New firmware v1.4.6 version for ZIDOO X8 released

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  1. mirror

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    v1.4.6 for ZIDOO X8


    1,Fix the issue that flv streaming is not playable.
    2,Adjust the accuracy of IR receiver.
    3,Fix the error of playback in APE music.
    4,Fix the issue that stream get stuck in some streaming apk.
    5,Optimize the transmission of USB 3.0.
    6,Fix the issue that the sata hard-disk can't be read after the wake-up of box.
    7,Fix the unexpected displaying of loading infomation when stream Iqiyi videos.
    8,Fix the issue that the box can't be wake up when USB 3.0 is connected with a usb stick.
    9,Fix CEC failure after wake up the box.
    10,Fix display failure when HDMI IN comes with 1080i video source.
    11,Optimize the system stability.
    12,Fix the problem in the simultaneity of audio and video in a certain App
    13,Improve the compatibility of rtsp and rtmp streaming
    14,Fix the black screen problem occasionally happens to a certain App
    15,Fix the error happens to continuous switching channels in a certain App
    16,Fix the failure to get audio tracks from online videos by system video player
    17,Fix the black screen occuring to some receivers when the Deep Color is set to Auto , Color Space is YCbCr444 and resolution is 4K@23.976 in the meantime.
    18,Fix the problem unexpected reboot during standby mode
    19,Nuplayer support Dolby and DTS passrough(Online stream)


    1,Improve the experience of operating progress bar.
    2,Fix the reading issue of BDMV titles.
    3,Optimize the shortcut keys for switch audio tracks and subtitles.
    4,Fix the issue that some subtitle can't be download.
    5,Fix the issue that some subtitle can't be displayed properly.
    6,Fix the issue some mkv files display two subtitles at the same time.
    7,Fix the malfunction of bookmark.
    8,Improve the playback of UHD bluray movie.

    1,Fix the listing information of some APE and FLAC can't be read out.
    2,Fix the failure to fetch the singer information for some songs.
    3,Display the CUE list playing
    4,Save the song played last time and it’s process.
    5,Add CUE support for WAV and DTS.

    1,Add a Auto23.976/24 for 4K switch
    2, Add a switch between Nuplayer and Dvdplayer for online videos playback

    File manager
    1,Improve some translation
    2,Fix the malfunction of classification.

    1,Fix the movie don't pause when press the OK key for the first time in the playback.

    Shortcut key
    1,Add delete key and multitasks function

    1,Fix the problem the videos won’t be played if you add a root path of NFS.

    1,Support more languages.

    Full_OTA_Package(User data won’t be wiped.):


    How to upgrade


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  2. gaki

    gaki Member

    Great ! Thanks.
  3. Vincze Tamás

    Vincze Tamás New Member

    DLNA playback is bad! Since 1.4.4. This bug has not been fixed.
    1.3.0 beta: Flawless DLNA playback
    Please fix it in the next fw release.
  4. spawn_lmg

    spawn_lmg Active Member Beta test group

    Change Nuplayer -> Dvdpayer in quick settings
  5. Jcnc1996

    Jcnc1996 New Member

    I have a bug with hd audio passthrough, when pause the movie and if in 30 seconds if dont play the movie then when i play it the audio send lot of noise and i have to stop the movie a restarted, in the last updated i have the bug and really annoying, please if someone know how to fix this replay me please.

    PD: Happens only with the external player.
  6. Plamen Vasilev

    Plamen Vasilev New Member

    All is perfect. Only if this possible to add search by bookmarks (no skip to next) and skip back or foword in steps 10s, 30s, 1min etc in Zidoo Player for .mkv Files. We will forgot about Kodi!
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  7. Vincze Tamás

    Vincze Tamás New Member

    You can also choose dvdplayer.ZDMC is also corrupted with dlna playback.When playing, the box will open a new port.1.3bata was the last fw version that was error free.
    The error:
    user@ubuntu:~$ sudo netstat -peanut |grep minidlnad | grep
    tcp        0 199312      ESTABLISHED 116        3732294     16903/minidlnad
    user@ubuntu:~$ sudo netstat -peanut |grep minidlnad | grep
    tcp        0 254400      ESTABLISHED 116        3732399     17004/minidlnad
    user@ubuntu:~$ sudo netstat -peanut |grep minidlnad | grep
    tcp        0 208512      ESTABLISHED 116        3732489     17074/minidlnad
    user@ubuntu:~$ sudo netstat -peanut |grep minidlnad | grep
    tcp        0 172472      ESTABLISHED 116        3732656     17261/minidlnad
    user@ubuntu:~$ sudo netstat -peanut |grep minidlnad | grep
    tcp        0 183896      ESTABLISHED 116        3732878     17449/minidlnad
    user@ubuntu:~$ sudo netstat -peanut |grep minidlnad | grep
    tcp        0 193904      ESTABLISHED 116        3735060     17509/minidlnad is the IP address of X8. You can see the constantly changing port! This is the source of the error.
    There is still 1.3beta on the box. 1.4.4-1.4.6: dlna bug.
  8. rodstenfel

    rodstenfel New Member

    I have try last update 1.4.6 on my zidoo 8 and my pip and tv still stop if i try too play it with mobdro or kodi or most video player at same time,this was not the case with 1.3 beta,
    can you check this please.
    And i have try to remake the zidoo with the hard reset with the pin like the instruction
    and i cant redoo zidoo 8 with hard reset and pin no menu want too boot there.
    Because i want too put back version update 1.3 beta
    It would be good if we could go back too older update, because we can do local update for higher version but no regress with lower version.
    can you do something for zidoo 8 for this with new update ? ,those are very big bug there.
    Can you help me for record tv,there was a fix there i think too bypass this
    because with the hdmi protection i cant record anything from my receiver hdmi and zidoo 8 from bell fib.
    Record option in reality on zidoo 8 because of hdmi pretection copiright make the record option useless on zidoo 8.
    Thanks for all the work in update and help :)
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  9. mariustma

    mariustma New Member

    9,Fix CEC failure after wake up the box. Is not fixed, is same like 1.4.4. With 1.3.0 or older firmwares HDMI CEC is perfect.
  10. fotoweb

    fotoweb New Member

    1.4.6 is better than the 1.4.4 but since 1.2.11 (did not test 1.3) I've lost the automatic switch in 4K on 4K source ! :(
    My TV is a PANASONIC TX-58DX780 TV LED 4K.
    1.2.11 was a better firmware excepted for the non stanby bug. (always on ...)
  11. TroubleGum

    TroubleGum New Member

    Unfortunately all know bugs are back... When you connect USB3 HDD into specific USB3 porst...your air mouse will not work anymore,.... there is no chance to format SD card inserted into TV box correctly...formatting crashes around 60% and SD card is unreadable unless you format it in PC...last version of ZDMC player is absolutely crap...I had to uninstall it and install previous version back.... guys....sorry but this is not the thing customer really want.... :/ True is most apps from Google Play store are more compatible with Z8 now including app but what we need is abililty of moving apps to SD card because TV box have really low ammount of free memory...
  12. mundano

    mundano New Member

    When trying to play files with Dolby True HD 7.1 audio I just get a message saying "Unknown audio format", and I get no sound...
  13. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    1.4.8 is supposed to fix the TrueHD problem but it’s not available yet.

    When will be available, Zidoo?
  14. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    soon, they just started hitting x10 boxes, should be in a day or so
  15. samyu2002

    samyu2002 New Member

    Could you please provide the IMG file of v1.4.6, I want to downgrade to this version, thanks.
  16. Plamen Vasilev

    Plamen Vasilev New Member

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