New top model UHD2000 with HD Audio including SACD/DSD

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1296)' started by Nice Monkey, May 28, 2019.

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    lol agree with gnome, i shot around 20 bullets with sniper to the heli, and daem thing didnt go down, i knew it was also desync, so i tryed to shoot a little infront of the heli

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  2. estos zidoo son cada vez más superiores, pero zidoo desde mi punto de vista debería intentar hacerse más fuerte también en imagen ,creando como otras marcas un mapeo dinamico de hdr similar al de panasonic ubp 9000 y creo que haciendo eso seria aún más la referencia.
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    Soñar es gratis.
  4. Nice Monkey

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    First shipment keeps shifting: Now it is mid of October already?
    Clearly after IFA Berlin where it will be on intro display.

    More pictures here but still missing an inside picture plus a picture with the front flap down and the HDD handles closed:
    This site also suggest the price will go up with another € 80 after launch?

    Re-edited my original post including the new insight. Also added a few real pictures of the player:
    - I just see 2x USB3 (including 1x USB3c). It seems the inserted HDD on the right hides the 2x USB2 ports below it (this if they are on the same place as X20 Pro which they probably are). It also shows the Standby On/Off switch behind the front flap.
    - It includes a special voltage adopting mechanism to deal with a 110V-120V and 220V-240V ranges avoiding the need to set these voltage ranges manually. The PSU seems to select the correct voltage ranges automatically (picture shows 115V and 230V outputs on the transformer itself as usual).
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    A few pictures about zidoo uhd 2000

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    Thanks for these interior pictures Fatih Durmus. :) Was already hoping for these now that the unit is on display.

    Looking very nice with a neat design for the various boards and total layout. The analog section of the Audio Panel seems to be left unchanged. Also the new standby power panel is clearly visible. That was the last point I was not very sure about yet. ;)
    Updated the original post once more. All HW changes with X20 Pro are now well known.

    It even looks like a X20 Pro could potentially be upgraded by just swapping the Audio Panel with the new one (obviously with the old look and PSU).
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    Promotional video:

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    Is there somebody who tested UHD2000 and X20Pro?Is there better audio of UHD2000, especially DSD playback, sacd iso and high bitrate?
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    I received the UHD2000 3 days ago. i had only the x20 so audio comparison would be unfair. I still have an oppo 205 jailbreaked. For audio (dsd) the UHD sounds slightly better to me as the oppo. It's surprising both having same dac ess9038 but i suspect the xmos in the UHD makes a difference. It's very subjective anyway. another good point for the UHD is that it plays also MCH Flac. MCH DSD unfortnately is a no go.
    On the CON side so far i have :
    minor : RS-232 not working
    major : bluray playback in 23.98 which stops, and repeats up to 2 seconds of what has just been playing ...that is a major issue
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  12. Nice Monkey

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    @myzidoo Could you try if USB Audio Player PRO/Onkyo HF Player find their way to the Internal USB port on this model? The bundled Music App is now the weakest link for sure. For me this not working would be a true deal breaker but anyway I am more a candidate for the coming Zidoo X.

    Yes, XMOS should/could produce a marginal better sound for top quality audio sources (pureness). This due the optimal clock circuitry used.
    Some top designs (including Zidoo X) even use temperature compensation and 2 base crystals (44.1 and 48 multiples). It most likely will take a very good hearing and top of the line audio gear to hear that difference too. I am too old for that I am afraid and my audio setup won't do.
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  13. Gretas

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    I ask for help. I do not quite understand, does this player transmit dsd 2ch and MCH DSD over hdmi for decoding by receivers?
  14. gymnos

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    No, just PCM 2 channels
  15. Nice Monkey

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