New Release Version v2.3.88 for Z9S, Z10, Z1000, X20, X20 Pro, UHD2000

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  1. Markswift2003

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    Change Logs:

    Home Theater
    1. Optimize the collection function
    2. Scanning adds separate scanning function for movies and TV series
    3. Add individual national languages
    4. Fixed the problem of failure to export collection images
    5. Optimize the problem of excessive video crashing occasionally
    6. Optimize the stability of scanning
    7. Fix the problem of quick click to reset custom layout application crash
    8. Fix the problem that the movie marked as finished is not played from the beginning
    9. Optimize the focus of the movie details video list
    10. Optimize some translations
    11. Add ignore TV series saison words
    12. Fix the problem that the video does not play immediately after clicking to play
    13. Add boring mode function
    Hide the boring widget guide: enter the widget editing - category - uncheck the boring mode on the main interface of the poster wall
    14. Remove scan default ignore words
    15. Fix the problem of exporting the collection picture error
    16. Fixed the problem that the original music cannot be closed in the classic list mode
    17. Fix the problem that the home button exits and the application crashes occasionally during scanning
    18. Fix the problem that the English letters of the classification and sorting interface are not displayed completely
    19. Fix the problem that the scanning filter folder does not take effect
    20. Add the editing functions of "All" and "Device" of the main interface widgets
    21. Optimize tmdb episode matching function
    22. Optimize the display of TV drama titles in new collections
    24. Optimized the function of watching the record has been read
    25. Add sorting and filtering word customization function
    26. Add the function of adding custom scan ignore folders and files
    27. Increase the year display switch in the collection interface
    28. Add the function of sliding out the details of the poster covering the interface
    29. Add the device renaming function in the widget
    30. Optimize bookmark function
    31. Add local clearlogo picture function
    Example of clearlogo naming: video name-clearlogo.png, recommended image resolution: 800x310
    32. Optimize the collection export function
    33. Added manual refresh function for video information in the details interface
    34. Optimize the display logic of viewing records
    35. Optimize video resolution label acquisition
    36. Optimize character information display function
    37. Fix the problem of occasional scan flashback
    38. Enter the collection through the search interface, and increase the manual sorting function
    39. Optimize application stability
    40. Add clearlogo switch
    41. Added original soundtrack support (movie name-soundtrack.mp3, movie name-soundtrack.wav, movie name-soundtrack.flac)
    42. Optimize the interface display of the details interface
    43. Optimize the loading of poster images
    44. Fix the problem of abnormal flashback when loading local pictures occasionally
    45. Fix the problem that Douban character information occasionally cannot be obtained
    46. Fix the problem that occasionally mobile phones cannot obtain poster information
    47. Fix the problem that the FHD corner mark cannot be displayed
    48. Optimize the display of TV drama duration information
    49. Optimize NFO export function
    50. Modify the problem that the custom classification on the iPad does not display data
    51. Optimize the poster wall to load the default image of the poster

    File Manager
    1. Add Webdav protocol function
    Note: Due to uncertain factors such as bandwidth and nodes, it is not recommended to use this function to play high-bit-rate video files in a WAN environment. This function does not support video ISO file playback
    2. Add the function of Baidu cloud list
    Note: Due to the user policy of the network disk provider or the adjustment of interface permissions, this function may fail. Due to uncertain factors such as bandwidth and nodes, it is not recommended to use this function to play high-bit-rate video files. This function does not support video ISO file playback
    3. Repair individual interface display
    4. Optimize NFS and SMB scanning
    5. Fix the problem that individual users open NFS prompting an unknown error

    Image Manager
    1. Increase the function of network picture slideshow
    2. Optimize the problem of loading errors of individual pictures
    3. Fix the problem that individual non-image files are scanned
    4. Optimize scanning stability
    5. Optimize the problem of deleting abnormal pictures
    6. Optimize the problem of too many pictures showing stuck

    Music Player
    1. Fixed the problem that the next song could not be played occasionally when playing CUE songs
    2. Fix CUE list parsing
    3. Fixed the problem of occasional flashback when loading lyrics
    4. Optimize the UPNP playback queue, the problem that the song information cannot be displayed on the mobile phone
    5. Fix the problem of occasional flashback when the song queue changes
    6. Optimize the function of favorite songs
    7. Fix the problem that the number of songs in the playlist is incorrect after the device fails
    9. Optimize the playlist playback function
    10. Repair the details interface, the problem that the song information is not refreshed after rematching
    11. Repair the details interface, the problem that the lyrics cannot be displayed normally after rematching
    12. Add the function of skipping songs for albums and files when playing sequentially
    13. Optimize the song search function
    14. Adjust the music search interface and increase the classification search function
    15. Optimize the problem of occasional playback freezes
    16. Fix the problem that the cover is not displayed on the music details interface of the mobile phone
    17. Fix the problem that the song information is displayed abnormally in the music details interface of the mobile phone
    18. The music player adds a prompt message that the music player cannot play the over-specification
    19. Fix the problem that the music player occasionally flashes back when playing the searched songs
    20. When the music player searches for albums, filter albums with empty songs
    21. Add the function of online music list
    22. Optimize the unsupported format hint function
    23. Optimize the display of the number of songs on the device
    24. Optimize the acquisition of online song information
    25. Add the function of automatically playing the songs in the playlist when starting up
    26. Optimize CD playback
    27. Optimize the problem of missing album and artist title characters
    28. Optimized the problem that when the number of songs in the playback queue is large, the application freezes occasionally when switching songs continuously
    29. When the number of optimized songs is too large, the search song occasionally flashes back
    30. Optimized the problem of switching music during scanning, and occasionally switching songs unsuccessfully
    31. Fix the problem that the playback status bar is not displayed after exiting the full-screen playback interface
    32. Fixed the occasional application crash issue when collecting or uncollecting in batches
    33. Repair when playing CD songs, the full screen playback interface shields the fast forward and rewind function
    34. Optimize playback stability

    Video Player
    1. Add network video list playback function
    2. Add the function of downloading network video subtitles
    3. Optimize HTTPS address playback
    4. Optimize playback stability
    5. Optimize bookmark function
    6. Optimize ClearLogo display
    7. Optimize the problem that forced subtitles in individual languages are not automatically set

    Mobile APP (Android)
    Download address:
    1. Add the function of playing music in the mobile phone media library
    2. Optimize the music sorting function
    3. Optimize individual interface display
    4. Optimize application stability

    MD5: 57CC1C846A6A98CC0DC704D9425966AC

    MD5: B6DFCB01F33B6423875723858705B4C0

    MD5: 72AEBBC6A8CAAA0FCF8366EDDAA13578

    MD5: E950C7CFAF574D47A97C8AFCF9F3B253

    MD5: EF9ECBE01F543AEC275F9D482EA46CF5

    X20 Pro
    MD5: A3F85F1CCE0E916385FD8F266AE1E61A

    These are official release versions and can also be found on the main update section of the Zidoo website:
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  2. Martin Musko

    Martin Musko Member

    The x265 plaback problem has NOT been solved, even though it is not present in the Z9X:
    "I know it doesn't help with your Z9S, but just for reference, it plays perfectly on a Z9X.
    I tried on a Z9S and yes - a kind of indescribable mess on screen.
    In the early days of the Z9X there was a very similar issue with certain files."
  3. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    As I've said before, this absolutely isn't an x265 playback problem.

    The 1296 players have no issue whatsoever with compliant x265 or HEVC files.

    This is an isolated problem with particular files that are problematic. I have hundreds of x265 and HEVC files, all of which have no playback issue with the old 1296 players.
  4. Martin Musko

    Martin Musko Member

    As these "problematic" files play on all my other players (and on the Z9S using the ZMDC player) it is a problem of the Z9S internal player.
    Prove your statement, that these x265 files are not compliant, by telling the parameter which is not compliant.
  5. nimaksof

    nimaksof New Member

    Trailers don't play (again).
    Is there any working solution?
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  6. DIKKE

    DIKKE Active Member

  7. Por favor, Markswift2003, ¿serías tan amable de ofrecernos un recordatorio sobre un modo seguro de actualizar el aparato SIN PERDER NADA de lo establecido en la versión que va a ser sustituida?

    Ha pasado un tiempo desde la v2.3.35 hasta la llegada de la v2.3.88 y la memoria humana es muy débil...

    Te ruego que, por el bien de todos, acompañes tu aviso de actualización con un recordatorio como el que te he solicitado.

    Please, Markswift2003, ¿would you be so kind as to offer us a reminder about a safe way to update the device WITHOUT LOSING ANYTHING of what is established in the version that is going to be replaced?

    It's been a while from v2.3.35 to the arrival of v2.3.88 and human memory is very weak...

    I beg you, for the good of all, to accompany your update notification with a reminder like the one I have requested.
  8. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Very easy

    1. Download the file but DO NOT unzip it

    2. Copy to a USB stick and plug that into the Zidoo box

    3. From the main screen go to "About" and then "Update" and choose "USB Update" and select the file from the USB stick

    Alternatively the update app can be found in "Apps"
  9. s4t4n

    s4t4n New Member

    and for uhd2000 no update....
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  10. furzgesicht

    furzgesicht Member

    Because this is marked as a stable version I would not be suprised if this firmware will be the last one for the Z9S...

    Maybe/probably --> "EOL"-firmare...would definitely leave a few mistakes. :(
  11. ElvisC

    ElvisC Member

    definitely sounds like that

    I hope that at least we will get HomeTheater updates but probably not...
  12. tex78a

    tex78a New Member

    With this update trailers not playing again. There is a definetevly soluzione for this?
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  13. Zed83

    Zed83 New Member

    - Sound drop problems via Toslink output still not fixed
    - The bug with the subtitles still exists (for example: {\an8} showing the code, not allocating the subtitle on the top of the screen, etc.)
    - The sound downmix function still not working on the HDMI output.
    - ...
    Last edited: May 9, 2022
  14. dapro

    dapro Member

    can someone tell me why you can see the higher-level folders in the music player when you go to folders, but if you then go further in where the albums (each album has its own folder) you can't see anything anymore. this was also the case with the x.x.80 so can you please check that?
  15. Frostb!te

    Frostb!te Member

    The detail pages in home theatre seems to be cut at least on the right side, e.g. the bookmark button is not displayed fully
  16. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    @zidoo: Could you please provide this Firmware update as a full image for flashing?
    Not just as OTA Update.
  17. Winterfall

    Winterfall New Member

    This firmware version v2.3.88 solve problems much better than before. But I still encountered some problems.

    HT 4.0 Problem
    1. Filter > GENRE have duplicate topics It works and it doesn't.
    2. Newly added movies don't show rating.
    3. I change subtitles while watching a movie Sometimes the program will show a green screen and crashes.
    4. Subtitle type PGS and VOBSUB often have long text problems.

    5. Please add 'Do Nothing' option in Settings > Function keys > Page turning keys
    I had the problem of accidentally hitting the Turning Keys so often that it interrupted the movie.
    I'm use Magic Remote to control Zidoo Z9s.
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  18. antrudi

    antrudi New Member

    Good,because I have a problem with the ziddo x20 with the latest update,the 2,3,88 before I had the 2,3,35 all good until I update,the ziddo stays on the logo screen which says ZIDDO and does not move forward say is dead,look for an image of room I think the version 1,2,20 is very old, but it was in image format in which to operate was to press the rear reset button and at the same time the power, if I enter reset mode and load the image, I could recover the interface of all, I returned to update half folder on usb and local update version 2,3,35 and l same stays on the home screen of ziddo, no progress has me desperate, I put the image file of version 1. 2.20 and it works again, because it does not let me update to new versions, because when I update it stays in the ziddo start logo, to see if you can lend a hand or make or an image of the 2.3.35 or 2.3.88 to start it by doing reset and power button at the same time, to see if it loads the entire system ... thanks greetings
  19. Mpira

    Mpira New Member

    I'm trying to work a clear logo into a bd folder... anyone knows how to do it?
  20. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor


    For example:

    Hmm - just checked - works for ISO but not BDMV....
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