Beta version v6.4(7).20 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000/NEO X/NEO S/NEO Alpha

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, Jul 28, 2022.

  1. serg fedorov

    serg fedorov Active Member

    I think I figured out the reason for not working trailers for several people.
    Probably such users switched immediately from 4.06 firmware to this new one.
    In this case, I can advise you to flash from the 0.22 image, and then install this new firmware.
  2. Oldpainless

    Oldpainless Active Member

    Nope, I updated from v6.4.18, so I don't think thats the issue.

    Here's a video of it in action:

    As per my post #102

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  3. serg fedorov

    serg fedorov Active Member

    It looks like it's your ISP.
    Try VPN. And if it's on, then turn it off.
    It is also possible that Google services is interfering.
    I got rid of them.
  4. Oldpainless

    Oldpainless Active Member

    It's possible (but unlikely) it could be my ISP (I've even reset my router, so again unlikely). I am using the G version, so it could be google services, but I'm not going to start deleting those, as if it's not working on the G version, but working on non-g versions, then it's a bug.

    The youtube app that I use has no problems with playback.
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  5. serg fedorov

    serg fedorov Active Member

    I quickly checked my movie collection.
    Almost all online trailers work.
    With rare exceptions where trailers were not found.
    In "Intersteller" I found 8 working online trailers.

    "Beetlejuice" trailer not found and "Bullet" with Mickey Rourke and Tupac Shakur.

    PLAYRZ New Member

    Z1000 Pro - This update broke movie soundtracks for me. All movies now play the same audio file (this happens to be Bad Boys theme). Has the format or location for soundtrack files changed?

    Note I have tried a number of reboots and powered off from mains with no change.
  7. Oldpainless

    Oldpainless Active Member

    Thanks for checking anyway. I guess those of us who's online trailers are not working will have to wait for Mark etc etc.
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  8. Visconti12

    Visconti12 Active Member

    Online trailers
    are working fine, after a waiting time for individual download. The missing issue: list of available trailers in whatever way showing the number, name and elapse time.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    On latest firmware non G as usual on line trailers working fine for me .
  10. darky_zidoo

    darky_zidoo Active Member

    I did a reset on all my apps.
    Re-added my sources. Updates them.

    I still can not get online and downloaded trailers to work fully. ( some do, some don't, some do half)

    The downloaded ones do not play in the HT. They do play directly from the server on the Zidoo. if I look them up in media center
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  11. DennisTheMenace

    DennisTheMenace Active Member

    Thanks for the update, online Trailer are working for me, I rescanned my library, after that the trailers worked for me. The first time they need 10 seconds to start, the second time they start faster
  12. Sledgehamma

    Sledgehamma Well-Known Member

    They added support for “theme” in the movie folder. What is your structure and naming for the soundtrack?
  13. 56k

    56k Member

    try again this morning
    only movie in -->dolby vision <--that lag
    my net speed 185 mbs

    all other movie are ok. uhd 4k 1080 all okay
  14. darky_zidoo

    darky_zidoo Active Member

    I did a full firmware usb restore on the z10pro with non G version.
    I use local nfo and online trailers.
    Most trailers seem to work now except the asian kungfu movies. They suddenly stop.

    Dont dare to try local trailers now. Don't want to mess up again
  15. mirak

    mirak Member

    Recording using HDMI In ?

    Sensitive issue !

    This action should not be allowed at all.
    In most countries it's against the law (copyright matter).

    Maybe that's the explanation for the last Zidoo generations.
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  16. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Ok - here we go.

    They kind of work and they kind of don't.

    I use local NFOs generated by the zidoo for my library - I clear and rescan a lot so using NFOs means I always get back to where I was with the same artwork etc.

    So in my case, the only way to get local trailers working was to clear the library completely and rescan using online assets rather than local. So local trailers then work, although as previously mentioned, on the first run it takes upwards of 20s for them to start. After playing once, they seem to play immediately indicating that they are presumably downloaded somewhere.

    If you previously used online assets to scan rather than local, I'm not sure whether you need to clear and rescan to get online trailers to work or not because I don't have a previously online generated database to test with.

    If you use NFOs, online trailers don't seem to work at all.

    It certainly won't sway my view that local trailers are the way to go though. They just work, I get to choose which trailer(s) I want and I don't have to care about the vagaries of the Internet to use them.
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  17. darkeyes909

    darkeyes909 Member

    I once was given files of those movies from a dubious source and they did the same thing.
  18. Cranks

    Cranks Member

    For those who are finding freezes and the like using the LAN connection, switch to WiFi and problems are solved! At least for me they are!
  19. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    Hey so am I. Enjoying the beauty of Sorrento and the Amalfi coast! Back tomorrow to a new firmware. Nice!
  20. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor


    We spent two weeks in Paciano - just got back yesterday - been several times, but last time was back in 2018 and our last holiday was Lake Garda in 2019...

    In a few weeks we'll be back on a private island on Lake Garda, but that's business - my wife's a wedding planner and has a wedding there (I'm going as her driver!!!), but we're thinking of Sorrento later in the year. Wonderful country.
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