Recommended Settings and other useful stuff for RTD 1619DR Players

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    JVC NZ8
  2. Markswift2003

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    Ok, so I'd stick with the LLDV EDID at 1000nits - the EDID that comes with the Zidoo will be just fine.

    Then on the Vrroom (honestly, what possessed them!) set HDR as below, not forgetting to tick the "Use custom HDR for TX0 and TX1 when input is LLDV" box of course:


    If you use DTM, and I suggest you do, then these values are ignored - the projector tone maps from analysing the video rather than static metadata but if you use a static gamma, these values should allow the projector to tone map correctly.
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    Got it. I am using DTM and had dropped those values down to 100/40 per some other recommendations seen online, but I'm very glad to hear they're ignored when using DTM as opposed to a static value. I'll go ahead and make the change back tonight and give it a test. Thanks for all your help!
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    Any time!
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    FYI: I don't have a hdfury and the Edids are put on the zidoo ...........
  6. Cranks

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    So Mark...

    For my PJ being an Epson TW-9400 are the below settings correct for my Vertex2?
  7. Markswift2003

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    Possibly not.

    You have DCI-P3 set as the colour primaries in the HDR message so you would need an EDID with DCI-P3 primaries in the Dolby Block and also the projector would need to be set to P3. Much easier to use BT.2020.

    You have Max Luminance set to 4000nits and MaxCLL to 1000nits. Although technically Max Luminance is a misnomer - it's actually Mastering Display Luminance and shouldn't be used, as belt and braces both should be set to the same value in case the display uses MDL instead of MaxCLL as some do and they should match the max luminance set in the Dolby Block. So I would set both to 1000nits and make sure the Dolby Block is the same.

    MaxFALL is a bit of a stick your finger in the air job - 400 is fine - it's what I use.

    Nominal maxnits for an LLDV signal is 1000nits but you can adjust up and down to see the results (probably not much difference) but you need to match the Dolby Block to the HDR message.
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  8. Cranks

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    That's great, thanks Mark.

    I now have :-



    So I am all good now??
  9. Markswift2003

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  10. Cranks

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    Great. Thanks for your help Mark!
  11. Cranks

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    Spoke too soon...
    I cannot for the life of me save the changes to the Vertex 2. I use the WebGui to make the changes to the HDR/AVI and DV tabs then when I go back to check on them they have reverted back to the original settings.
    I have exported the config and imported it to see if this takes but it doesn't save.
    What am I doing wrong??
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    What this box do for a projector is amazing! I can leave IRIS close to get the best contrast and low lamp power with BT2020! Really impressive!

    I have only one doubt regarding what JVC show me: please have a look of the pic. Is it normal?
    Zidoo output is @23hz 422 12 bits BT2020 VS10
    Movie is absolutely clear that is running in deep color, so I have no issue at all :)

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  13. Damp Squid

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    This is a common complaint to HD fury, but it's due to the memory on the vertex 2 being almost full. The web GUI will always revert back to the default values, although if the settings are sent to the vertex they will be saved on the unit.
    You have to enter all the settings as you need them and send, then remember or note what you did and which edid you used as the descriptions don't change.
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  14. Markswift2003

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    Yep - as @Damp Squid said above, this is just poor programming - they blame lack of memory, but I'm sure tighter coding would help, but if you leave the GUI and return, the current values aren't saved to the GUI, but they are to the device.

    It's one of the most infuriating bugs with HDFury. I know HDFury wouldn't call it a bug, but it's unexpected behaviour which to me defines a bug.
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  15. Markswift2003

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    One of the best features of this is that unlike when using its HDR mode, you can use the dynamic iris too - so open the iris up a bit and set to auto for even better results.

    Yes, that's perfectly normal - the JVCs report both 23.976 and 24fps as 24. Correct framerate can be confirmed either from the Zidoo info screen or an HDFury device.

    As far as colour depth goes, because 12-bit 4:2:2 is a bit of an oddity in that has the same bandwidth as 8-bit 4:4:4, older devices can't differentiate between them - it's a weird thing - some report 8-bit when it's 12-bit and some, like the JVC, just don't report anything.
  16. Cranks

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    Thanks guys! That is a pain in the culo!!
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  17. musiclover408

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    Hi Mark,
    Thank you for all you do for this forum and the Zidoo product!
    I am getting a 1000 Pro on Sunday and also a Vertex2 that will go into my Denon receiver for my theater and my HDMI matrix for the rest of the house distribution. From the Denon receiver i'm going to a JVC NX5 4K projector. Can I get your recommended setting for my set up please. I'm very excited to try this product out after debating between a Zappiti and a Dune product. I hope I made the right choice!

    Thanks in advance!!

  18. Markswift2003

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    I would set the Zidoo as per the first post in this thread with the exception that I'd set HDR to LLDV after connecting and setting up the Vertex (see attached PDF).

    A small word of warning though, HDFury recently changed EDID 10 to one with a higher luminance (1500 nits I believe) so you can either use the custom EDID in the Zidoo (which is exactly the same as the one I supplied originally for HDFury), or if you want to use the Vertex for the EDID I'd recommend loading this one instead of EDID 10:

    This is the EDID preloaded into the Zidoo.

    Bear in mind that when you load the EDID into the Vertex, it doesn't overwrite the name of the Custom EDID.

    You could of course set HDR to Auto and then everything (including DV) would play natively.

    The JVC NX5 handles HDR very well, so I would use the projector's DTM to handle the LLDV signal.

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  19. Hey all,
    I'm observing some black crush on my Z9X, which is paired with my LG CX OLED (via an Onkyo Rz730 avr).
    I was going through the Calman Autocal process, which recommends these files to optimise shadow detail: (part of the Spears and Munsil UHD set).

    If I view the shadow detail files directly using the built in file player on the LG, I reach the desired black levels - which is 65 on all three modes.
    However, viewing the same files on the Zidoo, I get the following:
    DV: 85
    HDR: 75
    SDR: 67-68 - hard to tell which one, as there are a lot of image artifacts

    I'm using all the recommended settings as described on page 1 of this thread, and though there's a difference between played LED and TV LED - the back levels still stop at 85.
    HDR was set to auto, and HDMI range limited (16-235) - and I confirmed that VS10 did not engage with HDR or DV content.

    Not sure if there are other settings I should tweak, or have missed?
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  20. musiclover408

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    Thanks Mark.
    So I am a bit confused, if I let the projector handle everything with that Auto mode do I still need to do anything special with the Vertex or can I just use it as it comes pre-loaded?

    Also, I did order a hard drive to put in the 1000 Pro. Do I just put it in the unit at start up or do I need to do anything special with the drive before I put it in the Zidoo?

    Thanks again for your help!

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