Beta version v1.0.65 for Z9X Pro/Z20 Pro/Z2000 Pro/Z2600/UHD5000 release

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  1. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor


    Based on v1.0.60
    1.Optimized occasional stuttering in audio degradation of specific videos.
    2.Optimized the issue with incorrect chapter number display when switching chapters using the remote control shortcut keys.
    3.Optimized the problem of a slightly gray background in some cropped video scenes.
    4.Optimized the occasional issue of certain videos playing without sound.
    5.Optimized occasional playback crashes in certain videos.
    6.Optimized the metadata refresh function in the poster wall.
    7.Enhanced playback stability.

    Based on v1.0.52
    1.Fixed the issue of screen flickering when playing certain x265 re-encoded DV sources in DV output.
    2.Fixed the problem of normal audio but stuttering image in certain 4K clips during playback.
    3.Fixed the issue of incorrect YUV output parameters in certain color settings modes.
    4.Fixed the problem of inability to activate 3D mode when playing 3D content on certain laser TVs.
    5.Fixed the issue of playback abnormalities when automatically switching to the next episode while playing Dolby Vision MP4 series on the poster wall.
    6.Fixed the problem of bookmark playback lag when playing VC1 encoded 1080P content.
    7.Fixed the problem of being unable to skip the ending credits in MKV series with chapters when the "skip ending credits" option is set on the poster wall.
    8.Fixed the issue of having sound but no image when playing certain special video sources.
    9.Fixed the problem of not retaining HDR settings when using custom EDID.
    10. Modified the logic of VS10 to prioritize HDR output when connecting to HDR TVs to play DV+HDR content.
    11. Fixed the issue of incorrect chapter display when using the remote control page-turning key to switch chapters.
    12. Optimized the compatibility of playing built-in webvtt subtitles.
    13. Optimized the issue of playback stuttering when playing Blu-ray with built-in super-stream subtitles.
    14. Optimized the compatibility of playing certain DV single-track dual-layer x265 10bit sources.
    15. Fixed the occasional issue of losing subtitles when playing certain MKV content with embedded subtitles.
    16. Fixed the problem of occasional aspect ratio restoration to 16:9 after setting the aspect ratio to 2.35:1 and unplugging the HDMI cable.
    17.Optimized the issue of incomplete file display in NTFS hard disk SMB sharing.
    18. Optimized subtitle downloads.
    19. Fixed the issue of no screen display when long-pressing the power button in screensaver mode.
    20. Fixed the problem of occasional silent SPDIF output when HDMI output is turned off.
    21. Fixed abnormal playback issues for some videos via USB or SATS hard drives.
    22. Optimized audio source code output.
    23. Optimized SMB sharing settings in system settings.
    24. Added WiFi hotspot function in system settings.
    25. Optimized the issue of automatic exit during video playback in certain cases.
    26. Enhanced system stability.

    Poster Wall:
    1.Optimized language settings function.
    2.Fixed the matching of multiple series and animations.
    3.Improved actor matching accuracy.
    4.Fixed the issue of occasionally not being able to retrieve the actor list.
    5.Optimized TV series matching function.

    File Manager:
    1.Fixed the issue of favorite folders displaying hidden files.

    Music Player:
    1.Optimized lyrics search function.
    2.Optimized EMBY playback function.
    3.Optimized multi-channel music playback.
    4.Enhanced playback stability.

    MD5: 4D6669EF36C0E13924C59B5F6C9E89CD

    MD5: DC4C4B8FF506354014516169BA48DA79

    MD5: 6DBEE6BB48AD60FA5DFB811FF0FC89D1

    MD5: DC171BDFAA5E943ED8F6E717510D631D

    Z2000 PRO
    MD5: F43472BE8B4D3C18CF39623D6504A633

    MD5: 4EB26C4DD85CB7253C27D1F4A0971F43

    Z20 PRO
    MD5: EFC86FD6665E3D1A44323FF8B1655935

    MD5: B8BCB90451B9FCE7B06AC1A20F6DBCEE

    Z9X PRO
    MD5: 59F5D368790382FBD9E3B1D8CF7305CD

    MD5: CC9FBC968D9AD1AC033CC2FA2B84C773
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  2. kirk

    kirk New Member

    Thank You
  3. Kris168

    Kris168 New Member

    Just installed the update on my Z2000Pro and the TrueHD Atmos picture stutter is still there. It's not as noticable during movie playback. When playing some atmos demo clips however, which are roughly 2 mins in lenght you can really spot it. It feels like the player doesn't have enough time to buffer the TrueHD track (just a hunch). Another example would be if I skip to the next chapter and it just doesnt stop stuttering unless I rewind it a little bit. Quick Edit: Read another post just now and I realised that this probably will take some more time to get fixed. Will post about other things if I happen to find some.
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  4. supermood

    supermood Active Member

    my wishlist of fixes and functionalities

    . fix subtitle download recommendations, sometimes it just doesn't work at all
    . don't show subtitles while screensaver is on
    . add subtitle download from outside player, from movie detail page
    . add search for actors, results are not showing them
    . add actor view in player and jump to all movies with her / him
    . add actor pics in movie detail page
    . no pause sign pressing ok
    . prio low own screensaver (or more / other pictures ;)
    . smaller poster on theater homepage / start page (I have only one row 'watching' and one half row the 'widget', that's way to large) need 4 rows at least like in poster views with medium
    . show episode name in player
    . personalized keys: subtitle movement (or delay+-) with page +- keys
    . show all ratings - setting doesn't work I'm getting it on about 10% of the posters if turned on
    . pictures / posters for the watching row. I got only big grey boxes
    . give me an direct jump to my 4 main folders like movies, seasons, docs and concerts or whatever you have at home, I cannot add manually all content to categories and keep it updated
    . some grey subtitle colour's are not working it's still bright white for srt
    . from within a one season detail view jump to show with all seasons
  5. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Confirmed - the stuttering with certain TrueHD content is still there.
  6. rola

    rola Member

    Add each main folder as a source and you have direct access.
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  7. Thomas H

    Thomas H New Member

    Having just had my Z2000 Pro for month or so, this is my first beta (which I need asap mainly to solve the SMB/NTFS bug). From past experiences by those of you who have been around longer, when should I expect it to come via OTA?

    It's not there now but I assume it will come since there is the option "Get the beta" in the Upgrade settings.
  8. Gandalf67

    Gandalf67 Member

    It could take some time. Why not flash it manually? It's super easy.
  9. supermood

    supermood Active Member

    thanks!! not the worst idea :) to be honest I thought I did that or had that earlier but will def check later

    yes had that it was only hidden. thanks.

    . with my v061 sorting of the widgets is not working anymore. solved with restart
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  10. supermood

    supermood Active Member

    . adding 2 series each with one season gives me 4 different pictures (instead of 2). episodes are spread between. i reported some weeks ago, the auto update is way to fast 200 gig are not copied in 3 seconds.

    how can I cumulate / bring together what belongs together? :)
  11. Thomas H

    Thomas H New Member

    Thanks, but OTA is noticeably easier (and it's there for a reason after all). But if it is likely to take a while to get the beta published in that channel I will probably go the manual route.

    On a related note, are the final (non-beta) versions usually also made available with a delay via OTA vs manual download and install?
  12. rola

    rola Member

    My guess is that there will be no final version for a very long time, if ever.
  13. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    OTA is rarely used. If a public beta is officially released as a download here on the firmware it seldom then gets released OTA. The OTA server is sometimes used to target specific MAC addresses with test firmware.

    Public betas are occasionally promoted to a Release version and posted here (again, true OTA release is rather sporadic)

    A release version doesn't mean they're any more stable (generally public betas are stable enough...). The nature of constant development means there will never be a "final version".

    Bottom line, download and install from here.
  14. geebolt

    geebolt Member

    Just loaded 1.0.65 to my Z2600 and multi-channel DSD still does not play correctly. My AVP shows 5.1 Surround but only plays 2 channel and still has stuttering. Multi-channel FLAC is fine.
    When I have my resolution set to 1080/23 (not locked) and play The Last Waltz in DV, I get a lockup that required powering off via the rear switch. This is with the ISO or MKV versions. When I set the resolution to Auto it plays properly.
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  15. Phil1975m

    Phil1975m New Member

    Hi All, sorry for the silly question what does the G stand for in the download?
  16. Szw

    Szw Member

    Thank you for the new firmware for my Z20Pro.

    I tested briefly:
    HDR Mapping: Auto

    1. Samba now works.
    2. I have Samsung TV, so only HDR10/HDR10+ mode. When playing 4K mkv's with double layer DV/HDR10, HDR is now displayed correctly.
    Unfortunately with DV/HDR10+ DV is still output. And worse, when selecting the next chapter, the image freezes, the audio continues to play
    3. On all Full HD mkv's when selecting the next chapter the picture freezes, the audio continues to play.

    In the last two cases I always have to reset the playback to the beginning. Otherwise if there is no picture of this film.
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  17. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    Its the version that contains the Google Play Store so you can install apps.
  18. Thomas H

    Thomas H New Member

    Thanks! To manage expectations it's good to know that OTA is essentially only there for show and not really used "properly". Not good practice in this day and age though, imho. But it is what it is I guess.

    And by "final" I just meant exactly what I wrote, i.e. the non-beta "Release" versions, which have been through the Alpha and Beta phases (1.0.52 currently being the latest) :)

    Thanks again, every day is a learning opportunity ;)
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  19. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    Still not working correctly

    MCH SACD .dsf 5.1 plays as stereo either ,normally via HDMI (Denon 3700h reports 2 ch PCM incoming) and same via USB audio out to Topping E50)
    Zidoo reports dsf file 6 ch DSD 64 outputting at 176khz so its partially correct(2 ch instead of 5.1

    Should be playing as 5.1 PCM which is what the earlier Z9X was doing before i ├╝pgraded ":p

    Least it seems stable now and not breaking up

    Well, untill i thought to check an Iso with both stereo and MCH
    That played MCH as stereo ,but was breaking up a lot ,Straight DSF file playback is fine ( for the couple songs i tried ,minus stereo ,not 5.1 pcm at 176khz

    Same iso file is playing with no issues ,while using USB Audio out to Topping E50 at correct 2 ch 2.82Mhz even with MCH set in Audio settings .... ie correctly doing 2 ch DSD for 2 ch USB Audio
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  20. McBluna

    McBluna Well-Known Member

    G stand for Google stuff. You get Google Play Store.
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