New version 1.2.50/1.2.80 for DMP-A6/DMP-A8 release

Discussion in 'Eversolo DMP-A6' started by mirror, Jan 31, 2024.

  1. _Richard_

    _Richard_ Active Member

    Wait, or do the update via USB.
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  2. Mister L

    Mister L Active Member


    I am just listening to amazon music with the new firmware...
    Nothing forgotten and nothing buggy here.
  3. Mister L

    Mister L Active Member

    Why don`t you download and install manually? What is the problem?
  4. Inti

    Inti Active Member

    Have you tried to cut the power off and on to restart
  5. Mithrandir_1980

    Mithrandir_1980 New Member

    I just updated. I have installed Apple Music Classical following the document you have where the changelog and as you say to modify the play quality you have to press the 3 points to enter settings just like in apple music but in this one I do not appear. In the photo you put the sidebar is hidden and in my application covers the 3 points... can it be hidden?
  6. Stuj

    Stuj Member

    Yes, I can confirm that moving from 1.44 beta to 1.50 has indeed removed Squeeze connect…..
  7. Lazarus

    Lazarus New Member

    Sorry but I'm a total idiot when it comes to things like this. I have no idea have to do it..... I guess I will have to wait.
  8. Dr. Audio

    Dr. Audio Member

    After you do the update, look in settings in the Home Page in the Cast function on the iPad (not in the sidebar on the LEFT but the app view in Cast). Also, on the iPhone go to Cast and use the settings there. You get to the Home page on the iPad and iPhone by hitting the home plate in sidebar on RIGHT (second from bottom) There you will find Settings ->Display-> Automatically hide navigation bar. Turn it On. This is explained in the log where there is a Word document near the end at point 30 that explains how to use AM Classical and shows a picture of the navigation bar which can move.
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  9. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    30. Added third-party app automatic hide navigation bar function (Settings - Display - Automatically Hide Navigation Bar
  10. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Reboot A6 should find the Squeeze connect there.
  11. j2j

    j2j Member

    Bug noted: When playing music in my collection, music might be stopped after few music played. Can not shift to other music but get a message : “the music is loss and will automatically play next music” but nothing happened.
    And need to re-start the A6 to return to normal condition but repeated failure again!
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  12. mp1405

    mp1405 New Member

    Please can you explain what you mean with "reboot A6".

    By the way I did after updating 1.2.30-1.2.44-1.2.50 an factory default reset.

    Still no Squeeze Connector
  13. Path8022

    Path8022 Member

    I had the same issue as you not long after the update came out. A reboot didn't solve the issue at the time. But they have fixed the missing icon in the interim and a reboot now does indeed make the Squeeze Control icon magically reappear.
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  14. Stuj

    Stuj Member

    I can confirm like others, a reboot now displays Squeeze Connect…
  15. mp1405

    mp1405 New Member


    confirming, reboot brings Squeeze Connect Icon back (under steaming connection)

    How is this possible? Are the connections links pulled down from the cloud or did they push something during a reboot to the box? Is this what you called interim?
  16. Stuj

    Stuj Member

    Black magic back at the mothership at Eversolo….. makes you wonder if Eversolo was to pull the pin… would our boxes stop working ??? Thought of the day
  17. Path8022

    Path8022 Member

    Black magic indeed!!

    That thought for the day was pretty terrifying so just did a quick check by blocking the Eversolo's internet access in my router.

    As expected no streaming services were able to work but thankfully everything local (LMS, Subsonic, Jellyfin etc) were unaffected. Phew..
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  18. Arcticpollen

    Arcticpollen Active Member

    The stability of the Squeeze Connect function seems to be fixed in this version. In 1.2.44, it would drop the player registration on the LMS. The DMP now seems to be a more permanent fixture as a listed player in my iPeng app.
  19. mp1405

    mp1405 New Member

    I think they did a great job with the "Squeeze Connect" integration. Got my box yesterday and now I be absolutely happy with the A6.

    Great sound and LMS that will boost the box hype once more.
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  20. Stuj

    Stuj Member

    Thanks for doing that. I’d say that would be the result i would expect. The same would be for others observations about the version of Android once the apps get too old to be supported… im happy to live with that

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