New firmware v1.2.3 for ZIDOO X9S release

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, Sep 22, 2016.

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  1. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Model: ZIDOO_X9S


    (1)Connection failed by VPN.
    (2)Some playback appears noise when the PCM output is selected.
    (3)Some WAV audio files appear noise.
    (4)No sound when some few MKV videos playing.
    (5)Some online video Stuttering.
    (6)Some ANR(Application No Response) issues.
    (7) 3D mvc playback on proper 23.976HZ
    2,VideoPlayer application
    (1)Turkish can't be set as default language in subtitle.
    (2)The wrong black border on both sides of 3D movie
    (3)Wrong translation
    3,Filemanager application
    (1)Some items disappear in the page-view of SAMBA scanning.
    (2)SD card is shown as U-disk.
    (3)Loading bar of NFS will not be shown after execute SAMBA scanning.
    (4)APP exit abnormally when SAMBA scanning.
    (5)APP exit abnormally when using a mouse.
    (6)Fail to exit from SAMBA device if network interrupted.
    (7)APP exit abnormally when some animation appear.
    (8)Symbol of favorite of file/directory doesn't display.
    (9)Sometimes APP exit abnormally when get the device identifier.
    4,HDMI IN application
    (1)Slight shake of recorded video picture.
    5,Theater application
    (1)Default picture don't display in search interface.
    (2)Fail to identify when the name of added file is same with name of device.
    (3)Fail to save the video that finded by scan in some cases.
    6,RC application
    (1)Error message when network interrupted.
    7,ZDMC application
    (1)Blurred screen when some HEVC 4K 10BIT videos playing.
    (2)Play video with external player support SMB and NFS.(Enable "Settings -- video -- playback --play video with external palyer" on ZDMC.)

    (1)Optimized the process of NFS mounting.
    (2)Optimized the video decoding.
    (3)Made the system more stable.
    2,VideoPlayer application
    (1)Subtitle dialog disappear if download cancelled
    (2)Add on-off for bookmarks.
    3,Filemanager application
    (1)UI improved.
    (2)Resource management improved.
    (3)List control improved.
    (4)Keep SAMBA and NFS alive in background when exit the filemanager in order to not affect the other APP that using SAMBA and NFS.
    (5)Handled the situation of network interrupt of remote device.
    4,HDMI IN application
    (1)Setting record frame as 30fps when the incoming video is 60fps,and 25fps when the incoming video is 50fps.
    (2)Broadcast function improved.
    5,Theater application
    (1)UI improved.
    (2)Optimized the process of scanning.
    (3)Allow to add NFS videos to theater repository.
    (4)Merge the videos which have the same information.

    Mediafire mirror:
    Amazon mirror:

    MD5 :6e912be2512027a91019126e70c0141f
    How to upgrade:

    After upgrade,if still had the old version ZDMC,pls install the follow apk:
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  2. grummel2005

    grummel2005 Well-Known Member

    wow - do you have no beta-testers to prevent such an amount of bugs in the beginning?
  3. tienlequoc

    tienlequoc Member

    Right now, all people have X9S are.... tester. :D
    Where is the download link? I'm free now. :D
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2016
  4. lars42

    lars42 New Member

    why is 3d benchmark so low on this device? GFX gives me 113 shield makes 1600...
  5. xsroth

    xsroth New Member

    Yes !
    Good question !
    I even measured, that the Shield is 200g heavier than the Zidoo device !
    Why ???
  6. lars42

    lars42 New Member

    lol.let's put it another way...shield is in top of the list.x9s in the bottom.laggy as shit when playing YouTube videos,antutu 3d test nearly moves around.and same price as maybe someone with bigger IQ than shoenumber can tell my why all benchmark test gives so low score for realtek 1245.
  7. yrxe

    yrxe New Member

    Hi everyone,

    one of the most used features for me is Youtube, I really hope it gets fixes soon!!!!
    Got device today, playing around all the evening.
  8. yrxe

    yrxe New Member

    updated firmware.
    youtube still glitchy. first minute it was playing ok. then glitches appeared back :(
  9. lars42

    lars42 New Member

    Same here.i have 15 mb wired connection but Max from the app is around 1 mb.
  10. yrxe

    yrxe New Member

    Well, there feels to be a bug somewhere. My 3years old tv box with 1ghz single core cpu was running youtube smooth. Never ever issues with youtube.
    Somethings smells to be over engineered, hopefully it is not marshmallow issue and zidoo team will get it solved.
  11. xsroth

    xsroth New Member

    Hm, I don't think that anybody "with bigger IQ than shoenumber" is interested to answer your obviously irrelevant question.... think about it...
    If you have a problem with YouTube, just describe your problem.... benchmarks will tell you nothing...
  12. thelankygeek

    thelankygeek New Member

    Anyone help with this? Just got my X9S trying to update the firmware but it fails everytime. I end up at this screen when it reboots? Can reboot back to system but the update fails.

    Have tried putting the update on usb stick too and installing from there. Same error.

    See attached pic for screen

    Attached Files:

  13. lars42

    lars42 New Member

    well I don't agree with you about benchmark but that's OKi guess we get updates that fixes laggy apps like YouTube.have no lag on this app on zidoo x5.
  14. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    lars42, what do you really mean when you say "laggy" ?
    Have a look here:
    But here more meanings:
    I'm not teaching! I'm trying to understand exactly what happens to you using Youtube app.

    However, today I've flashed succesfully latest 1.2.3 FW, and done a "factory reset".
    On X9S Youtube is not factory preinstalled, and to try a different interface (theoretically best suited for IR remote control instead then touch) I'd installed latest "Android TV" version, downloaded from APKMirror.
    Well, except for some buffering here and there, runs fine and smooth.
    Hope this will be useful for you.
  15. lars42

    lars42 New Member

    pacoRabanne.thanks for the apk idea.that version runs smooth.whàt I mean with laggy?stuttering,stopping.not running smooth.
  16. gridlock

    gridlock Member

    thanks PacoRabanne....
    but a lot of people prefer the usual android youtube app , which works flawlessly in almost every android box , except for zidoo (x9s and x6 pro).... and after the 1.2.3 update , it runs smooth but only for a few seconds.
    not to mention , the stutters on zdmc when playing 1080p mkv files from external harddrives.
    in fairness, the video playback using the zidoo player is truly awesome (despite suffering VERY minor stutters after every 10 seconds or so).
    i also noticed an hdmi color regression that i mentioned on a different thread.
    i believe the zidoo x9s is better than the infamous himedia q10 pro (when it comes to their perspective default players). some tweaks and fixes are desperately needed.
    thanks again
  17. lars42

    lars42 New Member

    now I play some 4 K YouTube on both shield and x9s.same app VP9 on x9s.
  18. Scofield1986

    Scofield1986 New Member

    for me is Youtube laggy too
  19. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    Performed the update. Before the update, the Miracast function didn't work with my Samsung Galaxy phones. After the update, still the same. Of course, I see it wasn't included in the updates so I wasn't expecting it to be addressed. Miracast works perfectly fine with my other Android boxes so it isn't the phones. Any plans to start looking at potential problems here?

    The phones see the X9s and start to connect but time out because the X9s isn't picking up the request.
  20. spring

    spring Guest

    Please check the PM.
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