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    Really sorry - I accidentally deleted the post - I posted a message myself, realised it was nonsense and then deleted it but for some reason that deleted the entire thread - must have ticked the wrong box...

    Anyway, so we're at local scanning works on USB but not on SMB.

    Originally I was inclined to think it was a corrupt database, but the fact you factory reset means that can't really be the case.

    Is the SMB share on a Windows PC or NAS?
  2. LenniePaz

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    Windows 10 PC. Along with the factory reset, I went ahead and flashed the factory image, then updated to the latest firmware. Now using the limited setting, my colors aren't washed out.
  3. LenniePaz

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    I don't think it's an issue on the PC side though. I installed ZDMC on the Z9X and the library won't update in there if I add or remove a movie, even if I do a manual update of the library. I have multiple devices in the house running Kodi using SMB and all the movie libraries update just fine. It must be something on the Zidoo that prevents the library from updating through SMB.
  4. Markswift2003

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    Well at least the colours are sorted!!

    Ok - interesting that ZDMC doesn't update either - that kind of tells me the opposite - that it's a network or more likely a PC issue because ZDMC is just a Kodi wrapper, so completely separate to the way HT works. Doesn't explain why Kodi works elsewhere though.

    Am I right in saying this has just happened recently - no update to the Zidoo and nothing changing on the PC?

    How are the shares defined in the Source for the Zidoo?- a Netbios name or an IP address? If the latter, try as IP address - I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the Netbios settings for the PC. Although that doesn't explain why a manual update works.
  5. LenniePaz

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    Nothing has changed on the PC or the Zidoo. Not sure how long it's been an issue because I just made some changes to the movie library the other day for the first time since owning the Zidoo. I added a couple movies and deleted one, and that's when I noticed the movie library didn't make those changes. As far as the source, the movie directory shows up as an IP address.
  6. Markswift2003

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    Hmm - so not Netbios then - the only other protocols involved are SMB and TCP as far as I know, neither of which should be any issue -

    Antivirus? Firewall? I'm kind of clutching at straws now...
  7. LenniePaz

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    I'd love to figure it out because I have OCD and always need things to work the way they should. Are we 100% sure auto refresh works with SMB? My backup plan isn't all that bad though. I have the external hard drive connected directly to the Zidoo with Samba enabled. That allows all my other Kodi devices to see the hard drive and also allows my PC to get into the hard drive so I can add and delete videos from the hard drive right from my PC.
  8. Markswift2003

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    From my experience I have to say yes - I've never seen any problems ever with automatic scanning - I've been involved with Zidoo for years and from the first version of HT, it's just worked. That's what's really puzzling about this. Usually I have some idea of the problem, but in this case I'm afraid that's not so.

    I use Western Digital NAS drives for daily driving but I have used Windows shares in the past for testing with no problems. My gut feeling is it's an issue with the vagaries of Windows networking, but other than that I've no idea. Be interesting to Shark it but that's not always easy of you haven't got a managed network.
  9. LenniePaz

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    I have Wireshark on my PC if you want me to try it. You'd have to walk me through it though.
  10. Markswift2003

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    Actually it should be quite easy in your case because the Zidoo is addressing the PC on which Wireshark is running.

    When first run, you're presented with a list of network interfaces and unless you have multiple LAN connections you should just be able to chose "Local Area Network" - if more than one, pic the one that shows a trace after a few seconds.


    You then get to the capture screen that shows all traffic on that connection - essentially everything that's going on in the switch the PC is connected to.

    The easiest way to see all traffic just from the Zidoo is to type "ip.src == IP_ADDRESS" where IP ADDRESS is that of the Zidoo (as below) in the Display Filter dropdown box.

    You should then see the queries from the Zidoo:

    You can concatenate the filter with boolean operators, so using "or" to can show all traffic from the PC as well

    "ip.src == ZIDOO_IP_ADDRESS or ip.src == PC_IP_ADDRESS"

    But since we're then looking at all PC traffic, it gets a bit messy. Once you get the hang of it you can create more complicated filters to see exactly what you want.

    To get only traffic between the Zidoo and PC, you can use:

    "ip.addr == ZIDOO_IP_ADDRESS and ip.addr == PC_IP_ADDRESS"


    etc etc...

    Note that this won't work if the Zidoo is not on the same node (switch or router) as the PC for traffic that's not directly addressing the PC or broadcasting, but in your case it should work because the library calls will be addressing the PC and I assume it's connected to the same switch or router. In my case because the Zidoo is 2 switches upstream in the network and is not addressing the PC, I have to mirror LAN ports to provide a route from the Zidoo to my PC (which needs managed switches)
  11. LenniePaz

    LenniePaz Member

    @Markswift2003 Im assuming I need to put the actual ip addresses in this filter? "ip.addr == ZIDOO_IP_ADDRESS and ip.addr == PC_IP_ADDRESS"? Do I put them in the area that's in caps or where the lower case is ? I'd replace those areas with the actual ip addresses?
  12. Markswift2003

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    Yes of course - so if the IP address of the Zidoo is and the IP address of the PC is, you'd do:

    ip.addr == and ip.addr ==
  13. LenniePaz

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    @Markswift2003 I'll give that a shot and report back. On another note, my washed out colors are back and I can't get it out of that mode. I think I found the culprit that breaks it. After flashing the factory Rom, the only settings I messed with were adding the custom 709 EDID and changing the color range to 16-235. Last night while playing a video, I pressed the Info button. At the bottom it said it was outputting 709 10 bit, but my settings were set to 8 bit. I thought that was kind of weird so I went in and changed all 3 color settings to 10 bit that are recommended in the thread for recommended settings. Once I made those changes, that's what seems to break my 16-235 setting. When I use that setting the colors are washed out and I can't get them back no matter what I try. I've tried toggling multiple times between Auto and 16-235 and then rebooting the Zidoo, but the colors are still washed out. Putting the setting on Auto does get my colors back but I know you and others have said 16-235 is the proper setting. Is it weird that I had the setting on 8 bit but in the info panel it said it was outputting 10 bit? Is there any correlation between the two that might be causing things to break when I change the settings to 10 bit? These are the settings that seem to break things. Is "Auto" bad, and if so should I just reflash the Zidoo and leave those settings to 8 bit?

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  14. Markswift2003

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    First thing to say is you don't need to reflash the Zidoo any more - if you want to reset to factory defaults then that's all good, but using the emergency reflash procedure can be dangerous and should only be used in exceptional circumstances - if you do one thing wrong during the process you can brick the device - it's rare, but it does happen (I've done it myself) so I'd hate to see that happen here because I hadn't warned you!

    Yes, 16-235 is the correct HDMI range to use, but usually Auto should work just as well. However it depends what you have the display set to.

    Check the settings on the projector for Signal/Advanced/Video Range and make sure it's also set to 16-235
  15. LenniePaz

    LenniePaz Member

    With the Zidoo set to 16-235 and the Epson 5050 manually set to 16-235, the colors are still washed out. The only thing that got 16-235 working properly, was a reflash. A factory reset did not fix the issue. I must have a bad Zidoo. ‍♂️
  16. Markswift2003

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    When you say colours are washed out, do you really mean the colours themselves are washed out, ie almost grey, or do you mean it looks a bit lighter but the colours are correct?
  17. Markswift2003

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    Does Auto look correct?
  18. LenniePaz

    LenniePaz Member

    The image has a dull milky look to it.
  19. LenniePaz

    LenniePaz Member

    To my eyes yes. It looks like the image I got when using MadVR.
  20. Markswift2003

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    I can't explain why, but it seems that Auto is the way to go in your case.

    I asked about the colour because the HDMI level doesn't affect colour, only black level - so when set incorrectly, depending how the display is set relative to the source, the image can either look too dark or too light - as if the Brightness control had been turned down or up (because that's kind of what's happening).

    If you're losing colour as well - still a hint of colour, but the image is grey and lifeless, that's a classic symptom of watching HDR content with the display set to SDR - but I can't see how that would happen here if you use an SDR EDID.

    Do me a favour, can you send the Epson's EDID, but with the Zidoo directly connected - there is a setting in EDID that can kind of do this, but I've never seen it in Epsons - the only displays I know that do it are Samsungs. I've got an Epson 5040 EDID and that doesn't have this issue so I doubt yours does, but I just want to check.

    To Download EDID

    Settings/Display/Custom EDID/Save EDID

    Save to a USB stick or network location.

    Change the file extension from .bin to .txt to upload to the forum

    (The forum won't accept .bin files)

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