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    Only one more thing I have the mkv file described: MULTi.2160p.UHD.BluRay.REMUX.DV.HDR10 + .HEVC.TrueHD and now the question is whether there could be a track and Dolby Vision and HDR10 + in one mkv, and if so, how to switch a given video track in zidoo ??
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    Doesn't work like that - the DV base layer is HDR10+ so how the file plays depends on the TV (DV or not), The DV enhancement layer (MEL or FEL) and how you have HDR set up on the Zidoo.

    If you just want to be sure to play the HDR10+ base layer only, you can set HDR to "Mapping HDR10" so the VS10 engine doesn't come into it.
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    I ran the tests today.
    I connected zidoo directly to tv tcl 65x10, downloaded EDID and uploaded it to zidoo, and unfortunately I have mixed feelings after all. First of all: I fired the Alita Battle Angel movie, zidoo showed me the HDR1- + badge, but the tv showed that it only gets HDR10 signal, I switched to HDR10 mapping, zidoo continued showing me HDR10 +, and tv its HDR10, at some point I flashed the badge on TV HDR10 +, but then I would not be able to repeat it. I connected the movie disc to the TV directly and started the same movie and the movie was played in HDR10 +, the same Wodner Women (which includes both the hdr10 + and dv track), it ran as DV on zidoo. but when I turned on the custom EDID it started to fire as hdr10 + on zidoo.
    Interestingly, when the custom EDID zidoo was turned on, it showed the HDR10 + badge, and when the custom EDID was turned off, it showed the HDR10 badge. and when I connected via the marantz sr6010 receiver, it was the same, but in both cases (with the receiver and directly) the TV showed only the HDR10 badge, and the zidoo depending on whether it was on or off hdr10 or hdr10 + and I don't know if it is really impossible to play with zidoo hdr10 + on this set, is it the fault of zidoo or tv or that it only has hdmi 2.0, the internal tv player (smart tv) plays hdr10 + And by the way,
    I watched the same Wonder Women movie in DV and HDR10 +, and in my opinion on DV it looked much better (but maybe I did not have a properly configured TV). in the patch about hdr10_ a lot of people write that hdr10 + did not work too much on zidoo, that the HDR10 + badge sometimes appears, but more often it is HDR10. Any suggestions and tips ???
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    You tricked the Zidoo (via custom EDID) in thinking that your whole chain is capable of HDR10+. As a result it will play an HDR10+ video as HDR10+ and indicating this via the badge. Since your whole chain is not capable of HDR10+, you will only see HDR10 on your TV as the HDR10+ data gets lost in transit.
    So basically everything works as it should be.

    For me on the other hand the custom EDID function is a bliss:
    My TV supports HDR10+, so does my soundbar. However, the soundbar messes up the EDID (@Markswift2003 found that out) so that the Zidoo does not recognise the support for HDR10+ and sends HDR10 instead. Nevertheless, my whole chain is capable of HDR10+. So Mark made me an EDID (thanks again!) with all the video formats of my TV plus all the audio formats of my soundbar and now I'm getting HDR10+.
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    Yes - exactly right - the receiver doesn't support HDR10+, so can't pass the metadata infoframe despite the Zidoo broadcasting it.

    That's why the receiver doesn't advertise HDR10+ in its EDID.
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    Hello Markswift2003

    I see that there is already a Samsung EDID setting? Can I use for my Q9FN? Solution Black Level VS10 ?

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    That EDID is just provided as an example of an HDR10+ EDID and will be very similar if not exactly the same as your display's EDID.

    It will make no difference to the black level issue in VS10 unfortunately.
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    It is a pity the EDID trick did not work for this purpose. :(

    I am still wondering why AMP's don't have a real passthrough mode passing any data for any audio and video format as long the bandwidth limit is not reached? How difficult can that be? :mad:
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    As I say, it's not bandwidth that's the issue, it's whether the specific infoframes are supported or not. Passthrough is probably a bit of a misnomer in this case since the data needs to be processed by software on its way through and if that software can't interpret specific strings for example, they just get ignored.

    In all honestly it probably wouldn't be any great problem to apply some of the CTA-861-G spec to HDMI 2 gear but the big manufacturers are like lumbering beasts when it comes to this kind of flexibility.

    I think we get a bit spoiled by the flexibility and responsiveness of a company like Zidoo and it's easy to be disappointed when the big boys don't follow suit.
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    I feel they just prefer selling new generation AMP's on purpose.

    They succeeded with me for sure:
    Onkyo TX-SR605 (just 2x HDMI ports, no Atmos/DTX) => Onkyo TX-NR609 (No 4K) => Onkyo TX-RZ710 (No HDR10+, No 7.1.2 setup, No Dirac) => Looking now at Onkyo TX-RZ50???

    They were all still working functionally just fine when replaced. Fortunately Onkyo AMP's offer very good value/money so replacing them every 4 years is not a fortune but got just € 100,- back for each of those upgrades.
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    Hi, I'm writing here for the first time and I'm using google translate, sorry. I have a tv Hisense H65U8b model, which according to the manufacturer advertised, supports both DV and HDR10 +, but in reality, I have never seen that from the hdmi input show HDR10 + on tv info. I have an Oppo 203 and recently bought a Zidoo Z1000Pro. When with the last Zidoo update, with the custom EDID option, Zidoo was tricked and released HDR10 + from the output. I have a Denon AVC-X3700H receiver, it first hosted the HDR10 +, released the same through the TV, but the TV still only sees the HDR10. I added an EDID file from Panasonic TV to have a DV as well. Dv outputs the same as without a custom EDID. I'm amazed at the fact that my TV with Firestick4k and Cromecast understands HDR10 +, but not from Oppo and Zidoo.

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    As noted previously, HDR10+ is only officially supported in HDMI 2.1.

    The U8B has HDMI 2.0b ports so it was not originally designed to support HDR10+

    I assume that they released a later firmware to support HDR10+ in HDMI 2.0 but because this is not done within the HDMI specification I would assume this is why this issue occurs.
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    The Zidoo Z1000Pro works perfectly with my friend's Panasonic TV HDR10 +, outputs both HDR10 + and DV. I got an EDID file from the same Panasonic TV, which I then added a custom EDID to my Zidoo. This Panasonic HX820B model also only has HDMI 2.0b ports, and Zidoo outputs HDR10 + without custom EDID options, tv info shows HDR10 +, like DV from mkv. I use my hdmi cables Ugreen 8k 48Gb.
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    This is another pebble to the disaster of HDR10 +, not enough materials with this standard are still a requirement of HDMI 2.1, which at the moment hardly any 4K TV supports (only 8k TV has it). and yesterday during testing I compared DV vs. HDR10 + and, in my eyes, DV wins without a problem. The companies responsible for HDR10 + shoot each other in the foot.
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    How subjective! I totally disagree. HDMI 2.1 IS NOT A REQUIREMENT FOR HDR10+ . You are factually incorrect in what you say - this post doesn't help members in any way shape or form.
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    Well it's clear about HDMI2.1, but as you can see, Panasonic, Oppo, Zidoo for HDR10 + output is enough with HDMI2.0b, I have a request for you, can you look into the differences between Panasonic and Hisense EDID files, I add in the appendix, specifically for this HDR10 + block, thanks in advance. Maybe suggest comparing it to a program if possible. All you have to do is remove the .txt files in the name, otherwise you can't upload here.

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    read the forum thread about HDR10 +, few people do it properly, the HDR10 + badge appears and disappears alternately with HDR10. I compared the same movie (Wonder Women) in both DV and HDR10 + and I liked it more in DV, that's my subjective opinion, not everyone has to agree with that. I made comparisons on the internal TV player, because on zidoo I was not able to get HDR10 + image on TV and I suspect that it is a matter of not supporting HDR10 + signal on the HDMI 2.0 input (because this TV has it), or TCL will do something about it and introduce hdr10 + support for hdmi 2.0 input ?? I do not know, but I do not think my friend has a Philips TV and the same is with him, the internal palyer plays hdr10 +, it does not go to hdmi, so it's not just a problem for my TCL TV.
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    No problem at all, but all HDR10+ Vendor Specific Video Data Blocks (VSVDB or just VSDB) in any EDIDs are all exactly the same - 3 bytes giving the IEEE Registration ID (OUI) of HDR10+ Technologies LLC (90-84-8B) and a single byte (01) denoting HDR10+ is supported.

    All the EDID will tell the source is whether HDR10+ is supported or not - there are no parameters so to speak.

    So the whole string in any HDR10+ EDID is 8B849001 (the OUI string is inverted)

    The odd thing is is that the HiSense EDID you sent does not contain the HDR10+ Vendor Specific Video Data Block.

    Attached are reports of both EDIDs.

    The HDR10+ Block in the Panasonic is this:

    Extended Data Block #5
    Custom Video Data Block
    EXT=1, Payload Length=1, OUI=90848B
    Data = 01

    But this does not exist in the HiSense EDID.

    It's possible, that since this was crowbared in as an update, that not all HDMI ports support HDR10+. Maybe try connecting to the port the Firestick is connected to?

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