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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by mohamed75, Jul 14, 2019.

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    Other then Samsung, many of the 'better' designed sets have individual settings for inputs as opposed to outdated 'global' settings. ;)
  2. I can tell you this, I have an LG C6 OLED connected to my X9s. I have a Samsung JS8500 LED TV connected to my X8. Both are pin sharp and the colors are appropriate for content that is 1080 and above. Below 1080, a little softness appears but nothing out of the ordinary. It still looks good on my sets. Zidoo boxes don't upscale as well as my Oppo UDP-203 but it it isn't anything out of the ordinary. The Oppo playing the same lower resolution content will have some softness too. The colors are very similar.

    I don't know what your problem is but without seeing what you're seeing, knowing what actual content you're viewing, and understanding the settings on your TV, I wouldn't know where to steer you.
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    Hello bro,
    What are your zidoo x9s settings?
    I have samsung nu7100 4k tv, I know it is just an average TV.
    I set my TV to Standard, HDMI black level to normal, Dynamic contrast to high, color to 25, sharpness to 10.
    Using any other TV settings either gives me very bright picture or very dark one.
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  4. My settings on your TV probably won't do you much good because your TV is different than mine. Your settings on my TV would produce an odd picture.

    Why is your dynamic contrast set to high? High Dynamic contrast can kill detail. I would turn this to off.

    Reset your picture settings and try again. I would go to rtings.com and get their recommended settings for your TV. Use that as a starting point instead of my TV settings from an 2015 TV with better HDR and wider color gamut capabilities than yours.

    The settings given to you already are settings I use on my X9s and X8.
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    I mean your settings for ZIDOO X9S itself not your TV Settings.
    As for setting dynamic range to high I have to do this so as not to get a dark picture. Also setting from rtings.com give me very vey dark and yellowish picture.
  6. Sounds like your TV is your problem. I read it is a rather dim TV in general. Using settings to compensate for hardware limitations just never works. It will never produce balanced results. You'll trade one bad for another. There are reasons more expensive TVs are made and sold. They are more capable. Maybe a TCL at a similar price point would've been a better choice.

    Like I said, you have my settings for the X9s. I am using similar settings to the ones given already. Exactly what settings do you need? I will give you what you ask if you are specific in your request.
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    Playback - Stream player ????
    Display - HDMI Mode ????
    Display - HDR ????
    Deep Color Mode ????
    Color Space Mode ????
    HDMI Range Mode ????
  8. Stream player - Nuplayer (but I don't stream on this box so it is a setting that goes unused. I access contend I own directly. If I streamed, it would be native player)
    HDMI Mode - 3840x2160P 60Hz
    HDR - On
    Deep Color Mode - 10 Bit
    Color Space - YCbCr 444
    HDMI Range - 16-235
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    Thanks bro.
    What about automatic frame rate?
    Also what do you think of the included HDMI cable, is it good or shiuld I buy another one?
  10. Frame rate has nothing to do with your reported problems but mine is set to auto switch frame rate only.

    I never even entertained that I would use the cable that came with the player. I bought a bunch of Amazon Basics HDMI cables that were certified for UHD use and put those on my UHD TVs, UHD Blu-ray players, HDR10/HLG/Dolby Vision capable receivers, and Zidoos. The only cable I used that came with a device was the one that came with the Oppo UDP-203. That cable came with the sticker indicating it was a certified cable.
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    Think I have same TV as u. From Costco??

    Anyway...I've settled with AUTO for all zidoo settings EXCEPT HDMI range, should ALWAYS be 16-235. Always! Any1 needing full range would know that. 1℅ of users.

    On ur TV make sure u have UHD & HDR ENABLED. & no DYNAMIC ANYTHING, that will just give you different results all the time. Hence the definition of DYNAMIC!! lol..if used expect DYNAMIC results! & REMEMBER when u switch back to your old cable box it may appear TOO BRIGHT with same settings!

    More importantly make sure ALL POWER SAVING FEATURES R OFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!! things like ENERGYSTAR and ambient light detection and powersaver ALL OVERRIDE other settings and DIM TV!!!!!

    Aside: I'm no pro, but in all my years I've NEVER noticed any PQ difference between HDMI cables!!! Just honest. Either they work or don't!!! I'd love to see a coke vs Pepsi challenge with this!!
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    Ok guys, I have this damned player, but on any given 4k file the output will be pixelated and with fuzzy colors. I tried all settings found on this forum, tv side and player side.
    I just came to the conclusion that the player is some how faulty. Just came here as a last resort, hope someone can guide me to the right direction.


    This is the image I get with 4k files, HDR and SDR. YouTube 4k works fine.
    Kind regards
  13. videobruce

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    Have you tried another TV?, another HDMI cable?
    Where did these "4k files" come from?
  14. Arsenie Bogdan

    Arsenie Bogdan New Member

    Those files are movies, remux, blue ray disks, mkvs, all kinds of files. I tried even on my second 4k tv, same result. HDMI cables various types, long, short, 18GB, expensive ones. 1080p files plays just fine.

    Kind regards
  15. videobruce

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    Bad unit, exchange it for another. No idea where you are, where did you get it from?
  16. Arsenie Bogdan

    Arsenie Bogdan New Member

    I'm from central Europe, I have a SH unit.
  17. videobruce

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    "SH unit" ?? :confused:
    (I hope that wasn't short for a 'shit' unit. :D )
  18. Arsenie Bogdan

    Arsenie Bogdan New Member

    Bro...second hand unit :))
  19. videobruce

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    Ok, used. Any recourse with the seller?
  20. Arsenie Bogdan

    Arsenie Bogdan New Member

    It was a private seller, get it as it is. So no refound or what so ever. I just hoped it was something I can fix. I just can't understand why only 4k files

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