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    Yes it is - just replied to your PM
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    Ok. I’ll get it asap then.
    Unfortunately, next few days I am unable to report back.

    Have a good one everybody!
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    Merry Christmas all! At last I've got some time to make a few notes regarding the acquisition of my EverSolo DAC-Z8 almost a month ago. Quite some time has been spent plumbing in the new piece of kit and decomissioning an older DAC that got me into all this - to be honest this was all due to the discussions I've had with @Nice Monkey going back before I had my Zidoo to the period where we were in COVID_Lockdown and I had time to spare. His support holds no bounds and has been marvellous!

    But all my kit is neatly stacked within a nice low-level cabinet and as I've mentioned previously, wiring down and back up is a real PITA and takes me a lot of time. So in reality I currently have 2 DACs, namely the DAC-Z8 and my Gustard X-16. Again as mentioned a/b testing is out and I'm not prepared to say which sounds "better" for a whole load of reasons. Suffice it to say the Z8 is the one I constantly play with right now.

    Things to note: -
    1. Construction is really good to a very high standard - I believe the same as with the Z6
    2. Yes it has a Remote Control! So damn convenient, but as yet I haven't found a way to get the Z8 working within my Harmony Elite Hub - mirroring the remote to the Harmony one, doesn't seem to work and with support having ended by Logitech some time ago, I have to use the EverSolo's Remote separately, which for me is a real nuisance
    3. It has an in-built Headphone Amplifier
    4. This link, I think, best reviews the Z8 but importantly compares with the Z6:
    5. Main technical difference between the Z6 and Z8 are that the Z6 has 2 DAC chips: 2 x ES9068 whereas the Z8 has 1 x the latest ESS Sabre Flagship ES9038Pro DAC which has 8-channel decoding capability undertaken by the Texas Instruments OPA1612 "Operational Amplifier"
    6. I've found that setting the DAC's own volume level to 50% provides good integration with the rest of my HiFi - 100% is just too much. I haven't as yet played with my Headphones connected but I'm told to be careful with the volume otherwise you could blow your ears! Consistent thinking me thinks
    7. There are both PCM and DSD filters 3 x Z6 and 7 x Z8 - select to your listening preference but I'll make a comment below
    8. There are both XLR and RCA outputs - you can have both active or individually
    9. Update to current Firmware dated 18.11.2022 for both models
    Ok currently I play with my Z1000 Pro as the Streamer connected to the Z8 via USB (with USB Audio enabled) and Output through the RCAs' into my AVR. I have setup my AVR in the past in Pure Direct mode with no DSP but Yamaha does not permit my Sub-Woofer to play in this mode. To my ears I've always found Pure Direct rather flat so I play in 2-channel mode which invokes subwoofer output. I could of course get stuck into altering the AVR's speaker frequency cross-over settings and have my floor-standing Spendor BC1's push out the lower frequencies. But as connoisseurs will know these speakers are very old now and the lower frequencies are better with a SW - the Spendor BC1's are renowned for their Mids and Trebles, always have been and still are :) and have found that DACs bring out the best in them. Same applies when playing and listening to films in surround sound.

    Regarding selection of filters, I've researched that Digital sound processed by high quality DACs can have very high frequency artifacts embedded which translates to a high pitched noise, "whisteling" away in the background. I've noticed this to a greater or lesser extent depending on which DAC I deploy. You are suggested by most reading material to choose a fast roll-off filter but I choose a medium one as this takes away this whisteling for me. You may be limited to what you can choose with the Z6 should this be important though.

    Right, I use UAPP (USB Audio Player Pro) and not MP7 to play my files which are Hi-Res both PCM and DSD. I play DSD Natively (set withinn the Zidoo) and also to play my TIDAL music, which also plays fine - vey fine (IMHO) - with MQA (Master) tracks - both the Z6 and the Z8 are MQA certified. There are tons and tons of settings within this software but there are forums out there that can help with them. Suffice to say you need to set "Bit-Perfect" to on and whether or not you play through the Zidoo or say through a phone or tablet (by the way it's Android software so very sorry if you use say an Apple phone or tablet) when turning the DAC on, it needs to Intitilize through the software with the DAC. You need to see a notification that all's good otherwise you'll be limited to the Android DAC in the streaming device: -

    Bypassing the limits of Android

    When connecting an Android device, phone or tablet to a USB DAC, USB Audio Player PRO will unleash the full power of the DAC, by using a custom developed USB audio driver. This bypasses the Android audio system completely, meaning that Android's limitations regarding bit resolution and sample rate (16-bit/48kHz) are made irrelevant and high quality audio streams are fed directly to the DAC, making playback up to 32-bit at 384kHz possible (depending on the DAC capabilities) or even DSD. We know that the Z6 and the Z8 specs are: -
    Bluetooth Audio Input
    Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth module, BT5.0
    Support SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/LDAC Bluetooth protocol
    USB-B DAC Input
    Compatible with Windows (7, 10), Mac, Android and IOS
    Up to stereo DSD512, PCM 768KHz 32Bit and MQA
    USB-C DAC Input
    Compatible with Windows (7, 10), Mac, Android and IOS
    Up to stereo DSD512, PCM 768KHz 32Bit, MQA
    Optical Audio Input
    Up to stereo PCM 192KHz 24Bit, DSD64 Dop and MQA
    Coaxial Audio Input
    Up to stereo PCM 192KHz 24Bit, DSD64 Dop and MQA
    Analog Audio Output
    Preamp output: XLR (balanced), RCA;

    Ok some keen eyed members will say when playing back through UAPP that the software might be the limitation and not the DAC. This may be correct. And then there's the playback specs of the Streamer - in this case, the Zidoo. And to finish, the specs of my AVR. May I ask @Nice Monkey to inform what the current specs are for the Zidoo please and comment on the way the sound passes from device to device in the chain please? This would be so helpful spec-wise. Maybe there are advantages skipping UAPP altogether for local files and rely on MP7 instead, again spec-wise?


    In summary I'd say that the Z8 represents both practical and quality of sound than anything I've used to date. The Gustard's practicality doesn't stack up relatively but the sounds coming through are the best I've heard, maybe better than the Gustard? - you'll have to wait for the next installment :) My treasured and beloved Spendor BC1's have never sounded better - music to my ears!

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  4. mirror

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    Will release a new firmware for DAC-Z8/DAC-Z6 today.
  5. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Model: DAC-Z8/DAC-Z6
    MD5: 96E8410299EB917299023625A8C6120E

    1. Add long press function of remote control volume key
    2. Add the function of cycling switch input source by source key of remote control
    3. Add audio information display setting of VU meter interface
    4. Add the function of setting menu list cycle selection
    5. Add a VU mode display
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  6. rozel

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    Nice one @mirror - I'll have a play later to see what benefits these changes bring to the table practically.
  7. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    @Nice Monkey that is a very useful thread, which for some reason, I keep losing, so will bookmark it lol - just a polite nudge for you to comment please? I'd be so grateful, thank you
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  8. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Will have a peek, but it may take a bit as I do have visitors for a long weekend.

    But as a compare:
    - Z6 compares well with the DAC of a Neo-S
    - Z8 compares well with the DAC of a Neo Alpha.
    Personally would always spend the extra money for a Z8 as it seems to be worth those extra bucks.
  9. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    @Nice Monkey - thanks but I wasn't asking about any comparison - just want to tap your brain regarding actual sound quality (frequency and bit-depth) in various devices and how they translate through the connection "chain" to what you finally hear.

    No issues whatsoever on when - just take a peek, when you can and enjoy your weekend.

    In the meantime may I wish all members a very happy and prosperous New Year on Sunday !!!
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  10. Topdude

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    On firmware .45 I have had multiple occasions that the Z6 doesn’t switch on after pressing the on/off button. first time it happened I was afraid maybe a fuse had blown. Several presses to no avail.
    I tried switching off the power completely on the rear panel. switching power on again with the button from the rear panel brought the device back to life.

    The same thing keeps happening.
  11. mirror

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    v1.0.0.47 solved this issue.

    Version: v1.0.0.47
    MD5: DCEF911F2E2CA69AC592DF61C5116A59

    1. Fixed occasional failure to boot.
    2. Fixed occasional failure to shut down via remote control.
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  12. Topdude

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    Great! Thank you!
  13. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    Hey buddy ( @Topdude ) - hope you enjoyed the season's festivities! - I was going to mention this too but Mr mirror beat me to it lol!

    I'm trying unsuccessfully at the moment to get my Harmony Elite Remote to recognise my Z8. Tried and tried to train the supplied EverSolo remote to the Hub but It just will not respond. Has anyone managed this?
  14. Topdude

    Topdude Active Member

    Thanks @rozel for your effort!

    it really gave me a scare when the unit didn’t want to get going.
    Luckily the firmware update solved it.

    meanwhile I’m more than happy with my Z6. I’m sure the 8 is even better but the 6 is already a leap forward from where I was with my 10 year old musical fidelity DAC.

    I’ve acquired some DSD files, and man!, great sound.
    Downside of all of this is that I now really need new headphones o_O
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  15. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated.

    Just sent you a PM :)
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  16. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    @Markswift2003 , @Nice Monkey , @mirror etal - I am sure I am not the only person who would like @amirm over at the audiosciencereview forum to have a DAC-Z8 to measure so that we could compare his results with the hundreds of others he's done.

    This link shows the number of DACs he's measured and feel this is de-facto the best source to obtain an unsubjective DAC comparison in terms of unwanted noise: -

    This is taken from his review of the Gustard X-16 here: -

    which is slightly older now than other DACs similarly priced and feel now is the time to have the Z8 measured. I have dropped @mirror a request to see if he can lay his hands on a unit to send to him and have offered to help with the liaison if needs be. Hoping a Z8 can be obtained for measurement.

  17. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    We already sent a DAC-Z8 unit to Amirm a few months ago.
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  18. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much! I'll give him a nudge :)
  19. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    Got a note from Amir over at the audiosciencereview forum to say he will undertake testing soon - so fingers crossed :)
  20. rozel

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