New firmware v2.2.56 beta version for ZIDOO Z10 release

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  1. mirror

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    Change Logs:

    1.Optimized https download of transmission in openwrt
    2.Fixed random no sound occurred in extreme NFS and SMB internet environment .
    3.Fixed abnormal play of Individual source .
    4.Added chapter selection of MKV videos.
    5.Added Control 4 certificated drive. Drive download:"true"
    6.FIxed Individual TV’ (Such as Samsung KS series) splash screen problem when plays in 4K 24Hz 10bit YUV444.
    7.Fixed no dispaly of some TV when restart them after sleep mode.
    8.Optimized system stability .

    1.Fixed date display way of main interface when language setting in Chinese

    1.Optimized accuracy of matching .
    2.Optimized stability .
    3.Optimized SACD matching and added matching of info files.
    4.Added matching function of album.
    6.Optimized analysis of album related information.

    Home Theater
    1.Fixed possible program exception error caused by cancel collection.
    2.Optimized searching way that the post wall will continue matching by first letter, and will show the movie with high matching degree first
    3.Fixed virtual Key Layout of searching interface.
    4.Fixed date no update when NFO matched films rematched to be TMDB films .
    5.Fixed invalidation problem of INFO key and POP key in third layout of main interface.
    6.Fixed the black line showed in the right part of the too long headline in second layout of main interface.
    7.Optimized matching accuracy of post wall
    8.Optimized interface display of main interface’ left pane .

    Quick Setting.
    1.Added play modes setting .

    Local Player
    1. Added chapter selection of MKV videos.

    Blu-Ray Navigation
    1. Optimized accuracy of Blu-Ray Navigation

    1.Added sustaining record function when HDMI output turned off.

    1.Fixed crash problem when sending order to fast.

    Version:v2.2.56 beta
    Download url:
    MD5: 5CB65302E628C43CEFD9E8DE6F8206C6

    Upgrade method:OTA

    If you have installed google play kit, please reinstall it after upgrade.

    How to upgrade

    Known issue : HT2 unable to scan local devices, please install the below version.
    Update: HT2 2.1.9 solved the auto update function.

    HT2 2.1.9:
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  2. Ovidiu Necula

    Ovidiu Necula Member

    Looks very promising!

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Thanks mirror and team :)
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  4. Zigourney

    Zigourney Active Member

    Tried several movies 4K HDR movies on 10bit 444, a few mins into each movie the player hangs, movie freezes to a pause, player is unresponsive to all remote commands, needs to be switched off at the back or mains to restart.

    New beta firmware is worse than the previous firmware. At least before on the previous firmware any movie would play but with random blank screens, but now any movie I try the player just hangs.

    Also movies with DTS-X soundtrack I get sound stutter as soon as I hit play but if I pause and replay sound becomes stable, but after couple of mins player just hangs.
  5. kestasm

    kestasm New Member

    Front LED panel screen always - “Hallo”.
  6. Zigourney

    Zigourney Active Member

    Thanks for the latest update 2.2.56
    Will test tonight and post feedback.
    As usual fingers and toes crossed.

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  7. kestasm

    kestasm New Member

    This firmware 2.2.56 better then 2.2.55 (tragic version)

    LED clock - ok
    Booting z10 artefact - first boot bad with blink color artefact, second boot - ok
    1920/4k play movies lag - passable, from time to time, light lag.
    Home Theather - bad. Not scanned movies from HDD.
    Movie Color - ok

    I have waiting new firmware fixing bug and optimize movie for lag - priority. Me tv - Panasonic Plazma
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  8. Inikad

    Inikad Active Member

    HT2 is broken with this new firmware, internal HDD path is "invalid" and posters wall is gone. Same result when we try to add again the sources to fix it.
  9. sivserg

    sivserg New Member

    Hello. Since version 2.2.55 (56 also) there is no "Developer Options" in settings. The Screensaver ("Color") is not starting by itself (via "run now" - it works).
  10. mirror

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  11. kestasm

    kestasm New Member

    Minternal and external HDD
    how to fix it?
  12. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

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  13. Theeraphon

    Theeraphon Member

    Try this. Go to 'About' in settings. Press 'OK" on the remote 7 times.
  14. Miguel Ramos

    Miguel Ramos Member

    What about the blanc screen issues when setting up the color 10 bits 4:4:4 in 4k video files? Is it solved?
  15. Ovidiu Necula

    Ovidiu Necula Member

    Some people said that is fixed but is too early to confirm because this issue is pretty random.
  16. DIKKE

    DIKKE Member

    Ok, so with the 240 FW the HT /int HDD is ok, but with this one not? I'll wait for the next one then.
  17. Zigourney

    Zigourney Active Member

  18. Zigourney

    Zigourney Active Member

    Watched another 4K HDR movie with Atmos Remux last night and, no blank screen issues :)
    Looking promising, looks like some real progress has been made on this firmware in terms of the 10 bit 444 blank screen issues on 4K movie files..

    However I am having 1080p playback issues on lots of files when I press play, playback of audio starts, but no video is showing on the screen, if I stop the file and re-play, then it plays back fine with both audio and video...very odd.
  19. Miguel Ramos

    Miguel Ramos Member

    It should be better to report those 1080p issues to Zidoo allowing them to solve that. I've read that symptoms in other forums also. I'm awaiting for my Z10 that will arrive tomorrow and will test it also.
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  20. kestasm

    kestasm New Member

    I have downgrade version to 1.7.8, more stable version than sad

    EDIT: when will there be no beta new version?
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