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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by cobric, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Thanks cobric :)

    I use my zidoo in 2160p60, and I had to set the parameter SET GUI resolution limit = unlimited, otherwise I had a black screen and sound only.

    Everythings works properly :
    Atmos/DTS X
    ISO 3D
    1080p BDMV

    For information:
    About UHD movies (BDMV), there is an error message if I select the movie poster, I have to find the .m2ts in the BDMV folder, the "problem" is only with UHD film. ( there is not this problem with zdmc)

    Thanks again for your great job :)

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  2. drdwridav

    drdwridav New Member

    Hi cobric,
    Job well done, thanks!
    One thing I've noticed is that the regular pvr addons seem to have vanished in this build, and no way to install one?
  3. cobric

    cobric Member

  4. cobric

    cobric Member

    Hi OlivierQC,
    I took code from ZDMC from here https://github.com/zidootech/ZDMC, and this is for ZDMC 16 not latest beta 17.1, so I don't know if they changed something there. If Zidoo publish sources for ZDMC beta 17.1 I can take that code and merge it to KODI.
  5. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Hello cobric,

    About the UHD movie, it does not matter, it was just for information :)

    about the sources for ZDMC beta 17.1:
    if they read your thread, we may have an answer from them :)

    I have pasted the link of your thread on my discussion board on homecinema.fr forum

    see you
  6. htpc

    htpc Member

  7. Mumakil

    Mumakil Member Beta test group

    With the External player, no problem with 25p ! 25p is 25p
    If you use the ZDMC player, it's normal.25p is 50p. Or create a "Advancesetting" files, but i think we need to root the box for instal the files. I'm not sure but i think !
    Sorry for my bad english, i'm tired
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  8. htpc

    htpc Member

    thank you Mumakill,
    as i said in my linked request.thread for that proplem, the internal zidoo player plays with the correct refreshrate and i also have already createt an advancedsettings for zdmc to use 25 frames for 25p content.
    it it dosn t work, zdmc16.1 is still playing 25p content with 50 frames...
    i hope someone can help me with this.
    since yesterday this proplem is hunting me;(


    p.s.: also sorry for my horrible english
  9. mr starface

    mr starface New Member

    Have installed this and looks great but for the life of me I cant figure out how to make it use the external player i.e zidoo media center as this is the only player that seems to play everything
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  10. Mumakil

    Mumakil Member Beta test group

    For enabled the external player in Kodi, see the picture.


  11. Techead

    Techead Member

    Something I have notices is that if you have Play Next Video Automatically kodie will use the Defult play not the external player even if the External Player is eneabled.
  12. Mumakil

    Mumakil Member Beta test group

    Exactly ! With this option enabled (Play Next Video Automatically), it's the Kodi Player to run and not the Ext.Player.
    I don't know why ??
  13. elcomu

    elcomu New Member

    Wow cobric!

    very nice! i'm looking for this option (to play videos with the zidoo player from kodi without rooting the device) on my zidoo x9s since months.

    Please can you produce the same option in kodi krypton 17.3?

    thank you very much
  14. mr starface

    mr starface New Member

    Thanks - For some reason I do not have the Play video with external player option, the menu starts with Play next video automatically? How can I get this option to display?
  15. mrs4t4n

    mrs4t4n New Member

    So this versiĆ³n will play everithing without problems?
    I will try it as soon as i get home (weekend)!

    Thanks @cobri!!!
  16. Mumakil

    Mumakil Member Beta test group

    See again the picture, line 4
    Disable this option.

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  17. mr starface

    mr starface New Member

    Ah didnt realise that! Thanks for your help will give it a go and then hopefully all will be good
  18. mr starface

    mr starface New Member

    [​IMG]IMG_20170727_090318957 by

    Getting very confused as my menu options dont exactly look like yours and if I untick the option in line 4 from your screenshot (Play next video automatically) nothing happens and no extra options appear?
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  19. mrs4t4n

    mrs4t4n New Member

    Be sure you had the settings level in "expert" (bottom left corner)
    P.S. Sorry i didn't realize your capture were different from the other.
    You are in the player settigns, the other were in the system settings...
    (or i think so...)
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  20. mr starface

    mr starface New Member

    Settings leve is expert but I just do not see that screen layout anywhere under system settings, there is nowhere with the title Video-Settings!
    When I go to System/Settings I see sub menus for player,media,pvr&live tv, add ons,services,interface and system
    Player give me the menu in my screenshot and system gives me the options display,audio,input, internet access,power saving,add on and logging

    Could somebody tell me the exact menu route to take though I have tried them all....

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