New firmware v2.1.40 beta version for ZIDOO Z10 released

Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z10' started by mirror, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. kestasm

    kestasm New Member

    Thank you.

    You don't want to watch movies with z10.
    I'll try to miss the word that needs to be renamed.
  2. Ovidiu Necula

    Ovidiu Necula Member

    My Z10 is collecting dust again. Let's hope not for a long time :(
  3. kestasm

    kestasm New Member

    What are the problems with the z10?
  4. Ovidiu Necula

    Ovidiu Necula Member

    Same like others here: dts sound stuttering and black screens.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Well looks like no issues at present playing only 1080p content in Dolby plus on v 2.1.30 im finding .
  6. Paul Levy

    Paul Levy New Member

    Hi All
    I have waited until a few movies and tv episodes have been run through , my Z10 with internal 3tb WD hdd is running well on the new firmware. Clock / runtime corrected themselves , still have the odd "can't play file" but that happened under the previous firmwares. I have made no changes to any settings since installing the the new firmware , it just seemed to bed in as strange as that sounds. I am sorry that others are having problems

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