Google Play Services problem solved

Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by vitocorl, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. jjjackson

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    You obviously haven't been reading my posts. I think you would be wrong!
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  2. Baronrouge

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    Hello I did the procedure twice, and the tv box
    restarts continuously. So I made a hard reset.
    Replaced version .36.

    I did a test and the 4 apk files are installed without problem from the usb key. But when they are in the directory of the box I have the following message during the installation:

    "there is an error parsing the package"

    I suppose that the way the file replacement was done is not correct

    I use a free root browser. I am new member. Can you detail how to replace the files.

    thank you
  3. federico dedomenici

    federico dedomenici New Member

    Just go to the firmware fórum parte. There is a new beta ,38 that fix services.
  4. Jubair

    Jubair Member

    go to page, there is a link of 10.0.38 beta firmware and likely Zidoo has fixed the google play service problem in that firmware.
  5. Jubair

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  6. Baronrouge

    Baronrouge New Member

    thank you for your support, .38 work well with google play services
  7. StephenTomas

    StephenTomas New Member

    This may be due to apk not being completely downloaded or corrupted. Check out the Manifested app apk file, disable security software, which may help resolve the problem parsing apk.

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