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    I'm hitting a wall trying to access data within ZDMC/Kodi.

    I've tried:

    USB Stick
    Sending data to internal download folder via SMB share.

    Kodi/ZDMC cannot access any. I've amended the permissions for Kodi and ZDMC to allow access to files all of the time, not just when apps open. Just doesn't work.

    Anyone help?

    CC: @Markswift2003
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    Why don't you read through the topic? It's not that much.
  5. techos

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    Missed the key message in there!

    "I can confirm the problem, but I don't think it is the problem of Samba Server. I installed an IPTV app and wanted to restore the backup from the app, the app has this function. I did the backup on the UHD3000 and saved the backup file to different locations on the Z2000Pro, USB stick, local hard drive, download folder in the system. However, when selecting all the locations, only empty directories are displayed.
    Local data is only displayed in the Media Centre."

    So this is it, exactly the same issue. Frustrating. Such a simple thing!
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  6. Bill-Z9X

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    The problem is stupid, but the players are brand new, I think it will be fixed soon.
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  7. techos

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    To overcome this for now I've had to upload the data to a local server and mount that via SMB in Kodi/ZDMC, seems to work.
  8. Bill-Z9X

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    I save via SMB to the apparently empty internal hard disk in the Zidoo. Then I start File Manager in the Zidoo, where files are displayed, and move films to the Home Theatre folder.
  9. domi80

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    Hello, i have the z9x pro. i have connect my 3,5 inch 3tb nas external drive to my zidoo player with sata cables. but over the network i cant seen movies in the map. and seen only 25.5 gig from 25.7 gig available on disk. not 25.5 gig from 2.80 tb available. because its a 3tb disk. is the problem a nas hdd? cant seen the files over the network? must buy a normal hdd to copy files to it over the network? the 3.5 tb drive that i use is the
    sata 64mb cache, wd30efrx. is that the reason that i cant seen the movies in the map over the network and how much gig i had free from 3 tb?


    Door jou verzonden

    nasware 2.0

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  10. Bill-Z9X

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    @domi80 it is a Zidoo bug, wait for the solution
  11. domi80

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    But i dont use kodi. I mean. Nas 3 tb hdd is connected with sata cable that was included at the z9x pro. So i cant seen the hdd over the network. How it come? Is this with all hdd that external connected to the zidoo? If i connect my usb stick on the zidoo. I seen al those files on it over the network from my pc

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