New firmware v1.2.9 for ZIDOO X9S released

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by mirror, Jan 10, 2017.

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  1. newincas

    newincas New Member

    problem whith IPTV semplice client PVR dopo l'aggiornamento del firmware 1.2.9
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  2. dennys84

    dennys84 Member

    Thanks for reply! You know, the main thing i will never accept is to use crappy things just because they are less crappy then others! Its a long story, but here is the rule: you see the product, you examine the specifications, you decide, you buy (pay your money), you get what you want. isn't it? If anyone want to spend they money just for charity in benefit of some poor chinese developer, well - go on.
    I agree that every good thing cost good price, but cheap does not mean crap, it means less functions, other materials, and so on...But yeah, its trendy now, cheaper means buggy, randomly, but full of stupid features, glitters and glows...sad but true.
    P.S. and i am actually haven't any complains in my casual use, as i said in my first post in this forum, i can install ES explorer ('cos native explorer is truly pain), buy RII airmouse (to get rid of stupid RC), buy USB-Drive (to stop using PC-samba), start watching Youtube on my Sony SmartTV. Now for me, Zidoo is a Time Machine, that let me feel myself 10 years yonger, in times, when you pick up DVD, insert it and just watch. This is what i call "the rudimentary use". Is it worth $150?
    When i first powered it on, i even can't connect it via HDMI, and had to solder AV cable. Its not a big deal, i can do it, but its not ok
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  3. laola

    laola Member

    the issue is mainly the 50 Hz - not 4k (btw - via Satellit you'll get several 4k programs incl. Sky).
  4. VICKY Koh

    VICKY Koh Member

    I try air mouse MINIX A2 with firmware V1.2.9 , it is okay (sound not from USB ) by USB sound disable feature,when first APP use, when I try another app , sound again come out from A2 mouse. IT S work once only.
  5. newincas

    newincas New Member

  6. Ayokoya

    Ayokoya Member

    Solder AV cable??? Nah.....I use the soldering iron to customize the DC power distribution to all the entertainment devices from a single 12V 15A switching supply. My entertainment console used to have 4 android boxes because each has its own shortcomings, now its down to X9S and RK3229 R-Box with the spaghetti cables and HDMI switch box gone, watching old videos is such a pleasure and makes me feel 20 years younger.

    Even though the X9S is not perfect, there is no such thing in life either, that's why I have the R-Box to back up what the X9S cannot handle. Right now the only wish I have for the X9S bluetooth to work with my Anywhere 2 mouse so that I can move the USB dongle to the J1900 pc media server
  7. stevier

    stevier New Member

    Well after i updated the X9s to 1.2.9 i had all sorts of problems and was going to downgrade back to 1.2.7 but before i did that i reset the box to factory default and now everything works ok.... so to wrap it up i upgraded then did a factory reset and reloaded up the apps i need and now everything works ok.
  8. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Stefano, are you speaking about Android Settings (in italian in my X96 updated to 1.2.9) or ZDMC ?
    If the latter, you must learn how to configure Kodi (ZDMC is a lightly modified Kodi). If you are italian, look at this nice site: and look to the nice tutorial in KODI section.

    Else, explain better.

    P.S. no feedback about my SuperSU problems... and of course no answer from Zidoo. What a pity.
  9. saji

    saji New Member

    Is the version of zdmc attached separately on this thread is any update from existing zdmc which comes with this firmware ?
  10. YellowCows

    YellowCows New Member

    Stevier, that is great that the factory reset fixed things for you. No such luck for me. I performed multiple resets, reinstallations, downgrades and upgrades, nothing fixed the 1.2.9 problems for me. I still believe this release is a very bad beta and should never have been released as a final update.
    We need an update to this update.
  11. Stefano C

    Stefano C Member

    yes, thanks for your answer...I was talking about zdmc...I have already set Android in italian, and I set italian language in previous firmware 1.2.6 but now I can't because I haven't other languages than "english" in zdmc options (sorry for my bad english)
  12. tomisk

    tomisk New Member

    Installed this version and it have problems with ZDMC Tvheadend HTSP PVR addon. it says: "addon cannot be started".
    previous (1.2.4) was working ok.
  13. GoldBar

    GoldBar Member

    Oh, this is disappointing...I also have MINIX A2 and was waiting for this f/w to finally be able to use it ... do you need to keep going back to settings to change the USB audio?

    With so many bugs people are reporting, I will not even try to install the new f/w without the USB audio fix.
  14. gadgetman

    gadgetman Member

    DTS Master Audio now works finally, but one step forward two steps back. When you first turn the unit on and try to start a movie in kodi library nothing happens, you have to go into explorer-click into my movie folder then switch back to kodi library then movie will play. Once you have done that every movie plays back until you switch off then on again and its back to navigating to explorer again to get up and running.This is Ethernet connection to my NAS, Never had this problem before firmware update,also the remote on my ipad does not work neither, i could go on and on but whats the point.
  15. VICKY Koh

    VICKY Koh Member

    Hi,I try again with the USB sound Disable feature by ON Z9S, test play media with A2 mouse, no sound from AVR, follow by unplug and plug in again A2 mouse USB dongle without turn off Z9S , play with media again, it work ! sound from AVR. But I try with turn off X9S and turn ON , again no sound , by doing the un plug and plug in A2 mouse again , it sound ftom AVR again , something is not right , not perfect feature.
  16. GoldBar

    GoldBar Member

    Hopefully Zidoo can see this and fix the USB audio bug as well as this F/W soon... too many things are not working properly.
  17. VICKY Koh

    VICKY Koh Member

    Hope Zidoo team can settle YouTube audio "jerk sound" every few minute..too( I with many Andriod box with Youtube so many devices, never have youtube issue ). And display setting with V1.2.9, set @ 3048x2160 60hz, after off and turn ON X9S again , display setting change to 1080p 60hz, (With V1.2.8, was auto changed to 720P ) ,the issue still not settle with V1.2.9
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  18. tomeeli

    tomeeli Member

    And not any feedback from the team Zidoo. Worse with customer support with cheap consoles, but they cost twice cheaper.
    But Zidoo took money from us and everything on it, spit out the firmware, one worse than the other.
    Do not understand the company Zidoo, in the end, because such support will be possible in the future to bury her!
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