New firmware v2.1.40 beta version for ZIDOO X20 released

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X20' started by mirror, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. mirror

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    Since v2.1.30 Change logs:

    1. Optimize the system stability.

    2. Optimize HDR display (available MaxFALL and MaxCLL output)

    3. Optimize the bluray navigation.

    4. Fixed the probleam that some MOV format videos could not be played.

    5. Fixed the probleam that playback lagging for some hard drives.

    6. Fixed the probleam that having to power off and restart when upgrading system sometimes.

    7. Fixed the issue of audio jump for some special playlists for Bluray (seamless branching).

    8. Fixed the probleam of prompting cannot play when playing videos sometimes.

    Music Player

    1. When playing SACD, the playback interface adds information display.

    2. Optimize the usage wizard display.

    3. Optimize the problem that the order of playing songs in some irregular CUE files is incorrect.

    4. Optimize the music data matching.

    5. Added feature that pairing songs by ablum.


    1. Fixed the problem that cannot re-match on PC.

    2. Fixed the problem of not recognizing the DVD folder.

    3. Improve stability.

    Media Center

    1. Add switch to enable playing video with third-party video player.

    Image Player

    1. Optimize background music for slideshows.

    Quick Settings

    1. Added the pageup key definition Settings.

    2. Added the timing play key definition settings.



    Download url:

    MD5: 9BF42A67BC9EE9DFA0A104B417A4CB10

    Upgrade method:OTA
  2. ROS

    ROS New Member

    There is some problem with this new FW beta. When booting, the TV screen turns red. The posters are seen faded. With previous firmware it never happened.
  3. ROS

    ROS New Member

    Do you give me instructions on how to downgrade the firmware? I tried from the settings menu to reset, but the firmware remains the same.
  4. I have instaled it and it seems to be working ok .No red screen. Try to reinstall it with a new copy of the firmware
  5. Zwanzig

    Zwanzig Member

  6. Johnwoto

    Johnwoto Member

    Started to do the update and it froze on the screen saying updating firmware please do not turn off ! So I left it for about 10 minutes and it was still froze, I had no choice but to turn the power off.
    Turned the power off and booted it back up hoping that it would be ok and it was.

    I did the firmware upgrade again and everything went ok the second time, x20 booted up fine, firmware seems ok no red screen not tested everything yet will check it out tomorrow did notice it says bye on the x20 screen when shutting down
  7. Zwanzig

    Zwanzig Member

    It does not play mp3 sound in AVI files.
    Can someone confirm?
  8. VampireSlug

    VampireSlug New Member

    Do the SATA drives need to be removed when performing an OTA firmware flash?
  9. Johnwoto

    Johnwoto Member

    I removed my HDDs when i updated the firmware, i always remove any device when updating any firmware on things, but that's just me.

    I would think it would update with the HDDs left in the x20
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  10. vadergr

    vadergr Member

    Can someone confirm the maximum sampling rate supported via optical out when in music playback mode?
  11. I've had no problem left in place
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  12. Hilraen

    Hilraen New Member

    After flashing the player with this beta, the display shows only three words: boot, hello, bye ...The settings show the time from the beginning of the disc. Sadness. On firmware 1.7.8 beta, the display showed all the information as it should.
  13. Active Member

    Are you sure you flashed the correct firmware? 2.1.40 displays LCD as expected for me. Try reflashing, making sure it's the X20 package if you have an X20.
  14. Hilraen

    Hilraen New Member

    Yes, X20.
    Thanks, I will try to flash again.
    Is it necessary to reset to factory settings after firmware?
  15. Hilraen

    Hilraen New Member


    P.S. The problem was solved only by resetting the player to the factory settings. Now the display is working correctly.
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  16. I have not found it nessesary to do that as it removes everything photo,apps,music etc that you have downloaded.
    Then you have to reinstall them all again. Drastic move
  17. Hilraen

    Hilraen New Member

    Since everything works for you, you do not need a reset.
    I did not really have time to install anything. I only have a player for a few days. Otherwise, the display didn’t work correctly.
  18. Hilraen

    Hilraen New Member

    Another question was drawn.
    Firmware 2.1.40beta.
    I start watching the blue-ray movie with the full menu and select the Russian track in the disc menu, and turn off the subtitles. View starts with default English track and subtitles: (
    The time on the display is ticking from the start of playback.
    It is necessary to go through the tracks on each movie and turn off the subtitles while watching.
    Bothers ...
    Viewing the same disc with the system player starts with the English track without subtitles.
    Time shows the rest of the movie.
    In the settings of the player is the choice of the Russian track and the subtitles are disabled ... The time is indicated until the end of the movie.
    Is it just my nonsense?
  19. VampireSlug

    VampireSlug New Member

    I finally performed the 2.1.40beta upgrade *with* hard drives installed and it upgraded with no noticeable problems. Hopefully some of the files that could not be played will play now...
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