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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by cineclub, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. Nice Monkey

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    You may make claims to the shop that sold you the players, next you can always try to claim the factory (Zidoo in this case) .

    This board (and most similar others I know) is run by volunteers including beta-tester who are are just other paying customers but willing to help development and assist each others to get the most out of their product.
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    This is in the description when you buy the Zidoo x9s or another zidoo model of amazon. This forum is directly linked to the manufacturer zidoo so I go with your statement not conform.

    Technical Support : ZIDOO team with more than 30 professional engineers can give fast and effective technical support,products and firmware will keep update and improve frequently,you would never worry about what you buy.

    And now.! We let the 30 engineers work.

    @Nice Monkey Write me your message by PM and not here in the public board that has here to the product or the problem not to seek and helps also no other member further. If I have time then I will read it
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  3. PacoRabanne

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    OK. You are the King. Sorry.
  4. zackr

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    good job!
  5. EB1000

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    Hello dear forum members.

    Can the X9S record the dolby digital and DTS (not the HD type) raw audio streams, and/or multichannel PCM as well? What happens if I feed a DD, DTS, or multichannel pcm 5.1 soundtrak into the HDMI in? Will it accept it for: 1) recording/streaming, 2) passing it as is through the HDMI out, so my AVR will still be able to decode it?

    I'm seriosly considering buying the X9G but all of my AVR 5 HDMI inputs are occupied already. So I want to hook the X9S to one HDMI instead of cable box, then hook the cable box to HDMI in of X9s. I can live without multichannel recording, but I must have multichannel decoded from cable box by my AVR (will the modded apk offered here help with this?)

    I've asked this question on seperate thread, but no answere yet

    (Sorry for the bad English)

  6. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

    Record or broadcast only 2 ch audio , small lost quality direct but audio multichannel audio OK
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  7. EB1000

    EB1000 New Member

    Thank you for the reply.

    Just to make sure I understand. A 1080p HDMI signal with multichannel sound fed to the HDMI in, when viewed at full screen will output as 1080p with video re-sampled (hence the loss?), but with the original raw multichannel audio? Can you please provide little more detail about how much quality loss we're talking about? What is effected? reslution, pixelation artifacts, sharpness, color, noise? Can you etimate the loss in raw percentage?

  8. sjohund

    sjohund New Member

    Must say something. Zidoo X9S advertisement has fooled us all!!!
    There was no word about NOT being capable to record over HDMI with HDCP. Their ace in a sleeve was this capability! No one will buy this device if not having this option. For less then 100$ you could buy anything you want. Even Xtreamer Prodigy 4K was fair enough to admit the truth - Yes you can record everything they said to me, but I did not believe, I have fallen on Zidoo marketing. Yes, I am donkey, I am Pinocchio...shall I be a real boy one day?! Of course not because geeks took my gold coins already. ..Money? Is this bother you Pinocchio? No he said. I am sad because of lack of trust!

    Of course, there is always solution for problem by using cheap Chinese splitter but you have to find right one!
  9. javarix

    javarix Member

    Yes. The advertising promises more than you get. This hdmi splitter I use. works perfectly

    HDMI 1x2 Splitter Full-HD 1 IN 2 OUT for 3D 1080P HDTV PC
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  10. sjohund

    sjohund New Member

    In a code there should be some info about CCI (Copy COntrol Info). If number is 00 then its open for recording. If 01 then it is HDCP protected. This depend from Cable TV company signal.
  11. nikos_a

    nikos_a Active Member

    The issue with HDCP is something that happens in 99.9% of the devices out-of-the-box. It's not a Zidoo marketing trick. Mind you, you can record ANYTHING that comes from the other device. If there is issue with HDCP, blame the other device. If Zidoo was having a HDMI In recording option with HDCP cracking ability, I can ensure you that the time of such device in the market would be very short. As javarix said, you can overcome this with a splitter. But as you can see, a splitter is a splitter and not a recording device, this is why you see them on the market.
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  12. sjohund

    sjohund New Member

    Its a pity that everything on this World is brought by force. Small people has only an option to obey the law. Otherwise, chains are ready. Today, there are no chains or forced labor but there are penalties by paying the fee. When I was a kid, we had an analog signal and recorders to save something for the future. Future means some period of time when you needed to take a look of something we call memories. Lovely memories... Someone very young said to me "Who needs recording option nowadays?". Well WE DO, I said. We, people who have inheritance, customs, families and of course memories to be saved for generation that will come after us. Not some hedonists and free riders! I asked him "Why do you make selfies and publish this garbage in public?" He had no answer. His entire generation had no answer! So, if you forbid something tell us why. Not to put us with the blindfold in front of guns. Why and Who has the right to prevent anything?! Only God or Creator himself, I suppose. Do we have more then one God today? Probably YES.

    Being creative today is a crime. Breaking the rules is the crime. Isn't the crime in being greedy?! Not by the human laws but YES by the laws of nature!!! Never forget who we are and where we are going.
  13. javarix

    javarix Member

    o_OSince I have to take zidoo with the x9s in protection. Zidoo does not advertise the x9s device HDMI IN recording a copy-protected hdmi signal can be recorded.In the normal case, one should be able to record everything with a hardware hdmi splitter. Zidoo is not to blame. But member cineclub has helped with his hack. this works perfectly. only it is the same as that of the firmware. If the hdmi in app has a problem or something does not go then also the hack since it is the same apk. :)But no matter it works without hdmi hardware splitter only with hack...
  14. javarix

    javarix Member

    In some countries there is the possibility to make copies for your own use - not business or resale. It is therefore the law of the state or country in which you live.
  15. Stephane

    Stephane New Member


    ziddo_hdmi_hack_20170307.apk work with the firmware 1.3.0 beta ?

    Impossible for me. I have error to write a file with this apk.
  16. javarix

    javarix Member

    hello cineclub

    Please, Can you adjust your hack to the firmware v1.4.4 ?

    thank you in advance
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  17. Z_T

    Z_T New Member

    I have the same request, unfortunately the HDMI hack is not working with the new firmware.

    Do you work on the update of the hack?


  18. javarix

    javarix Member

    Where is cineclub? :) Hello. We all, need your help. :rolleyes: Without your hack has the x9s with hdmi recordings also with new firmwae none use. Hope you read this and adjust your very important hack to the new firmware. thank you
  19. donny

    donny Member

    I have a lot of problems with the new firmware version 1.4.4 and I can not record from HDMI IN.
    But why it does not work?
  20. JReis

    JReis New Member

    With the new firmware version 1.4.4 I can not record from HDMI IN.

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