New firmware v2.2.96 version for ZIDOO Z9S release

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  1. pavlin67

    pavlin67 Active Member

    MD5 Hash: D699DC16ACAA83247EE899A200EF9839
    Upgrade method:OTA

    How to upgrade

    If you have installed google play kit, please reinstall it after upgrade.

    New ZDMC 18.4
    New Gapps 1.2.4
    Zidoo Controller iOS
    Zidoo Controller Android
    Root for OTA

    1.Fix the occasional green screen problem of HDMI IN
    2.Optimize optical RAW output.
    3. Optimize the stability of system.
    4. Add German and Polish language support.
    5. Fix the occasional noise problem when playing video.
    6. Fix the problem that some online video applications couldn‘t be played.
    7. Color depth output 10bit by default.
    8. Optimize application stability.
    9. Optimize online playback.
    10. Fix the problem that the front panel USB icon was not displayed.
    11. Optimize seamless branching issue.
    12. Fix occasional prompts ”the format is not supported“ when playing dts music via HIFI MUSIC APP.
    Music Player
    1. Solve occasional error message of playing the music through the file manager.
    2. Lyrics closing function is added.
    3. Add German and Polish language support.
    4. Optimize stability of application.
    5. Optimize the function of obtaining music information.
    6. Optimize the problem of automatically switching the next track.
    7. Fix the stuck problem of 64bit music players.
    8. Optimize the music basic information interface.
    9. Add album folder recognition function.
    10. Solve the abnormal songs display problem in flac album folder.
    11. Optimize the image recognition and profile text recognition of album folders.(need to clean the old data and rescan)
    12. Fix the problem that some CUE songs are not successfully matched.
    13. Optimize recognition error caused by suffix identifier of the folder.
    14. Add scroll bar for list.
    Control center
    1. Add the function of uploading screen shots from mobile phone.
    2. Optimize stability of connection .
    3. QR code for downloading IOS and Android app.
    Poster wall
    1. Solve crash issue during the matching process.
    2. Solve the problem of recognizing ISO music as ISO video.
    3. Improve the recognition rate of files with parentheses in file names.
    4. Compatible with title of file name with ”·“.
    5. Optiнедопустимая ссылкаocal image recognition.
    6. Fix inaccurate automatic update due to the incorrect judgment of the video file.
    7. Solve the problem that the restore function of mobile phone control app does not work.
    8. Add function to view folder directly in device list.
    9. Add device synchronization function.
    10. Solve jitter issue caused by long device name when scanning device.
    11. Solve abnormal folder size display on folder viewing interface.
    12. Solve losing focus problem after stop scanning in the device list interface.
    13. Fix the issue that BD cannot be deleted.
    14. Solve the problem that non-Chinese and non-English titles could not be matched.
    15. Fix the problem that the poster modification from web page cannot select image on the computer.
    16. Category browsing by movies/TV series.
    17. Optimize accented characters incorrect sort issue.
    18. Optimize the initialization speed of the sorting tool.
    19. Solve the occasional crash problem on category browsing.
    20. Turn on PIP by default.
    Local player
    1. Add Blu-ray forced subtitle.
    2. Press the delete button on remote control to delete plug-in subtitle.
    3. Add more information interface for app control.
    4. Optimize the progress bar.
    5. Optimize play button no response problem after popping up menus.
    6. When switching to 3D mode, associated frame rate will pause time.
    7. Fix the problem that bit rate 1b/s show up coincidentally.
    8. Optimize some shortcut keys.
    9. Fix the problem that the download subtitle from mobile phone is different form media player.
    10. Add Playlist on Mobile phone App.
    11. Add more information of video display on Mobile phone app.
    1. Resolve some wrong data display issue.
    Quick settings
    1. Add function that forced subtitles follow the language of audio track.
    2. Fix the problem of incomplete German display.
    One-click cleaning
    1. Add Polish language support.
    2. Fix the abnormal focus problem in the APK file management user interface.
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  2. xskip

    xskip Active Member

    Thank you.
  3. akan7

    akan7 Member

    Thanks but I am still on Version 2.2.61 (best so far for me)

    1 Question.
    Does the front panel RED DOT light turned off when unit is POWER OFF like in 2.2.61?

  4. wilsonganks

    wilsonganks Member

    Anyone tested this already? I am very afraid of updating.
  5. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    Initial quick test is very promising!

    Seamless branching - fixed (EDIT - not fixed unfortunately but improved. Still got a lock up in Thor Ragnarok UHD)
    Forced subs in ISO\BDMV - added and works
    In HT2 - now ability to filter between just TV or Movies.

    So far I'm a happy bunny with this one!

    Only thing (for me) not improved is that I have a few blurays that will not play - these are still unplayable.
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  6. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    Red dot is there after power off
  7. leonkoum

    leonkoum Active Member Beta test group

    How can we enable Forced subs in ISO\BDMV?
  8. xtripsnova

    xtripsnova Member

    All of the features are secondary to me apart from seamless branching. I will wait and monitor this thread for updates on the subject. Please who ever you are if you have any updates about seamless branching let us know. If someone can check the full UHD ISO Black Hawk Down movie that would be the best test for me.
  9. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    In quick setting I have the following set and forced subs worked for in the movie A Quiet Place (ISO) when played from bluray menu - forced subs used when sign language used.

    Playback > Default language. Her I have Default track as English, Default subtitle as Off and Default download as Englsi
    Playback > Forced subtitle - this is set as Follow current audio track.
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  10. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately it has been improved but not fixed.

    I tested:

    Thor Ragnarok UHD which has about 5 M2TS files. Last firmware it would stick and the first and last and glitch at the others. Now all are fine except the last where it still sticks.
    The Great Gatsby UHD has several M2TS files and last firmware there were noticeable glitches between joins. I have tried several and most were fine but I noticed one with a small glitch

    So it remains a work in progress:(
  11. xtripsnova

    xtripsnova Member

    To conclude, 2.2.61 is still the most stable when it comes to seamless branching, do you agree?
  12. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    Don't know as a long time since I had that version. However never had a movie actually freeze at a join on that version but also didn't have Thor Ragnarok to test at that time.
  13. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    No it is ON in standby as it should be. I think this is in fact the best FW thus far.
    Seamless branchings seems to be back at the 2.2.61 level. A new introduced problem I had with 2.2.91 is solved again too.
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  14. akan7

    akan7 Member

    Thanks for checking.
  15. akan7

    akan7 Member

    Why should it be?

    Be nice to have the option to turn ON/OFF
    as the light is so BRIGHT when in standby.
  16. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Someone has finished my work, so what should I do?
  17. leonkoum

    leonkoum Active Member Beta test group

    Perhaps better support for Seamless branchings issue?
  18. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Ha ha :)

    Just stating it is a guinean Zidoo release and safe to be installed would help. This for those not wanting to wait for a final release and don't mind installing a beta. ;)
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  19. woody

    woody Member

    I guess OTA should be "Over-the-Air" and not via USB.

    Appreciate if Zidoo Team pushes whatever official to the device itself. It did appear that way for V2.2.82
  20. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    About Thor Ragnarok and The Great Gatsby, Which time point?

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