Z1000 PRO - very dark picture on 2160P content with SONY XE90

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  1. skatavic

    skatavic New Member

    Hi, i am new owner of Z1000 Pro, got it a week ago and still struggling with one problem. I found a lot help on this forum thanks to you and red tons of posts about Zidoo. I have seen some members asking about problem of very dark scene when playing 2160P video (happens both with SDR and HDR). Same happened to me.
    I tried everything. Switching cables, direct Zidoo connection to TV without Onkyo, changing settings on Zidoo,tv picture settings...nothing helped. My Tv is Sony XE9005 (HDR, no DV), HT receiver Onkyo RZ800 and Zidoo Z1000Pro.

    Sony TV settings
    All picture tweaks off, HDR auto,Colour Space auto, HDMI video range - Limited

    Zidoo settings are at the moment
    Color - as per HDMI 2.0,HDMI color range 16-235,HDMI Signal format-Standard . HDR- Auto. Dolby vision compatibility - TV Led.MaxCLL and MaxFLL enabled.
    Custom EDID - disabled.
    HDCP off.
    Playback Auto frame rate-Match frame rate only.
    ZIDOO FW 6.4.20

    All the time while playing 2160p content picture is too dark. Same content\movie but 1080p - everything is perfect. Only difference what I saw is when i changed Zidoo setting of HDR to Highest SDR REC.2020 that picture looks better regarding brightness and contrast (little bit washed out) but colours are messed up (too yellow skin tone, etc...).

    Is there a way to help with some advice?
    Thanks in advance.

    Attached is EDID file saved when Zidoo was connected directly to TV.

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  2. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    So first of all, there's nothing odd in the EDID - I didn't expect there to be, but it's always worth checking first.

    Firstly you say this happens with "both with SDR and HDR"

    Are you sure?

    What you describe seems to be to do with HDR gamma, and in that case SDR should not be affected in the same way.

    Whatever the problem is I have to suspect it's in the TV settings somewhere - I've loaded your EDID into my Zidoo and this makes my box act exactly the same as yours and there's nothing unusual in the output levels or HDR image.

    Try setting HDMI Range in the TV to either Auto or Full - I can't really explain why this might work and it really shouldn't, but give it a go.
  3. azon1951

    azon1951 New Member

    Try to change HDMI Range from Limited to Full.
  4. DzigiBau

    DzigiBau New Member

    Sony televisions need to be properly setup for full HDMI potential although you can use some AUTO settings also. For your situation try this one:

    1. Settings/Channels & Inputs or Watching TV/External inputs/HDMI signal format
    2. You could find, depending on model 2, 3 or 4 options:
    • Standard
    • Enhanced
    • Enhanced (Dolby Vision)
    • Enhanced (VRR)
    Try to select Enhanced or Enhanced (Dolby Vision) and you are all set.
  5. skatavic

    skatavic New Member

    Tanks all for reply.
    From the first day I set HDMI signal format on Sony TV to Enhanced format. Also, Zidoo is connected to HDMI 3. So that was not problem. I get some new SDR material on 2160p and no such problem with dark picture occured so Markswift2003 was right from the beginning, it happens only with 2160p HDR...Now i am sure and i can confirm that.
    I also tried setting HDMI range to Full (Auto) but it did not help.
    Amyhow thanks again for help...i probably ran out of options...
  6. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    At the same time Sony TVs are not great

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