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    ZIDOO is not a decent Chinese company - scammers! Money for its cheap player x20 got big and do not want to do anything. Such companies are called: FRAUD. Colleagues - buyers affected by ZIDO let's all together, in all countries of the world we will tell about these scammers and tell people: "DO NOT BUY media players in ZIDO!"
    They do not know anything about ZIDOO! They can not even do ZOOM scaling. All the others know how, and ZIDOO does not know how!

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    Possible to use 16TG drives or any limitation ? guess Zidoo somewhere said no limitation but wondering if true or not.
    Now hesitating between Egreat A13 and Ziddo UHD2000 , Egreat fails on updates and support but is it more stable than Ziddo or not ? Your experience says what ?

    kind regards from Portugal
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    16 TByte just should work with any player too.

    FW 2.2.61 is pretty stable for me finally. I would dare to call it on par with Egreat right now. They have different strengths and weaknesses each but Zidoo is clearly the winner on functions and features including the bundled Music player. Love e.g. the very advanced subtitle support.

    I hope Egreat will finally get Android 7 working as it actually fixes some old time weaknesses (Video scaling incompatible with HDR, Double black bars under certain conditions, SMB server upgraded to v2/v3).
    Known weaknesses Zidoo: Seamless Branching, relative poor DVD and AVI support and not all BD/UHD Menus working. If you can live with these go for that UHD2000 or the far cheaper real equivalent X20 else pick that A13.
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    at this price point you are better off building your own HTPC.

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