HDR10 + Will the Zidoo X Series be getting an ugrade later ......

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    1C7C39BF-CBD1-4415-B909-C68DA288CE89.jpeg With the new HDR10 + standard coming soon with the Zidoo X Series range will be supporting it etc
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    is that a question ?

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    Well its still early days before the release via software update
    And free so to speak rather than the Dolby Vision cost etc

    So just wondering can or will the Zidoo X series get it / take advantage of it ?
  4. SaskMedia

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    it'd be a nice option. I assume it'll be up to whether or not the chipset supports it. Disney is a big backer of Dolby Vision... I wonder if Fox will drop HDR10+ backing after Disney acquires them.

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    Id imagine most chipsets should all support it its wether they implement it or update the firmware if easy to implement and of course free as such most chipset makers will add it .

    But all depends on if the hardware can handle it ?
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    It is difficult to predict which technology will finally be dominant. Which one is technically superior is a minor qualifier:
    - Dolby Vision has the advantage that it streamlines the movie production from filming to mastering and distribution so it is backed by companies who are in that business like Disney is.
    - HDR10 and HDR10+ are more of an open nature and as such attractive for companies making end-user products like TV's (Media Players are relative small volumes but are in the same camp). They look mainly at mass production costs of which licenses may make up a significant portion.
    - For broadcast TV and streaming TV services there is even a relevant 3rd standard being Hybrid Log Gamma or HLG for short. This is implemented in some TV's, AMP's and STB's already but hardly gets wide public attention. Still very relevant also for media players though. Here nobody is asking for it being a real mistake. My current TV (Philips) and AMP (Onkyo) both support HLG.
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    Now Samsung and Panasonic pushing for this whos next to join ?

    Fight Club ;)

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