ZDMC 16.1: Wrong refreshrate with 25p -Content!

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by htpc, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. htpc

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    while playing 25p -content, zdmc changes the refreshrate to 50hz what leads to stuttering.
    the zidooplayer is useing the correct refreshrate 25 frames.
    therefore i createt an advancedsettings.xml with this settings:
    zdmc16.1 is indeed loading the advancedsettings.xml as i can see from the log,
    but it dos n t change the refreshrate to 25 frames.
    it still plays 25p -content with 50 frames.
    i would be glad if someone can help with this proplem wich surely concerns many other people.

  2. htpc

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    some considerations to the spoken proplem:

    for 25 frames -content usualy 50 frames is the correct refreshrate.
    such content should not jerk at 50 frames, but what it does, if played @50 frames with zdmc16.1.
    so i think the proplem here is goeing deeper.
    i also write this bug report not for fun.
    i expect that zidoo reads it and where it is really a bug, fix it!
    if i have the impression and i am close to it, that zidoo don t cares the feedback of their users, then my next mediaplayer will not be anymore from zidoo and also not the mediaplayers from my friends!
    and if zidoo thinks, that they must not care about what users, wich not get paid for their feedback, tell them, then thats not the way paying customers should be treatet!
    in this context i refer also to my other bug-reports, especially the samba-sdcard-proplem.
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  3. Mumakil

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    This "bug" is a bug intern at the Original SPMC, not really ZDMC.
    ZDMC is a copy of SPMC. So the different problems of SPMC follow ZDMC...
    The real solution, it's use the external player with ZDMC. :)
  4. htpc

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    Thanks for your Feedback Mumakil!

    i testet 25 fames -content with Kodi-16.1 under Windows10/64.
    Kodi plays it there with 50 frames and no jerking!
    i am not sure if its a but with spmc/zdmc becouse, it seems to be correct that it change the refreshrate to 50 frames while playing this content.
    it should not jerk but it does and 50 frames also seem to be the correct refreshrate for that type of content.
    yes, with external player from zidoo it plays this material jerk free @25 frames.
    so far my observations.

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