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  1. zidoo_cj

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    Zidoo released new information recently; users just need to install an APK on the machine. All of the products will perfectly supported 4K UHD Blu-ray play, which is the first time in the TV box industry to achieve the accomplishment. If you have device of x8\x9s\x10, you can download an APK through the published address, first time of using 4K UHD film 《The Smurfs 2》

    APK download address: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tp2d1d30jvn72d9/zidoo_videoplay_1.1.40112.apk

    (Note: Please make sure you have firmware 1.4.4, not available to other version lower than 1.4.4; have to restart after install is completed)

    Outstanding Movie Poster, detailed video and document information

    Breathtaking Play Time, first 4K UHD BD playing system based on Android

    Switch subtitles

    Switch soundtrack

    Enjoy 4K UHD

    HDR is a new standard for Ultra HD TVs that brings image quality closer to the natural world. With HDR, TV comes to life with richer colors, more details, and brighter objects.HDMI installed in X10 can guarantee the HDR picture transmission properly.

    Thank for the 10-bit color and BT.2020 New Technology. This is considered deep color and instead of offering 256 RGB (Red, Green, BLUE) values, it offers 1024 of them. This amounts to a total of 1.06 billion colors instead of the 16 million offered by older 8-bit color TVs.

    the gradations between shades and different tone in onscreen content present a far greater degree of realism to the viewer.

    In addition, Zidoo X10 also optimized quality of the image, and this means a lot to users who pursuit of high quality image:
    *Advanced anti-aliasing algorithm;sharpening the edge of the picture

    *Digital noise reduction filter;clear picture quality in the night

    *sRGB automatic adjustment;the color of picture is more suitable for viewing

    *The optimization technique of light-dark density;Enhance the contrast;Enhance a sense of space

    *Decode 10-bit output;More natural color transition

    *Color balance management engine;Highly reduction to true color

    *High speed frame by frame optimization;Keep more complete details

    *Nonlinear dynamic filtering brightness

    *The stable output frame rate,Support 23.976 fps mode

    Learn more

    Zidoo website: www.zidoo.tv
    You are welcome to log on to our subscription center, and get up-to-date information and events

    APK download address: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tp2d1d30jvn72d9/zidoo_videoplay_1.1.40112.apk
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  2. leonkoum

    leonkoum Active Member Beta test group

    No words...

    THANK YOU !!! :D
  3. gaki

    gaki Member

    Zidoo team is working real hard lately :)
  4. woncompany

    woncompany New Member

    :D:D:D:D Awesome
  5. dimipapa

    dimipapa New Member

    the smurfs play ok but no in hdrmode.
  6. polakis

    polakis Member

    Is this an extra player? Because i installed it, restarted x9s but i cant see anything new
  7. dimipapa

    dimipapa New Member

    it`s like pluggin.no player
  8. Vinny4K

    Vinny4K Active Member

    Just tested and Works perfect!
    Thanks for this quick fix Team!
  9. dimipapa

    dimipapa New Member

    and hdr..??
  10. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    did you install tke new zidoo player APK ?
  11. gadgetman

    gadgetman Active Member

    Do not understand all the above 4k uhd will not rip so how can you possibly get playback?
  12. SaskMedia

    SaskMedia Member

    Smurfs 2 UHD ISO is out. It was probably tested against this.
  13. lars42

    lars42 New Member

    LOL.thats all you Zidoo people can show up? Stealing uhd Blu Ray and giving away to a bunch of shitty people?shame on you
  14. SaskMedia

    SaskMedia Member

    It's not stealing if you already own it. In Canada you can have a digital backup of any media you already own. No matter where this digital version is obtained. Zidoo is merely giving the ability to properly read my backed up digital ISO's whether they be standard bluray or now UHD bluray.
  15. gaki

    gaki Member

    You clearly didn't understand the purpose here.
  16. olisun

    olisun Member

    It doesn't work..

    When you install the apk file you can play back the movie the first time but there is no HDR.

    If you stop the movie and try playing it again, there is a blank screen with audio. To be able to playback the movie again I have to reinstall the apk file again.
  17. wolfrick

    wolfrick Member

    it works nicely... perfect picture, smooth playback, hdr... but i cannot access bd menu... is it any?
  18. kokobsb

    kokobsb New Member

    I don't know what I am doing wrong but when I play the smurfs 2 it only plays the sound with a black screen.
  19. kokobsb

    kokobsb New Member

    well its good that u can view .did you convert the bdmv folder to iso or you just played it within the videoplayer.cuz I can play it with bdmv folder but it doesn't allow me to change video or audio it starts with video information no available .
  20. wolfrick

    wolfrick Member

    it is not an iso file, its a folder with a bdmv and certificate subfolders... i can change subtitles, audio streams in a normal way (external player)

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