Recommended Settings and other useful stuff for RTD 1619DR Players

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    Yeah, the odd thing is I just happen to stumble upon C, was not mentioned anywhere and I think you are right, it did the most if not all to resolve the issue. SMB does seem to work better than NFS and this is over Wifi (for now).

    PS, as mentioned, unfortunately the hard drive ran all night long and never powered down so that has me concerning. I can't turn off the computer drive at all so I need another option to this issue.
  2. Markswift2003

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    Lol - I tend to assume people have already setup shares and sharing on PCs before trying to connect to them...

    Drive sleep settings are found in advanced power options: them,High Performance, and Power saver.
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  4. rozel

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    To be perfectly honest though I'm learning on all this - it really is a complex subject(s)
  5. Markswift2003

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    That option is for drives in general, but you can set the behaviour of external drives in device manager.

    You can leave the PC up but allow the drives to sleep. I tend to leave my PC on during the day but have the drives sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity.
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    Awesome awesome! Will give that a spin (pun intended) when I get home tonight lol
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    Windows is a bloody nightmare! I've been building PCs since the mid 80s - my first was an IBM 5150 (stolen from BT ;)) - but every iteration of Windows (not that we had windows in those days!) has increased the complexity and tried to make everything more difficult, more complex and more hardware intensive than the last one.
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    whats BT? Back of a Truck? lols
    Yeah Windows no fun when it comes to sharing, been tinkering with this s*ite for over a month now. But at least I figured most of it out now. Until next fire!
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    British Telecom :)
  10. Markswift2003

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    Keeps it interesting...
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    I've built many a PC over the years too and certainly agree - Windows 11 has introduced more of the same. I'm pleased though that apart from transfering files my PC is kept away from the Zidoo. Many folks seem to struggle when their PCs are in the loop/chain
  12. Oldpainless

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    Me, I hate Servers, Client-Server Arictecture of any kind........with a passion.

    Now, that's the work of the Devil, forget CEC.
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    Same and thats why i've not gotten one yet, have always been direct USB connection person but with diff. devices and need for protection, im considering synology but wanted to see if PC can hold me over until prices come down. $700 plus tax for 5 bays, ridiculous.
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  14. Netmask

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    That's cheap by Sydney prices 8-bay NAS Our 10% tax is included in the price
  15. Gilgamesh

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    just get some cheap parts and use unRAID and Plex/Jellyfin server, works without any problems.
  16. Phil181

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    Second hand (i.e. ex-business) older NAS's are fine for video, as long as they have a gigabit connection.
    I mainly have Thecus 7-bays (one 4-bay) and QNAP 6-bays using RAID5. N.B. there are 16Tb restrictions on EXT4 for older models, which can be overcome.

    All work fine with SMB gigabit network and Zidoo :).
    It is the cost of HDD's to fill them that is the major expense (but they can all be started with a minimum 3 drives for RAID 5 and expanded from there).
  17. B0RN

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    Major issue for me, Z9X is far away from pc/router. Wifi gives stutter on bigger 4K movies obviously.
  18. Sebastian1981

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    Thx. Much better but after all brightness and contrast correction i thing the same movie but 1080p version (and without vs10 engine) looks better.. more punchy.., better contrast, deeper blacks etc... Projector is professional calibrated
  19. Joao Franco

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    I tried the Zidoo Z9X on a new LGC2 in the room and when I turn on the Zidoo the initial screen appears but then the screen is full of rain, not returning to the initial zidoo screen.
    The only solution is to disconnect the hdmi cable and reconnect it.
    It doesn't make sense because on my Oled Panasonic I don't have this problem.
    What could it be?
  20. Deano86

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    Haven't you already diagnosed the problem? The Zidoo displays fine on one of your displays but not on the you know the Zidoo is indeed working properly. Obviously when the Zidoo is handshaking with the newer device something is set up wrong. Are you set for Auto Resolution and Frame rate on your Zidoo? With that description of "screen full of rain" it sounds suspiciously like a faulty HDMI cable not up to snuff trying to send it's agreed upon handshake display parameters. When the display wigs out and shows the "rain", have your tried hitting the resolution button on your remote to toggle to another output resolution?

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