A Zidoo X9S on the way come(updated 8/August)

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by freeroc, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Lony

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    Sorry but i will not trust you, because, unfortunately, you do not know what you're talking about. You don`t have a RTD1195 you don`t have a RTD1295 and give here a Statement about Realtek, this is nonsense.
    I have many RTD1195 and esspecially EWEAT EW902 4k, and the SDK has been change. Before you make an answered with this informations, take a look on the Firmware Updates from Eweat. otherwise it is pointless to talk to you.
    SDK = Software Development Kit
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  2. freeroc

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    Hi guys and girls,

    I brought something new to you! Not only Zidoo X9S, but also a new member X8!
    Zidoo will be the first to release Android Tvbox based on RTD1295 64bit processor. By now almost all the Zidoo engineers are working hard from dawn to night, and puting on the finishing touches。
    It can be expected that,The new flagship product with ZDMC and Zidoo's experience on the customization applications, will be the best product that Zidoo ever made.
    We'll provide a new version of ZDMC, which use OMX HW decoding for a better compatibility.
    The prior experience on X9--the predecessor based on Mstar9180 , gave power to us to provide a better HDMI recording application. Users can input 4K videos from game console, set-top boxes, computers,and so on. And X9S or X8 could compress it to 1080P 30hz.
    And also, we provide other useful applications, Such as Zidoo Theater, NASkit,and so on.
    The X9S's shell is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with space gray color.And no easy to leave fingerprints by direct touch.
    The following is the photos and SPECs of the new products.

    X9S正面效果图-ls.png X8正面效果图-ls.png
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  3. grummel2005

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    so what is the difference between them?
    i see internal storage and sata3
    why no kodi and again the problem with zdmc?
  4. Lony

    Lony Active Member


    Thanks for the information, these models are looking pretty good ;-) I like it, where is the next for the third Party ;-)


    Which Problems, the RTD1295 is not released and you talk about Problems hahaha this is a really good logic, maybe you read more about this SoC, that ist no RK :p

    Regards Lony
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  5. grummel2005

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    Lony do not blame me here again ... stay at your forum and blame people there massive!
    zdmc is not an official kodi derivat so the problems there are programmed
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  6. Lony

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    I don`t Blame you, do you understand, when did you don`t understand, take Google Translation.
    You speak from eggs that are not yet defined, or If you have no idea, just shut up.
    Thats all Facts, and fact is, you was kicked out of my Forum, because you have massively disrupted.

    Sorry, but this User is just embarrassing.

    Regards Lony
  7. Lony

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    On which Realtek SDK based the first Firmware. The OMX HW decoding is on a Zidoo Nativ Player (own development) or is this supported by a modified GoogleVideoPlayer ?


    Regards Lony
  8. grummel2005

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    Lony keep quiet about me - it is better for you - end of conversation to lony!!!
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  9. Lony

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    I speak with freeroc not to you, read it and learn.

    And do not threaten me ;-)

    Best Regards Lony
  10. grummel2005

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    lony ... i am threaten no one here - where do you read this - i can post here pms from you to me if you want to where you threaten me!
  11. Lony

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    Looks good ;-)
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  12. negher

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    grummel 2005 (odyssey hospice) makes you want to sell the Zidoo
  13. tienlequoc

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    End of this month may be have new Rtd 1295 SDK from Realtek.
  14. grummel2005

    grummel2005 Well-Known Member

    no - why?
    i have some of them - one i will keep for the kids - this is okai :)
    others i will not sell - i will give them back - or change to another zidoo-test-device :)
  15. blazer

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    I think that Hisilicon Hi3798C will likely be the way to go.

    I also think that Zidoo needs to prioritise more and get existing boxes working correctly before throwing all your development resource into new models, stretching yourself thin.

    By the same token, based on the fact that there are still so many issues with existing boxes, anybody spending their money on new ones is condoning bad practice and allowing it to continue.

    Oh and lony, is it clear that you are in the employment of either Realtek or an associated company and acting in the manner that you do, just because somebody else has an opinion that is different to yours is rather juvenile.

    Most of us left such infantile behaviours back in the school playground, so it would be in your own best interest to do so too.
  16. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    In Moment is Hisilicon H3798C a very good SoC, but this SoC has various Models.
    H3716C = OLD and no Frameswitching (23,976 )
    H3798CV100 = Very good with Frameswitching under 1080p / 23,976 (stand Last Firmware 3.03)
    H3798CV200 = New Model with Bugs in the Area Frameswitching, but very good Results under 4K, HDR, 10 Bit, this Model is upgradable (Stand Firmware 1.03)

    All Models No HW Supported by KODI !!!!

    Correct but this is the opinion of individual users, many want more and and then coming back bug in the firmware

    No correct, i m not working for Realtek or for other manufacturer, before you ask such a thing, check your informations. Each manufacturer has earned a chance. I supported Hisilicon all Models, this for your Information, and i make no advertising for this SoC, you know !!!

    That is your opinion, but when someone makes an opinion of a SoC, then he should also have this. read the complete Thread.
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  17. grummel2005

    grummel2005 Well-Known Member

    no - sorry - but ZIDOO should work correctly BEFORE bringing devices on the market
    i heared that they have a beta group but i cannot understand how they are working when new firmwares come out and have more problems then older firmwares
    i am/had been i different beta groups and only if the problems are solved they gave out the firmware ...

    these are very right words ;)
  18. benng

    benng New Member

    This looks like a great box. Especially since I've been looking to upgrade my buggy UT3S for a while now (I currently just use it's ubuntu boot).

    Regarding the X9s (and X8?) streaming support from the hdmi input, is this done with tvheadend integrated into the software - Zidoo theatre , Kodi?
    (I've read Kodi on Android is becoming increasing difficult due to lack of developers)

    Also, I'd love to experiment with the X9s and ATSC... either from a USB tuner, or with a custom board using the new VATek VMB8202D.. I saw even an SDR board used for transmitting DVB-S2!
  19. freeroc

    freeroc Active Member

    3D playback in Zidoo X9S
    --Supported 3D MVC MKV

    Let’s talk about the Android TV boxes on the market.Most of them have more or less defects on 3D playback support, such as a wrong 3D type identifying,and false reading of TVset's EDID information, The defects will result in non-3D picture on TV. Besides,the inconvenience operation in 3D menu of some products also annoyed users.

    Since the design of Zidoo X9S start, thinking about this prompted the programmers to wonder if they can find a way better than the older software architecture to achieve a perfect results.

    Let's see how specity 3D playback in Zidoo X9S.

    1,3D MVC MKV support

    3D MVC MKV support is the most special advantage,which few Android TV boxes in the market had developed. Our programmers consulted a great deal of data, and done a lot of coding to identified a mkv file with MVC codec and to decode video-streaming and display them. Perfect for playback now. I want to thank the KODI forum which provided very useful information(http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=227862).



    2,To Non-MVC 3D movie

    We call this outdated type of 3D movie as "pseudo 3D" usually.It have 2 sub type of Side-by-Side(also called LR) and Top-and-Bottom.

    It will be played as 2D mode as soon as starting,but you can simply switch to 3D mode as follow:


    3,To 3D MVC movies

    It's quite easy for X9S, once X9S identified the movie as a 3D MVC type,the moive will be played as 3D mode,without any manual operation.


    You can simply change to 2D mode if you want.


    4,Go around the fail of identify a 3D TV or a 2D TV

    The TV set is a factor that we cannot control. The Android TV box identify a TV set whether 3D or 2D through reading EDID signal from TV set. But there are always some not perfect TV sets in the market, they can't provide a clear or a correct EDID signal. So that ,we provide a manual operation menu to users, the users can force the box think the TV is a 3D TV set, because the users apparently know their own TV set is 3D or not.


    In a word,users will get a better and easier experience in Zidoo X9S.
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  20. Adl

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    i'm waiting this device. a collection of great zidoo devices.
    I think the next devices will be with tegra X1 or amlogic s912

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