switching the Epson to Limited. Auto gives me the bottom image and looks the same if I put the Epson to Full. The top image looks more like MadVR did with that clip.

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    But in this example, the bottom image allows me to see that guard in the background with the Epson set to Auto. You can't really see him in the top image that's set to Limited. What's confusing is that the Zidoo is set to 16-235 so shouldn't the Epson being set to Limted show me the proper image? I'm so confused.

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    Nice one @LenniePaz . Yep born and bred in Bolton (about 12 miles from Maine Road) but a life long City supporter and now making up for the wilderness years when the reds were winning everything. Now promise you won't start using my avatar given yours looks a bit dull hihi.
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    I purposely picked mine because I saw yours and didn't want to use the same one.
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    I hooked my HTPC back up which runs MadVR. I've been using the Zidoo for the past month so I knew my eyes had a good idea what it looked like. Holy cow, MadVR throws a stunning image. I don't think we'll ever find a compatible replacement for MadVR when using a projector. After seeing that image I just can't go back to the Zidoo. It would be an injustice to my Epson 5050.

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