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Discussion in 'ZDMC for Zidoo' started by Alpha1, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Alpha1

    Alpha1 New Member


    I buy the Zidoo X 20 Pro and my question is, cane i install Xbmc on the Zidoo X 20 Pro?
  2. Alpha1

    Alpha1 New Member

    I have install it, was ferry simple
  3. noki

    noki New Member

    Hi. Where to download the ZBMC App for Zidoo X20? and how do I install it?
  4. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    It is ZDMC (and XBMC) which can easily be found by a simple search. But anyway:
  5. serhii

    serhii New Member

    Hey guys!
    Maybe somebody knows how to open elementum add-on with zidoo native player?
    In x9s and x10 its possibe, but through SPMC.
  6. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    ZDMC 17.6 is labeled specifically for the x9s, x10 and x8.

    Could somebody from the developers please confirm the compatibility with RTD1296 Players?
  7. roadrunner

    roadrunner New Member

    I know KODI ( former XBMC, at beginneer days XBoxMediaCenter ).

    As I understand ZDMC is a extra version of the KODI developed by Zidoo for their media players who needs special settings to use the hardware. ?

    The next generation of Kodi ( v.18 - Leia ) will be launched next days.
    Is it possible to install KODI v18 Leia direct on the X20 Pro ?
    Or have we to wait up Zidoo is implemented the new Kodi in their ZDMC ?

  8. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

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  9. azat0

    azat0 New Member

    I've got Kodi running perfectly at the moment on my X10.

    What would be benefit of installing ZDMC?
  10. roadrunner

    roadrunner New Member

    Thank you for the link.
    I have read a little bit at www and give up, because root is like a operation at open heart.
    I think that is the reason why Zidoo do their own ZDMC.

    To pay a few $$ is no problem but I think the developer encode his software. If he write as open source he can't earn money and the only way to get payed for his good work is the option of donation.

    2 A friendly word on Security Risks
    "A lot of people would say that security on their home network is not important but I would like you to read this. When authenticated as the root user on a system, you have access to all account credentials which stem from the root user. If A user such as Kodi has access to your file shares, then the root user can gain access to those file shares. It is important to note that the root account bypasses security measures that are put in place to keep your information secure such as saved credit card and bank account information. The same people who write viruses would like to gain access to the root account on your Kodi computer."

    I will use the X20 Pro as it is, installing official firmware updates and will see what other/new mediaplayer will come to market.

  11. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    ...well. i understand your point but as OnekeyRoot was developed by Zidoo specifically for their media Players i would trust (.....at least hope) that this is well designed without creating unacceptable risks.


    If you have tried out ZDMC please let us know if it works. I am still waiting for Zidoo to confirm, if ZDMC is compatible with the x20...
  12. sussexmat

    sussexmat New Member

    I'm using ZDMC 1.61 on my X20 (Admittedly purely for music) and it works very nicely. I much prefer that type of GUI for music files and is excellent at Queuing and Party Play Playlists.
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  13. kor

    kor New Member

    Hello All
    I am using ZDMC 17.61 with x20pro and I am having this problem ,
    When trying to backup settings to a usb stick it reports that I do not have permission to write on it. When I use the media center app I can write on it.
    Any help ?

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