New firmware v1.7.8 beta version for ZIDOO X20 PRO released

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X20 PRO' started by zidoo, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    And to Add to this (x20):
    - Poor player performance for uncompressed HD and UHD Content from NAS through LAN: Continuous interruptions during playback. Far away from the performance of a established RTD1295 Player like the x10.
    - Still not possible to root the box as OneKeyRoot does not work for Android 7. Far away from the possibilities you have with a a established RTD1295 Player like the x10.

    @Goar: Once these problems are fixed i would recomment you take a look at Kodi, this has a thousand times more possibilities than the Zidoo Poster Wall. And as long as you follow the Kodi Nomenclature Rules for media files you should have zero problems with media detection. From Zidoo you will not even find media nomenclature rules...
  2. Goar

    Goar New Member

    Dear Reelyator, thank you for your reference!
    Kodi is a concept for me. I assume that you do not mean ZDMC. I did not get warm with this modification of Kodi. I will try the pure Kodi. Do you know if this results in quality problems and display problems with media files?
    ... oh, I'll try it.

    Many Thanks
  3. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    ...correct, the "pure" Kodi, not ZDMC.

    I have the best experience with Kodi in combination with the XBMX-Wrapper. The Wrapper is needed to use the Zidoo Hardware for Media Playback. The wrapper costs about 6€ but it is worth every cent.

    But one thing to keep in mind: Kodi with the wrapper requires Rooting of the box, therfore with status today (23-12-2018) this does NOT work on the x20/x20Pro with Android 7 Firmware. That is why i am still using my old x10 while the x20 sits in the corner since months waiting for the FW-Updatre and the new version of OneKeyRoot.....
  4. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    @Goar: if you want to try out Kodi i have added a small tutorial in the "General Guides and FAQ´s" Section how to best set up Kodi in combination with the native Zidoo Mediaplayer. Imho this is the best option to use your media library.

    I have seen very little display problems/media file playback problems with this approach. At least on RTD1295 Players (like the x10). Still waiting for Zidoo to provide an updated, STABLE Firmware with OneKeyRoot for Android 7 to make this work on RTD1296 Players like the x20/x20Pro!!!
  5. Knight_Rider

    Knight_Rider Member

    DRM licensing, android 6 and no playstore. Are we missing a lot from a $1K player?
  6. ahuman

    ahuman Member

    indeed...moreover very long time to wait for full function FW update that make we cannot utilize this expensive unit as it mean to be...
  7. zarathoestra

    zarathoestra Active Member

    It is already android 7 but yes there is a whole lot on thé shelf die making this unit a top notch
  8. roadrunner

    roadrunner New Member

    I just installed the newest version and it works (for me), because I most hear music and don't need all the new stuff. I'm happy if I have a Mediaplayer with DAC ESS 9038 Pro and XLR connectivity.

    In the last I've had a few different Mediaplayers (Dune smart D1, Western Digital WD TV HD, iconBit XDS1003D,
    PCH A-500 Pro ) but all had problems (last returned because the new ESS 9038 Pro was launched ). I tried Pioneer BDP-LX 88 but sold it because of stupid Pioneer firm philosophy in special about the firmware and not correct description on their homepage about the assured properties and what the box realy could do.
    Oppo 205 was a option, but before I had deceided to buy it there was a message they no longer support the player and they went out of business in that part.

    For me the music with the Zidoo X20 Pro sounds GREAT and that's what I was searching for long time.

  9. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    Congrats Michael!
    You seem to be the only user who has managed to import his music library into the Zidoo Music Player. How did you manage?? I gave up after the third try as the Music Player 3.0 always kept crashing during the import process...

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    sind unendlich
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  10. Knight_Rider

    Knight_Rider Member

    When was is updated to Android 7? V1. 2.29? No changelog to see.
  11. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    Read the first post in this Thread.
  12. roadrunner

    roadrunner New Member

    At main screen I'm using the MEDIACENTER FILE MANAGER, press the left key and select from the device list the source and subfolder.
  13. Knight_Rider

    Knight_Rider Member

    The beta I heard is too buggy and users have problems restoring to stock fw. I'll wait.
  14. zarathoestra

    zarathoestra Active Member

    if you used for movie and music (his reason for existence) there a minor problems with apps it's still buggy yeah ..
  15. Knight_Rider

    Knight_Rider Member

    Since v1. 2.29 is ghost to Zidoo I better not do anything stupid as there is no way to restore to that original firmware

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