Beta version v6.0.90 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, Dec 31, 2020.

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    Thanks you’re great!! Happy ne future.
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    I checked it on my Z1000pro with the new firmware but no change.
    It still only 16 bit.
    The same as it was earlier.
    44,48,96,192 kHz but no 24 bit audio.
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    according to Vincent there is a difference. If I find the time, I’ll try myself.
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    perhaps rather than being "glib" you could discern that they were asking how it differed.
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    Thanks for reporting!
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    This will be my first update with the google version.

    will this still be recognised or do I need to do the google verification process again?
    Last time it was a real pain, so I won’t be looking forward to doing it agin.

    wishing you all a smashing 2021!
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    I am a player led evangelists, I think the difference is noticeable on LG lord’s I’ve long said we need to be able to force tv led in auto mode on the Zidoo.
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    Do you mean tv-led evangelist?
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    just did mine and was no need to re verify.
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    Oh yes, definitely a difference between Player led and TV led, but that's not what the Zidoo does - since it's only ever able to process single layer DV, it's neither - it's a single layer engine only, whether in standard DV or LLDV.

    And Happy New Year to all!!!
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    @mirror @OlivierQC
    No the BD Menu problems are not solved for sure. Was not expecting that either to be honest. It is nowhere in the change list.

    The nasty thing is that BD Menu's mostly fail (getting stuck) when you need/want them to work most being with multi-cut version BD's or with Multi-Episode/Multi-Movie BD"s as you need the menu to select the desired playlist/track.

    The workaround is starting playback without BD menu and then going to the BD Menu option for direct track selection. That will mostly do the trick to still get the desired playback.

    For me this is now the number one problem/bug to be looked at by Zidoo. Getting examples is no problem as actually most of these special BD's have that problem.

    Multi-cut Avatar is a notorious example but watched today a BD with 3 Different Westerns on it getting stuck too. The trick worked for that one once more. Verified just to make sure on another player that there was nothing wrong with the BD itself.
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    1. Lock resolution - fantastic option!!

    2. What does "DV compatible mode" do?

    3. In developers config, what does "Playback effect" do?
  14. Yaniv Dayan

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    My unit is useless playing UHD movies. This is extremely frustrating. I have the z1000Pro, when I turn it on it is set to 3840 x 2160 (60Hz). Playing normal Blu-ray works fine, but when trying to play UHD movie, the unit fails to send EDID info o the receiver and you don't have picture or sound. The only way around it is to use the resolution button.

    I tried using the new lock resolution feature but it didn't help. same results. Factory reset didn't help either

    Any idea what else I can do? Are you planning to fix it ?

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    1. Same version as 85?

      RudoSK, Yesterday at 11:36 AMReport

    @RudoSK Question was is “ Same Version as 85 “

    and the last time i checked 90 is higher than 85 so there has been 5 more additional features added or changed / updated !

    so it is not the same version .

    He should of asked what is the change from version 85 ......
    That would of got a diff reply back .
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    you couldn't discern it? Then let someone else reply rather than promulgate rudeness.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Not rude Just stating a fact !
    And answering his question no wishy washy long paragraphs
    Some on here want precise inf :

    again his question was “ Same Version as 85 “

    Answer no “ its 90 for a reason “ so there is a change implemented

    Most people on here got it and understood.

    Rude ? well i can edit it and be extremely rude if you like .
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    You have shown your forte.
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    I usually use english language for the GUI because the french translation is not really good and half of the functions are not translated at all (and it’s more convenient with the advices to set up your player, most of the time in english like in the forum). But I use my own language, french, in the HT 4.o settings to scan my movies and my TV series. I have done this for years in my Zidoo players without any problem, until now.

    If I use the clear data option (in HT or in the settings), after a backup of my collection using the french language option, and then I restore my database, the language in HT 4.0 changes for english by itself. If I change the language for some future movies to scrape, it deletes all in HT 4.0. So I am sticked with that english setting without to be able to change it. But, if I change the language of the GUI to french and then, I restore my database in HT 4.0, this time everything is ok: language in HT for the scan is on french.

    Another bug: when I use « clear application data » in the settings, it doesn’t restart by itself as It used to do with my Z10. I have to shut down and start again the box by myself to get the initial settings. With, restore factory, no problem, it works as it should.

    I have flashed the bios before to install this new firmware so it’s a fresh install.

    PS: I will talk about the srape of my Tv Series later*; still a complete fail since HT 4.0. I am not alone: french users from a big french forum all have the same problem since HT4.0 with the TV Series scrape. We have to use batch editing every time. For the movies, everything is ok with the scrape and all my Dolby Vision movies play flawlessly for now.

    * more details about this problem in my last message in the firmware 6.0.66 thread.
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    That's totally wrong. The opposite is the truth!

    For English language: Google translator is necessary or a direct translation of the website. It is explained in detail! TV DV = Standard DV and Player DV = LLDV.

    @zidoo Team: Little info from me. You write in the menu "Blue Ray". "Blu-ray" is correct. Last but not least: Happy New Year everyone!
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