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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to this update when its released as it is usual to be released on one platform box only as it makes total sense .

    rather than release on all the Z series and if found an issue be a nightmare for everyone to sort out and a headache for Zidoo as such to fix .

    its a beta and should be treated as one until .......
  2. catorcio

    catorcio Member

    It seems to me that there have been problems on Z10 for months and ZIDOO doesn't get a headache to solve them.
  3. Vismantas Bagdonas

    Vismantas Bagdonas New Member

    For me everything works ok. Only 2problems.
    1. 23.976 hz 1080p spdif out every few minutes drops sound to my dac. At 60 hz its ok.strange..
    2.viewed movi tagging not working after reboot.
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  4. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    @Vismantas Bagdonas

    For me there is no spdif problem. And the viewed movie tagging is no problem of the firmware, it is part of ZDMC. In Kodi itself it was changed to do it yourself. HDMI also works fine.
  5. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    And the days move into the country. And Zidoo sleeps well furthermore. No Z10 firmware, no ZDMC. Thank you very much Zidoo!
  6. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Hey Zidoo, in case you forgot us, we are still waiting. But i understand that Russian translation is more important ... :rolleyes:

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Do you want them to release a beta firmware ( for the Z10 ) that is not been fully tested
    So then we could have issues as such like the Z9s owners ?

    wait for the all clear on the 3.3.7 firmware or even the next updated one if
    Then it will get a wide release on all platforms .

    Why do you want a firmware that may give you even more issues ?

    let it get tested fully on the x9s box .
  8. MicleCh

    MicleCh New Member

    Hello. My main problem with last available firmware is broken watched mark.
    Other problem not critical. (Z10)
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    If that is the only small issue your having then stick as you are as such . :)

    for me that would be a non issue yes be great if it was working but i can think of a lot worse issue than that .

    im sure it wont be long we will get an update any time soon for those who want an update .
  10. MicleCh

    MicleCh New Member

    My opinion it is not small issue. Other (like braking HDMI CEC link with Phillips TV (no problem with Samsung (x9s), playing .mkv with black screen (sound ok), one or two restart video all ok). It is not critical.
  11. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Yes, that is exactly what i want. I want to test myself and not waiting for owner of another box. And as far as i have heard is 2.3.7 a step in the right direction.

    Zidoo, where can i donwload it for my Z10?

    And not forget ZDMC, another point on the list ...

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    cec will always break then work with all firmware updates its the way it has always been with cec
    Even other box manufactures .

    i do experience syncing issues ( Blank screen effect )
    Just going to do firmware update on my av receiver just incase that is the issue .
  13. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    HDMI-CEC is not part of the Zidoo firmware and never was. It is Integral part of Android OS and therefore is different only with each OS version. The setup is also to be found within the OS Setup section. A good start is OFF and be happy if it works for you. It may do so with a simple player + TV setup.
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  14. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Happy new year to Zidoo. It's January now and nothing new from Zidoo. Their developers are lazy as always, their support tells stupid stories als always and till now answers from their developers as usual not to see in this forum.
    But what a surprise, no new player was released. Zidoo, you are simply the best ...
  15. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Unbelievable. This company is a shame. We are not talking about small bugs, we are talking about basics that not work. And they do NOTHING! Zidoo, the flop company! I could imagine that they close in near future. The customers will realize that the products arent't worth the high prices.
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