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  1. OlivierQC

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    i have Zidoo X8 since 4 days



    i did some tests with UHD/UHD HDR demo and i watched some movies too,

    Here is a quick overview, i'm not an expert and it's just my feeling.

    last sunday after some tests, i did an hard reset and i use now the following settings (see below)



    Sony 65X930C
    Onkyo 656
    Focal dome 5.1.2
    NAS personal cloud / SMB
    zidoo X8 FW 1.2.6
    Himedia Q10pro FW 1.0.8



    Android OS
    HDMI Output: AUTO
    SPDIF Output: RAW
    HDMI Rx Audio Format: RAW
    HDMI Rx Version: 2.0
    Auto 1080P24: Enabled (disable with UHD Demo)
    Auto 29.97/59.94Hz: Enabled (disable with UHD Demo)

    Bluetooth : OFF

    Resolution : AUTO/1080p60 (2160p60 with UHD Demo)
    Deep color mode : AUTO
    Space color mode : AUTO

    play video with external player YES
    Android, RAW Passthrough NO
    Enable Passthrough NO
    Enable Dolby Digital (AC3) Capable Receiver NO
    Enable Dolby Digital (AC3) Transcoding NO
    Enable Dolby Digital plus (E-AC3) Transcoding NO
    DTS capable receiver NO
    TrueHD capable receiver NO
    DTS HD capable receiver NO


    The startup time is average and we land on the home page with grey tiles. The home screen is nicer then the Q10pro.



    For the moment, the box is stable. No lag or freeze. It is reassuring...



    i have watched several UHD and UHD HDR Demo of LG, Sony and Samsung and have not noticed any issue, the picture and the sound are perfect in my case.

    But :

    - The HDMI does not work in auto mode.

    - The HDR only works when HDMI Mode set to 2160p60hz and the strays active even after exiting the demo UHD HDR


    - when the HDMI Mode set to AUTO and the auto1080p24 and auto29.97/59.94 are active, the HDR does not work in 2160p60 but request to pass to 1080p


    In short, when i want to watch an UHD HDR Demo i must turn off the Auto 1080P24/auto29.97/59.94 and use the HDMI Mode 2160p60, when I am done, a manual adjustment needs to be done to the deep color mode or HDMI mode for the TV to exit the HDR mode

    i hope zidoo will fixed this issue.



    Picture and sound works properly, I have not noticed issue for now. (I will continue to check with the next movies)

    (about the audio lag with the DTS HD soundtrack, Mirro88 said zidoo has fixed the issue with FW 1.2.7)


    ISO 3D

    i tested several 3D ISO this week, the picture is sharp, detailed and smooth.

    3D has excellent depth, pop out effect has better than himedia in my opinion.

    i watched The Martian and i had a lot of fun to see it again in 3D with Zidoo X8.

    (about green flash, mirror88 said zidoo has fixed the issue with FW 1.2.7)


    Picture Quality :

    i know that is subjective as said hdmkv (forum kodi), but to be honest, I did notice a difference between both (zidoo and Himedia)

    - PQ is better with zidoo X8.

    - Iso 3d depth is better with Zidoo X8.

    There's not much more to say.


    Rii Mini i8

    i tried the Rii mini I8 and it's work.


    Zidoo Remote

    - I have turn off the bluetooth of zidoo x8 because my remote does not work properly, All went back to normal after turning off the Bluetooth.
    (For your information, i have had the same problem with my receiver onkyo and its remote, All went back to normal after turning off the Bluetooth)

    - The only negative thing is that we must point the remote properly in face of the zidoo X8 or else it does not work.



    - The wifi antenna cannot be removed from box. Too bad we can’t leave them hidden in the back fo the box with the rj45/hdmi slots.
    - We have no choice to leave in the upright position.



    - I used Titan skin since 3 years and i have never had problems with it.

    - I have this problem with zidoo/ZDMC ( see picture), I do not know if it is a comptability problem between ZDMC and the skin Titan.


    - Did anybody else report this type of issue between their skin and ZDMC ?

    hdmkv said :
    skins, your weird font/text issue should be resolved by choosing 'Default' for font instead of 'Arial' in ZDMC settings.

    I changed Font/text but the issue is still present


    In conclusion :

    - At this time i no longer use my Q10pro, my preference is for Zidoo X8, it is recent but it offers a lot and the follow up is perfect for the moment.


    To following...

    Have nice day

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  2. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Thanks,We will solve the HDR problem
  3. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Member

    - when the auto1080p24 and the auto29.97/59.94 are active, the HDR does nto work in 2160p but request to pass to 1080p

    I don't understand this part of your post.
    If i play a 4k HDR file and the TV is set to 2160@60hz, with auto1080p24 and the auto29.97/59.94 are active, my TV does not ask me to switch to 1080p@59.94hz, it plays back in 2160p@24hz BT2020 HDR confirmed by my Denon AVR.
    There must be a flaw in your TV or set up.
    I know from avs forums many people have HDR problems with the Sony 65X930C and the Samsung K8500.
  4. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Active Member Beta test group

    Hello DaMacFunkin,

    My mistake,

    i changed my sentences, i forgot to write with HDMI Mode set to AUTO.

    and the HDR works fine with my Sony :)
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