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Zidoo X20. Is it real or fake?

Discussion in 'NEWS&Activities' started by boblo, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. boblo

    boblo Member

    Is Zidoo going to release a new model called 'X20' or is this a big fake?

  2. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member Beta test group

    Realtek 1296:

    Zidoo X20 (+unknown front)

    I am pretty convinced there are 2 new models coming. [​IMG]Be sure about it that it is for real. But looking carefully you will see that the Front and Back don't match in size and are of different models.
    Specs and Back are for X20 but the Front is clearly not:

    Seems to be based on Realtek RTD1296 chipset, an upgraded version of the RTD1295 used in X10. RTD1296 has similar capabilities to RTD1295 but more peripheral ports including 2 x SATA.

    Specifications: ARM Quad core A53 + 4G DDR4 + 32G eMMC + Gigabit Ethernet +802.11AC MIMO 2T2R 867Mbps + SATA 3.0*2(HDD BAY*2) + USB 3.0 *1 + TYPE-C*1 + USB 2.0*2 + RS232 + IR output + IR input + SPDIF +Coaxial + ESS 9038 DAC + XLR Audio output + HDMI 2.0a output*2 (Video and Audio separation output)+ HDMI IN 2.0.

    Support full BD menu function, Support 4K UHD, Support frame auto switch (23.976, 59.94 etc.), Support HDR10, Media center function (SAMBA + NFS + poster wall)

    I am pretty convinced it is a real Zidoo front but apparently of yet another reduced width player with a single HDD bay and most likely without the advanced Audio (ESS 9038 DAC + XLR Audio output). I am wondering if this was done on purpose as a teaser or it was accidental? [​IMG]

    The Front looks like an intermediate (X11/X15 model ?) between X10 and X20 being a direct competitor for Egreat A10/A11 and Himedia 1000 models.
    That would also make a lot more marketing sense to me. The X20 is a (probably very expensive) top model for a relative small market. [​IMG]
    I expect it to inherit the other advanced RTD1296 features from X20. As I never got my X10 I may be a potential customer for this model myself. :cool:

    I do in fact expect both models to be launched at the same moment (huh mentioned is September? Knowing Zidoo plannings that could be November or December).
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017
  3. spawn_lmg

    spawn_lmg Active Member Beta test group

    Front fake
  4. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member Beta test group

    Wait and see.

    It simply does not make sense for me to develop a new RTD1296 based SOC just to sell the X20, which would mean a huge target market jump. These won't exactly be selling like hotcakes.
  5. boblo

    boblo Member

    The most important part is that RTD1296 will use the same SDK as RTD1295, so firmware development for X8/X9S/X10 won't be affected.

    DELUCAS Member

    Its real and coming in september
    Rear is real but front i doubt it .

    There all coming out with it seems Hi End media players now
    A gap in the market with higher prices to be had .

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