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    Well, i think it is def not the Z9x in this case. And personally i stay away from any DUNE machine ( been there, done that, never again ) , the only alternative i would consider would be a nv shield. But picture quality on the Zidoo models is by far the best i've seen so far.

    Good luck!
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    @DIKKE: I'm not agreeing since on AVS forums there are more people experiencing these problems now. I have a gigabit internet connection that maxes out on 970 mbps on my network. Zidoo will have to look into this.
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    Agree, they need to look into it. Something funky is going on inside the Z9x during SMB playback...

    Maybe they should release an instrumented firmware for those of us willing to help them capture trace logs...


    Good evening. I have a Question: I had put fw 6.0.90. Can I go back and put fw 6.0.46 again? Can I put the fw with which it had from the factory? Is it easy to put the original fw?
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    The only way to downgrade the firmware is to flash the recovery image.
    You can download the recovery image from my site and you'll find the link to the instructions.
    After you've flashed the recovery image you can download the firmware version of your choice from.my site. https://www.mcbluna.net/wp/zidoo-model-overview/zidoo-z9x-firmware-download/
    Good luck
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    Hey, you're back.
    Yes, there's definitely something not right with Zidoo's SMB playback abillities. A lot of people have been reporting issues since latest fw 0.90.
    Not really comfortable to bring it up again, but did you try NFS again/already as comparison?
    I can confirm having no issues with high bitrate files playback. Even the highest jellyfish videos play smoothly via NFS.
    Not that all NFS would be perfect on the Z9X btw: Importing a large NFS share to the Music Player library renders the share stated "invalid" and impossible to be used. But playback of high bitrate files is okay though
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    May I ask what you consider "large" to be please? - I haven't imported my library yet but thinking of doing so.
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    It's a near 11 GB sized folder with just a bunch of audiofiles. Which are mainly FLAC, but also some MP3 files.

    Please note, that I have not tested this with (and thus wouldn't know this issue to be true for) a large NFS share that consists of several subfolders. Like, for eg. "artist", "album" etc...
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    I removed a tv episode from ht app and I cant add back. I rescan but it cant add ht

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    Hi @Whitfield, I didn't have a player for a couple of weeks so I didn't have much to contribute. Now I got a B-stock Z9X back with a wonky antenna but the player is technically fine. I think you've read that there are now some people experiencing the same issues that I was (and still am) complaining about. I haven't tried out NFS but honestly at this point I'm pointing fingers at the firmware, not Windows or the network since other media players play absolutely fine with the same files that choke the Z9X. Zidoo has to do the right thing here and check these issues. (The easiest way for them would be to connect to a W10 machine and compare network performance with a Z9S.) I'll still give them some time to sort it out but I consider this negligence on their part saying 'the user should check their router and network' as they explained in a specific thread on this forum created for this exact issue.
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    I have freezes all movies on smb.
    I hope zidoo solve this problem
    for examp.

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    Greetings, I would like to ask how it is now with the funky mkv Dolby Vision. I read that playing MEL is no longer a problem. How about playing FEL in the future or better off playing NVIDIA shield.
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    I h
    I have a NAS running Unraid and I don’t have any problems with SMB, I watched 3 Dolby vision films back to back yesterday with no problems.
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    Please, the movies in Dolby Vision were FEL or MEL.
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    Can someone tell me if Z9X can play 1080p 10bit H264 aka Hi10P Anime ? I have an X9S but is not capable of playing 10bit H264.
    I know 10bit h264 aka Anime is a non standard video compression method, from the investigation i did i need a decent CPU package because 1080p 10bit H264 aka Hi10P Anime needs to be CPU software decoded.
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    No sorry - doesn't play 10-bit H.264.

    You could encode to H.265 with something like StaxRip or Handbrake. I use StaxRip all the time hardware encoding with an Nvidia card and the results are flawless.
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    Thanks for the info, i think that will be the best solution or get new rips now I'm using X9X for movies but for anime i need to use my Xbox One X and play it with VLC but sometime i have some crashes and the UI is not very good.
    How is Z9X vs X9S? I saw it has better HDR support and improved remote control. I have the original remote control and is not that great, buttons are hard to press and it looks and feels very cheap.
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    Dolby vision in FEL is not supported by zidoo, it plays as HDR10 as explain in this post : http://forum.zidoo.tv/index.php?thr...other-useful-stuff-for-rtd1619-players.82695/
    The only way to play FEL files is dolby vision is to convert it in MEL (profile 8.1 or not) as explain here : https://www.makemkv.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=18602&p=96282#p96282
    But some people are not convinced it keep all infos from the FEL so you can try it if you want.

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