HDR10 + Will the Zidoo X Series be getting an ugrade later ......

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by DELUCAS, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Random_Vibration

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    You're the one who has some growing up to do:

    1) Like a child, you hear the things you prefer to hear instead of what you are told.
    2) You seem to think the world owes you things. You get upset when those things aren't delivered to you as you expect.
    3) You seem to think you have the right to tell people where they can and can not participate on an open forum.
    4) You can't seem to wrap your small mind around the concept that whether it's HDR10+ or Dolby Vision (which my TV does support), I have no expectation that a $150 USD device issued three years ago will pick up support for it. Not going to happen. One can make an arguement for a $3,000 USD TV. Even a $1,000 USD receiver. Not a $150 android TV box that's three years old, has been replaced by a newer model, and does not have a large distribution. The more expensive, better supported, Nvidia Shield doesn't support HDR10+ either. The same can be said for Apple TV, and the Roku Ultra 4K. If you want HDR10+ support, just buy a Amazon Fire 4K and move on with your life.

    Being an adult is about accepting the things you can't change. Try it on for size.
  2. astons2

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    Is that the best what you (expert) can say?
    I expect something much much better ....
    Come one, you can do batter than that, just keep trying!

    Keep spamming this thread ....
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  3. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    As if you have anything to add besides crying. All the conversation has gotten you the upgraded TV box? Nope.
  4. astons2

    astons2 New Member

    Here we go again, our intelligence expert, HDR expert, coding expert and of course all around expert in everything, strikes again. Well, what I can say, is that best what you can say? Still expected more from guy like you (expert in everything), looks like you need to try even harder than this. Sorry, not good at all, try again.

    We are just reached page 2, try to reach page 3 with your spamming.
  5. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    You're actually spamming this with your incessant childish behavior. You can't seem to control yourself. It stops when you're done acting like a child.

    If you want HDR10+:

    1) Buy a TV box that supports it. I know of none at the moment.

    2) Use the skills you boast about and make it happen yourself.

    3) Wait until Zidoo does it. That is unlikely based upon past performance.

    4) Use the media player built into your television.
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  6. astons2

    astons2 New Member

    You started first with your insults to me. If am spamming you are helping and you are very good in that like how we can see. I can NOT recall that I asked or anyone else asked you for your opinion or help about this topic. You are doing that on your own. If you read carefully all above, you did exactly what I wanted you do to, but you are to blind to see that, unfortunately. Do you really think that I needed that info from your last post or any post at all? LOL

    I asked Zidoo for a comment (post:8) and than you come in and made a mess with your posts and what ever ... congratulation! Beside everything you do not even have TV which supports HDR10+ which is topic in this thread, which brings the question what you are doing here if you are not spamming this thread!
  7. thaleszop

    thaleszop New Member

    I also think that we will not get HDR10+ with excuse that can't be implemented because of chip limitation.

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