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  1. Markswift2003

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    As long as you tick "Custom Folder" then nothing will be stored on the NAS drives:


    You can safely delete the .hometheatre folders on you NAS drives as they are only used when you "save to device"

    It's a bit confusing because "device" means your source device, not the Z9X.

    As @TifKag says, the best bet at this stage is to clear the database using the clear button, then delete all the .hometheatre folders, including the one on the Z9X, make sure you set to Custom Folder as above and then set your sources up. In that order.

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    @Markswift2003, what if I started with the "Priority save to device" and now want to change to "Custom folder" option. Is there a process to move all the posters to the custom location? I just added an NVME read-only cache to my NAS and think that the cache may improve the poster load performance.
  3. Markswift2003

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    Not so sure - I think it freaks out a bit when you do that.
  4. AngryVirginian

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    I did this yesterday and there seems to be no ill-effect so far
    1. Created a new share for HT4 to write Poster data to.
    2. Set in HT4 to write Poster data to the new share.
    3. Turned off the Zidoo.
    4. Copy-paste everything in the .HomeTheater folder on each volume in my NAS to the new share (to the appropriate folders). Choose not to overwrite items with the same file name.
    5. Renamed the old .HomeTheater folder on each volume to something else.
    6. Turned on the Zidoo.
    The new share that I am using has a NVME read-only cache attached to it. It seems to help a bit with posters loading time as the cache hit is > 98% while scrolling around in HT4. It is not perfect as posters still come up blank (and have to wait for them to load) when navigating quickly in the poster view page. Zidoo should add codes to preload posters in the adjacent pages/rows. E.g., preload the poster in page 4 & 6 into memory when user is currently on page 5.
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  5. Yohmi

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    I still don't understand how the labels are working, I thought it was supposed to be from mediainfo but for me it's still often wrong (DV Blu-ray show only HDR10 icon while mediainfo sees DV, movies with 720 horizontal pixels are labelled as SD – probably because I have many old movies which are more "vertical" such as 1.37:1). And I don't seem to find a way to set the proper values manually (without renaming files, I don't want to touch that, I want to keep that on a database level).
  6. Issa

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    Hi OlivierQC, I tried to install APK UI Customization but says cannot installed. Do u have any advice.
  7. OlivierQC

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  8. Cerebro

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    Hi thanks for your advice. I rebuilt the database after I changed nfo parse to disabled and Analyse media info to disabled. Changing one of these settings or both made the ribbons on the right top corner reappear after a new scan.
    Do you know what both these options do?
  9. Cerebro

    Cerebro Member

    Hi Mark, thanks for your reply and sorry for my late response! I cleared the database, set the Custom Folder and turned off both NFO parse and Analyse media info. Everything seems to be working as expected now. The problem with the missing ribbons on the right top corner is gone as well after deactivating these 2options. Could you tell me what these options do?

    Also, after tinkering with the z9x for a few days I’ve got a few other questions I hope someone can help me with. I’ve read the topic about the recommended settings.

    - Is there a way to change the size of subs that are included in an mkv or is that only possible with external subs? They are always too big and make it a prerequisite to search for external subs.

    - What happens exactly when I click on the option to export data to nfo file? I have my movies and tv series on a NAS. And what happens if after a few weeks I click this button again after I’ve added some more movies? Will my old movies get extra nfo files or are they updated if necessary?

    - Is there a way to have the Zidoo startup to ht4 when coming out of standby?

    - Why is the number of the season of a tv show incorporated in its name when only 1 season is present in the database? I’d prefer to have the title just be the title of the show. For instance I have season three of westworld in my database and in the posterwall it’s called Season Three: The New World instead of just Westworld.

    - Is there a way to save all settings within ht4 and the main settings of the Zidoo to a backup file?

    - What does global aspect ratio do?

    - What does screen cover do?
  10. TifKag

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    It depnds on the subtitle format, press the subtitle button on the remote (rectangle with an A in it).
    When it says PGS, the subtitle can't be changed in size, only color intensity (through subtitle settings).
    When it says SRT Internal or External it can be changed in size, color and vertical placing, External SRT's have more settings, and look much better (through subtitle settings).
    When you set "Global Aspect Ratio" while playing a video, all future videofiles will be played in the set aspect ratio. (i have it set to "Original")
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  11. Markswift2003

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    NFO parse - does exactly that - it parses NFO files if they are present rather getting info online.

    MediaInfo provides all the media info badges at the bottom of the details page - you should really leave that on.

    Export NFO and artwork exports NFO files, poster and fanart, including collection art to the movie folder. This means on future rescrapes you can use local artwork and info from the NFO files rather than rely on the internet sources which have a habit of changing.

    Start HT4 bu going into apps and pressing menu on the HT4 app and select "Launch on Startup".

    There is no way to backup settings I'm afraid - I asked for this option months ago but nothing has happened.

    Screen Cover is a 2.35:1 software mask.
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  12. Cerebro

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    Yes the subs I meant were PGS. So it’s not possible to change anything other than the color? Is this something Zidoo could add in a future update? Srt subs look a lot better indeed so it seems I’ll have to look those up every time I play something.

    Global aspect ratio is an option you can turn on or off under the advanced options when playing a file, it’s something else than what you’ve described. Do you know what that option does?
  13. Cerebro

    Cerebro Member

    thanks for your detailed answer!

    I’m a bit hesitant to turn mediainfo back on because of the problems I had earlier and the time I’ve since put into getting my Oosterwold correct and with the right art. I have mediainfo turned off at the moment but I do have some of those labels on the details page of movies. I see labels for mkv, 4k, 1080, iso and sometimes for dv or hdr but not always. Will this improve if I turn mediainfo on? I reckon you don’t see a connection to this option turned on and the missing ribbons on the right corner of each item in the posterwall.

    I understand the export nfo option better now, but could you tell me what happens if I change something later in the posterwall? For instance if I’d like to change a poster? And what happens if I later add more movies and click the export nfo again? Does it write over the already existing nfo and jpg files or will I end up with a double nfo files and poster?

    Would your advice be to first choose export nfo and than afterwards turn on mediainfo? If I understand correctly I’d be able to get it all back up and running a lot faster if turning on mediainfo would have adverse effects?

    It’s a bummer that there is no way to export/save all settings.

    So screencover is meant for projectors or is it something that’s helpful for tvs as well?

    Sorry for the question overload :oops:
  14. TifKag

    TifKag Active Member

    No the PGS subtitles settings will not change, so you can't change the size.

    Global aspect ratio must be set in 2 steps

    1: Set aspect ratio (Screenshot1)
    2: Set global aspect ratio to on (Screenshot 2)
    Screenshot1.png Screenshot2.png
  15. Cerebro

    Cerebro Member

    I have it set up like this now. Any advice on anything I should change?

    Is there a way to get the IMDb score on the left top corner of a movie to be a bit more readable on a light colored cover?

    368055FE-8172-49F8-8042-2B33E450D1DD.jpeg D9183163-629A-4684-8767-6F8319EAB51E.jpeg 74E68F8C-BCA9-45C3-8378-E44B3AC93FEF.jpeg 6B7D5175-AFC8-4B9F-A741-CA99909ABBC1.jpeg
  16. Cerebro

    Cerebro Member

    :D I understand, so you change it first and than make it permanent for other files with the global setting.
  17. Markswift2003

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    All MediaInfo parsing does is provide the info for the badges at the bottom during scraping rather than wait for them to populate when you play a file or press Refresh in the MediaInfo screen.

    The missing ribbons was a separate fix in the last firmware.

    If you change a poster later you can either choose to export NFOs (and art) again and write over all existing files or what I do is once I've chosen a new poster online, I delete the old resource, export, and don't overwrite.

    You can of course put your own poster into the folder as long as it's named correctly and change the poster manually to thta - then you don't need to export.

    If you've scraped without Media Info on you have to rescrape the whole library to get the badge info to populate.

    Screen cover is just a software mask - you'd have to decide if it's useful or not - probably not.
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  18. Cerebro

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    Okay so I’d better first rescrape before exporting the nfos and jpgs. Does it rescrape when I turn on mediainfo and than choose the update option under sources in ht4 or do I have to do this in another way? Will this make me lose any posters I changed and any other changes I made in matching the files to the correct movie? If so, is there a way to rescrape without losing my earlier work?
  19. TifKag

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    Looking at the screenshots i would set the "Poster View --> Poster Size" to Medium.

    I would set the other options the way you like them yourself.
    You will see soon enough, what the settings do for you.

    The TMDB rating can't be moved, only REmoved in the poster view settings.

    Play with the device........ i am also still learning ;)

    And read the Tutorials :D
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  20. Markswift2003

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    First thing to do is turn MediaInfo on.

    I'm not sure if the media will be rescraped if you hit "Update" - I've never tried that as I've always had Media Info on.

    If that doesn't work, the way I'd do it is to fist export NFOs and Artwork and then reset HT4 and rescrape from scratch using NFOs and local art. That way the movie info and artwork will be all the same.

    As belt and braces, also take a backup.
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