zidoo z9s spdif sound interrupt

Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by franz weber, Apr 5, 2020.

  1. franz weber

    franz weber New Member

    @Nice Monkey

    "Himedia Player Q5-Pro" player does not have the problem.

    thanks for the tip.
    yes I have, but I'm not sure if it can output all 5.1 sound formats.
  2. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Different chipset. That one is Hisilicon based. The new Egreat A15 would be a good choice. :p
    Lets wait and see what that Dune really brings for SPDIF. ;)
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  3. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    I have LG OLED. I think it does output DD and DTS 5.1 on SPDIF. TV SPDIF was meant for sound bars and surround systems. I can hear digital noise if I don't shut the headphones amp and the audio is surround through new inline HDMI receiver. For headphones only I shut off receiver and HDMI is in pass-through to the TV. Zidoo automatically outputs LPCM 2.0 to the TV and my headphones.

    Worth trying if your Zidoo Z9S has some flaw in SPDIF channel. It should output proper DD and DTS to the TV over HDMI. It may need some audio auto mode or forcing into 5.1 not the raw pass-through.

    You are not going to get any DTS-HD Master or advanced Dolby Digital audio formats on SPDIF.
  4. le123cn

    le123cn New Member

    I also encountered the same situation. After my research in the morning, there was no problem in choosing “RAW”, but there was a problem in choosing “LPCM 2 Channel”.

    For this reason, I replaced a new machine, the fault is still the same. This seems to be a typical software problem, not a hardware failure.
  5. c.peters

    c.peters New Member

    Just upgraded to the latest firmware V2.3.32. The problem with spdif is still there. I have now switched to hdmi sound to overcome this problem. However, there is a another problem which happens with both spdif and hdmi which is that there are intermittent flashes of green happening while I'm watching. I have also a Zidoo X9S which does not have any of these problems with the same setup. I hope Zidoo will find those two problems and fix them with a new firmware.
  6. franz weber

    franz weber New Member

    go back and then reinstall

    tip von 3dbuff
    go offset to +1
    I've tried no sound inno guaranteeterruption so far.
    no guarantee ;)
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  7. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    There is something going on with this audio offset. I think a lot of those various audio dropouts that people complain about are tied to audio/video sync. Kodi has number of options to adjust and sync. delay to your liking in case the audio needs to catch up with video (skip, fast forward...) or just compound error. Zidoo has none. I see the lipsync issue on occasion based on how Zidoo is connected to audio system and display. Going to audio offset adjustment page without even moving the slider corrects the issue for me.
  8. eagumban

    eagumban New Member

    Hello everyone...I just purchased the Z9S and I also have the same set-up wherein, my Z9S is directly connected to my 4k TV through hdmi cable while my old onkyo receiver is connected to Z9S via the toslink. When I purchased the Z9S, I immediately updated the firmware without knowing the issue regarding the audio dropout. I tried several combination of connection to my receiver but to no avail. Then I followed the suggestion of Sir Franz to revert back to the original firmware and it worked so far (no more audio drop-out). However I also encountered another issue such as there are times that during playback the screen suddenly becomes green and it can no longer play the mkv file. To resolve this issue, I restarted Z9S and it would play once again.

    In this regard, I hope that Zidoo Technical Staff can figure out soonest on how to resolve the audio dropout issue using the firmware update so that I could enjoy the full potential of this player.
  9. c.peters

    c.peters New Member

    I upgraded to the latest beta firmware V2.3.33. I still have the audio drop out when I use toslink. The green flashes seems to happen now only with 1080p x265 files at 25hz frame rate. Also, sometimes the external hard disc disconnects during playback or the hard disc is not recognized. After being a loyal customer of Zidoo for over 4 years, I'm beginning to loose faith in the products and brand name of Zidoo. I really hope they can fix all those problems because it they don't, my next media player purchase will not be a Zidoo product.
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