ZIDOO Home Theater and auto download subtitles in native player release

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      1. Hi Zidoo support team or somebody else that knows how this works .....I have Zidoo x6 and zidoo theater installed from factory it works very cool and plays using kodi mp4 videos without any problem also passthrut ac3 5.1 audio the Zidoo theater app work fantastic too it plays mp4 whit two audio languages and two subtitles same like kodi you can chose between them also passthrut ac3 5.1 audio too ....I order zidoo x9 becase it can record ...my cuestion is WHY Zidoo x9 transfer automatically any video plays in Kodi 14.1 to a different video player and not play in kodi like x6 does usin kodi 16 and this video player not enable to change the audios or subtitles inside in the mp4 video like zidoo theater does. Found zidoo theater apk and installed on zidoo x9 BUT when again play a mp4 video transfers the video to this different video player installed by defult and again this video player not allowed to change any audios or subtitulos it has the menu Can see there but not change like ZIDO THEATER does with audios and subtitles hopefully you can have some answers for this cuestions thank you .....zidoo are great devices ...

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    Because it uses an Mstar CPU while Zidoo X6 uses a Rockchip CPU that supports Kodi better.
    For Mstar you have to use an external video player inside Kodi to play video smoother as it's Kodi support is worse.
    You can also read on Kodi wiki pages to use a different external video player like MXPlayer for Mstar devices.
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    Thank you very helpful mx player works perfectly
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    hi, i hope someone can shed some light on this - i have an hard drive attached to my sata and i have an external hard drive connected to USB 3.0 I dont plan on reading a NAS, all I want to do is transfer files from my PC to the drives connected to my zidoo x9s. am I able to see the zidoo drives from my PC? What options do i have in terms of transferring files from my PC to those drives so I can play files locally and set up home theater off the files on my drives. I'm sure it's been mentioned before but i just picked it up so any help is much appreciated. Thanks for the help!
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    Wrong forum...
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    Hi Zidoo ,
    Can I have the latest version of zidoo Theatre APK for my Zidoo x9s .
    Thanks .
  7. Compuman

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    I install zidoo_video.apk and it works well as "a n d r o i d . r k . R o c k V i d e o P l a y e r" but it is an old version (without frame swith and other settings)
    Can we have a new zidoo_video.apk with the new rockvideoplayer that is integrated in X9S firmware 1.5.0 ?

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