New firmware v2.0.25 version for ZIDOO X8 release

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    Model: ZIDOO X8

    Update list:

    1. Solve the flashback problem with Raytheon iii at 1:55:00
    2. Added the HDMI sound output shutdown function
    3. Optimized online video playback
    4. Added theme switching for desktop and ZIDOO applications
    5. Fixed the problem of no sound on the DTS-HD audio track for some films
    6. Fixed the problem of playing some video occasionally green screen
    7. Optimization of small offset of 23.976 frame rate in some resolution and color depth modes

    1. Added Subject ambiguity and mask Settings
    2. Added HDMI sound output switch
    3. Added player custom key Settings

    Wall poster
    1. Added wallpaper features
    2. Optimized the scoring accuracy
    3. Optimized the setting interface
    4. Matching source adds DouBan interface
    5. Home ordering increases the modification time of receiving files
    6. Optimized the matching of domestic TV dramas
    7. Optimized the stability of scanning
    8. The problem of optimizing partial DouBan data without obtaining the film name
    9. Press the play button of the remote control to play the film directly in the poster details interface
    10. Optimized the processing logic if the background is scanning when changing the language
    11. Enhance the relevance of characters and solve the problem that douban characters cannot relate to films that have not entered the details
    12. Fixed the problem that the sorting parameters of the classified screening interface of the poster service are not effective
    13. Added year parameters when matching
    14. Increased data source selection when rematching
    15. The issue of flash back in certain special cases when repairing scanned posters
    16. Fixed the problem of inaccurate search in the search interface
    17. Optimized children's lock function
    18. Optimized the main interface prompt
    19. Optimization when updating the device or background scan, the failed match and the cleared video will be forced to rematch
    20. When opening the child lock, the edit poster must pass password verification
    21. Optimized permission detection when adding devices
    22. Add the TVDB interface
    23. Optimized the file manager to view the poster function directly
    24. Optimized the display of multimedia labels
    25. To solve the problem of inaccurate year selection in the classification and screening interface
    26. Optimized UI display
    27. Optimized poster display speed

    Startup Wizard
    1. Modify the UI and synchronize the system theme

    Blu-Ray navigation
    1. The frame rate switching function is synchronized with the normal playback mode

    Music player
    1. Fixed the problem that the machine will go to sleep when music is played
    2. Added the shortcut function of the remote control (top, next, play/pause, stop, cycle mode, etc.)
    3. Fixed the problem that cannot be saved after the playback mode and sound effects are restarted
    4. Added DSF, DFF, SACD ISO music support
    File manager
    1. Fixed the problem of choosing NFS devices to report errors when there is no network
    1. Optimized the continuous play function of serial series on poster wall (all cyclic play functions need to be turned on for serialization)

    It is suggested that you clean up the hometheater(poster wall) 2.0 data after upgrading


    How to upgrade
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    hi to all after the last update of x8 home theater 2.0 has the problem that when I see a movie and I go to exit the application hangs as I can do I have to reinstall home theater 2.0 in this case where I can find the latest version thanks
  4. nnay07

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  5. nnay07

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    The latest version is v1.5.8 but i do not have any link.
  6. atom73

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    thanks nnay07 for your help but I have not solved my problem because home theater continues to crash abnormally when I want to get out of watching a movie do not understand what it can be if there is someone who has an idea of what can be help me or if there someone who has the link for the version of home teater 2.0 v1.5.8 thanks
  7. nnay07

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    Before downgrading to an earlier release to re-upgrade, I would suggest you to make a factory reset.
    Did you wipe the ht2 content as instructed for this upgrade?
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    Bug: Bluetooth always ON, if you turn it off and restart, bluetooth backs ON.
  9. atom73

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    thanks nnay07 for your help I did the factory reset and everything and back to normal home teather no longer crashes

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Not really a big issue and id imagine its on as the new X20 range uses bluetooth / ir remotes now
    I welcome it as ive always used bluetooth remote .
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