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  1. karipu

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    Here is what I found:

    .flac 24-96 stereo. YES (but doesn’t show kHz)
    .flac 24-196 stereo. YES (but doesn’t show kHz)
    .flac 24-88.2 stereo. YES (at 88.2 kHz)
    .flac 24-176,4 stereo. YES (at 176,4 kHz)
    .flac 24-96 multichannel. YES (but doesn’t show kHz)

    .dsf DSD64 stereo. YES (at 176,4 kHz)
    .dsf DSD128 stereo. YES (at 88.2 kHz)
    .dsf DSD256 stereo. YES (at 44.1 kHz)

    .dsf DSD64 multichannel. NO
    SACD ISO multichannel. YES and NO (but only in stereo at 176,4 kHz)

    How do I make Zidoo Z9S to play DSD or SACD multichannel music?!
  2. Nice Monkey

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    See this table for a more detailed DSD/PCM testing overview:
    Also valid for all other Zidoo models using Music Player 3.0.
    The exotic variants DSD128/DSD256 and PCM/FLAC above 24-196 are mostly fake home created upscale's. These probably just sound worse.
    Real Studio masters using these are both seldom and (very) expensive.

    Multi-channel SACD you should forget about, simply as that. Convert to MCH FLAC off-line and play using those FLAC conversions next.
    This is also valid for the new Zidoo UHD2000, but that one will play native 2CH-DSD via the audio panel XLR/RCA analog outputs.

    Or use a real SACD disc player with MCH DSD via HDMI out. Even there one needs to be careful as not all do actually support MCH SACD (well).
    Remember a quality SACD disc player will facilitate selecting: CD-layer, DSD-2CH or DSD-MCH. SACD-ISO's don't include the CD-layer and Android media players never have a 2CH/MCH select hence only play the 2CH tracks and never the MCH tracks.
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  3. karipu

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    >Android media players never have a 2CH/MCH select hence only play the 2CH tracks and never the MCH tracks.

    What a letdown!
  4. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Honestly there are not that many MCH SACD's around and there is a bypass via creating FLAC's.
    Most Audiophiles stick like glue to their (very) expensive stereo setup and never listen to MCH at all.

    For me it is worse that nobody makes any audio drivers for DSD via HDMI/SPDIF under Android. Most (HT) AMP's sold today include 2CH/MCH DSD capable DAC's with a very reasonable quality: Mostly Burr Brown or Asahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) based.
    Technically there is no reason why it can't be done. Just a matter of this market being big enough to do so (or volunteers like the KODI community).
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  5. kfpanda

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    hmm. I am recently looking at audio playback also. hoping to extract sound tracks from bluray (for its higher bit rate) but initial results didnt sound that great (which probably is due to the conversion software).
  6. kfpanda

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    do you know if this is a licensing issue or just onone thinks its a good idea to support MCH?
  7. kfpanda

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    How do u guys connect ur z9s to amp for music? I played some 24/96 flacs via hdmi to my av amp, didnt sound like hd audio (compared to the movie dts-hd tracks on bluray)

    ps i dont know my amp uses the same dac for 2 channel and dts audio.
  8. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Why extracting the sound from BD's (Concert and Pure Audio)? They do sound great as they are. Using the BD Menu's they can be played directly.

    No there is no license issue to play MCH SACD, but extracting MCH plus conversion to PCM is too much Processor Power wise to do real time. Be aware those MCH SACD's are always DST compressed requiring decompression realtime too. There is no APP on Android capable doing all this concurrently today.

    My 2CH and MCH FLACS do sound well via my AMP (HDMI) which is an Onkyo RZ720 but not as good as native DSD via my Pioneer BD-LX55 (2CH/MCH DSD output via HDMI) .
    2CH SACD sounds best going native DSD via my External SABRE ES8038PRO DAC using the USB interface on Zidoo. Next Analog in on that same Onkyo AMP.
    My Onkyo AMP uses the same DAC for 2CH and DTS audio but has VLSC (Digital Filters) only for 2CH audio and switches the big 500W Power Supply to 2CH only for stereo. So sound conditions for stereo are somewhat better than for MCH DTS with that same AMP.
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  9. kfpanda

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    I have a pioneer LX82 and the dac inside is still pretty good w jitter reduction. certainly the music in movie bohemian r sounds v good but its kind of hard to jump to different points in the movie for a particular track. i might try to put the flacs into a mkv or dts container to see if it makes a difference.
  10. kfpanda

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    so i did a bit more digging last nite. I suspect z9s probably is outputting pcm to hdmi. this is most likely for dsd/sacd since its a license requirement unless the raw dsd stream is encrypted for copyright protection. in any case, my amp is probably too old and doesnt have the ability to decode dsd. so my best bet is still dtsma but the encoder is v expensive.
  11. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Zidoo puts out PCM 176.8 kHz for DSD64 (SACD) not for license reasons but because there is simply not any Android driver for DSD via HDMI.
    But again as they got a special driver for PCM up to 192 kHz working then it should be possible to do PCM too?
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  12. kfpanda

    kfpanda Member

    i aint no expect on this but perhaps its bcos of licensing, there is no dsd driver via hdmi. in any case, might be the easiest for me will be just get a concert on bluray...
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