Beta version v6.4.62 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000 release

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, Apr 19, 2023.

  1. Jordan Walker

    Jordan Walker Member

    Not sure anyone is losing their minds, but with no announcement or reason to believe they were going to abandon updates and progress- it does leave people a bit confused and concerned. The UHD3000 is not exactly cheap, so it’s odd to just expect the product to forever have bugs and functions not working perfectly. I have no reason to believe they will return to these products in the future. At least not on an extensive level.
  2. Oldpainless

    Oldpainless Active Member

    I get it, I really do, but, time will tell.
  3. Jordan Walker

    Jordan Walker Member

    Also, the purpose of a beta project is to identify bugs and issues to help get to a final build. Of course I don’t expect perfection during a beta stage, but it doesn’t serve much purpose if they aren’t going to utilize our testing and further the development. Some people might not have risked installing the betas had they known they would stop before a final version was completed.
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  4. Netmask

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    The only addition I need for my UHD3000 is to be able to refresh the NFO, apparently it's on the list to do. I use tmm regularly together with the web interface to edit items, otherwise it does everything I need. I've settled on only having MKV files and stripping out all unnecessary elements.
  5. Piper2603

    Piper2603 New Member

    If you look at the z9s, new firmware is no longer being developed, although not all of the bugs have been eliminated there either. This gives you a concrete idea of what the z9x or the UHD3000 is like
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  6. darkeyes909

    darkeyes909 Active Member

    I have a 1000 and it has just started freezing up on a daily basis.
  7. Six66Mike

    Six66Mike Member

    Still 0n x.42 firmware with a Z9X and a few times lately I've had issues where when I change aspect ratio from Original to Fit, the screen will remain black and audio playback will continue. No buttons will stop it or let me continue, I have to hold the power button down to reset the player. Have had other issues where a hard reboot is required because not even the soft reboot with the remote would work. I'm using Jellyfin's latest AndroidTV for UI.

    Is there a summary of the key issues still outstanding in x.62? I followed the thread for a month or so after the release and saw various things pop-up. Are there any significant issues I should be aware of before going to the current version?

    It would be helpful if these issues were collated and amended to the original post as they were confirmed, unless there's a bug thread for x.62 somewhere I'm missing where these things are highlighted?
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  8. DIKKE

    DIKKE Active Member

    Well, that the 'old models' like the z9x is now slow on FW updates, i could and can imagine. Thats how it works in mediaplayer land, for more than 10 years. My z9x works for 98 % fine, sometimes strange restarts, but i blame the 2 GB mem for that.

    What does worry me is the fact that the new 9 pro ( and other new pro models) only has one update. Since that is a new model, and assume it is still buggy.

    Not sure what is happening at Zidoo, but something is not how it should be.
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  9. Yohmi

    Yohmi Member

    Basically they launched an audio product line (Eversolo) and it appears it's been more successful than expected, so they became understaffed. They're trying to get back on track with their video player product line (and boy I'm glad Z9X Pro was too expensive for me to buy or I'd be mad with that product release haha).
    I am not too worried : I think the Eversolo episode was wrong (from my user point of view of course, maybe it was vital for the company), but I also think despite all the 1619BPD specific bugs to solve in priority, the hardware of both 1619DR and 1619BPD product lines is probably close enough so many software improvements could be easily brought to both lines (although, of course, 1619BPD will become the main beta canal).
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  10. Piper2603

    Piper2603 New Member

    The UHD3000 is and was not a cheap media player. If I'm then left alone with a buggy firmware, it tempts me not to buy any more products from this company. They are not the only provider

    Because if that's the case with the product, why should I believe that a new product would be any different?
  11. DIKKE

    DIKKE Active Member

    Well, since the pro version is not a significant upgrade, i 'm looking also at other players, especially the S928X-J model.
    I will miss the Home theatre , since that i especcially like from Zidoo.
    Not sure if there is a Kodi layout that is matching the Zidoo HT ?
  12. Six66Mike

    Six66Mike Member

    It seems true on the Eversolo popularity, but I don't see any signs of the video player lines getting back on track.

    If you look at mirror's contributions this year, the vast majority are in the Eversolo forums. He's not really posted in this forum with any regularity since April, and really only has 2 posts after that month.

    Mark is the only thing keeping this forum alive it seems, with no help from above or with developers.
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  13. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Very much appreciated - many thanks.
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  14. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Active Member

    I've been living with the limitations of my box, Z9X to be fair it is fairly mature now, the last update made initial NFS handshaking slow for some reason and I've never expected the full Java Menu support to materialise like some people constantly whinge on about. The truth is, all the other boxes are even more buggy, I bought a Ugoos a couple of years for reported FEL Dolby vision support ago and I sent it back, the entire experience and interface was so underwhelming and the box was so slow - indeed the Ugoos 8K box you reference is only 4GB of Ram, that thing is going to be a world of pain.
    Zidoo had a bad Rep for abandoning boxes a few years ago, they have put a reasonable shift in over the last few years to raise their profile and reputation but at the end of the day they are not LG and don't have the same resources in addition to this they are working with off the shelf soc's and operating systems, these boxes no matter where you buy them for will never be perfect.
  15. Vinny4K

    Vinny4K Active Member

    Always a shame when support stops.
    Zidoo I think has managed to get the best out of this box that is possible. And it has been said before, but Markswift keeps the whole forum running and provides feedback on everything. Zidoo team should feel free to respond to bugs themselves.

    That Eversolo takes up almost all the time I find quite shocking.
    After all, if you have now bought a box with the RTD 1916BPD chip, then you are already 3 months (if I am to believe the posts in the topic) with a heavily unstable firmware, which a lot of users cannot use.
    This worries me to go for the next model. This is really not acceptable.

    Hopefully the turnaround will come soon and confidence in Zidoo will grow again.

    Translated with (free version)
  16. Raymond Lim

    Raymond Lim Member

    Is Dune HD 4K media players more stable now? Interface of Dune HD is very basic but functional to say the least. More importantly, I wonder has Dune media players improved over time? It used to be the best media player where it will playback any media files/codecs that you threw at it. Any comments?
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  17. Yohmi

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  18. Galactic

    Galactic New Member

    Since yesterday, when I press download subtitle I see the downloaded list of subs but when I click on them, I get Download for subtitles failed..
    I restarted Zidoo, downgraded to 6.4.42, changed DHCP, either Ethernet and wifi, connected to my phone as hotspot, changed routers and dns (adguard and nextdns) but no matter what, it still fails.
    Anyone else with same problem? Seems that something has changed from opensubtitles site.
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  19. xskip

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  20. Onwrathz

    Onwrathz New Member

    Opensubs seems to be changing from .org to .com. Seems you can get an updated account by going to the site; however, that won't help us here. Check on this to confirm. I wonder if this is part of the issue?

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