New firmware v1.0.40 for ZIDOO X6 release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by HoneCharles, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. HoneCharles

    HoneCharles Active Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    First of all,Thanks for the long-standing support and confidence-building of all.
    In contrast with others,we will keep the long-term continue to improve each of our product.
    Just as I have said,we have kept upgrading our ZIDOO_X6 box.If some delay there,please
    be more patience. Now,please check the following update.Enjoy ;):);)

    Model: ZIDOO_X6 Pro

    1.Repaired video stuttering and dropping in Youtube;
    2.Redraw app icon, provid customization functions to change the icon at homepage (click menu to change the "MEDIA CENTER","ZDMC","BROWSER"and SETTING);
    3.Fixes the issue that some of the keys cannot be used in some type of the air-mouse;
    4.update file explorer;
    5.Solved many of other problems.

    Incremental_OTA_Package Link: (Upgrade based on V1.0.39)
    FileSize: 37.1 MB (38,972,666 字节)
    MD5 :A23485D8D26952FF16684199227D2EA2

    MD5 :FE18DB3CD20F6651419A04C210709CE7
    FileSize: 446 MB (468,086,284 字节)

    How to upgrade:
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  2. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    Thank you for hard work :)
  3. daitarn 3

    daitarn 3 Member

    It 'been solved the problem of the continuous buffer IPTV?
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  4. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    why not update and test ? it can't be worse
  5. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

  6. phuhuunew

    phuhuunew New Member

    faulty firmware 1.0.39 lose connection with the wireless mouse, this new firmware does not fail?
  7. grummel2005

    grummel2005 Well-Known Member

    of cause we had this some times :(
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  8. daitarn 3

    daitarn 3 Member

    I have done to 1.0.27 firmware downgrade because of better '1.0.39 with IPTV streams
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  9. Syaoran

    Syaoran New Member

    The online update through the box still lists 1.0.39 as the latest. When will the update be available through the update system directly?
  10. Truckersmurf

    Truckersmurf New Member

    Say I'm new to this, just got my Zidoo x6 pro today. I cannot connect device thru Ethernet but works fine via wifi. I do prefer the Ethernet connection though
  11. Syaoran

    Syaoran New Member

    I ended up putting the update on a USB stick and selecting Local Update. Definitely some snappiness to it and thank you to whom ever has fixed the Pass Through audio issue.
  12. bigpoppapaul

    bigpoppapaul Member

    Awesome! Thank you for your continued support of your device. I'm really looking forward to testing this out.
  13. rkuijpers

    rkuijpers New Member

    Thank you very much for your continuing support and updates! It's very much appreciated.

    My X6 Pro only has one main bug left that is very annoying: the micro stutters in the image on screen. It's the most obvious when the image on screen moves horizontally, then there are many little stutters in the image.

    If that could be improved, that would make me (and many others I guess) very happy!

    Thanks again for continuing to improve my Zidoo X6 Pro!
  14. Truckersmurf

    Truckersmurf New Member

  15. Truckersmurf

    Truckersmurf New Member

    I still have an Ethernet connection issue, wifi works fine, I tested the Ethernet cord on another device and it works fine. So it's the x6 pro box. I just got this today.
  16. HoneCharles

    HoneCharles Active Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    I have correct the link,thanks;)
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  17. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    its probably related to your router settings. ethernet works for me. we need more info. " not working " is not enough to help you. have you tried manualy assigning an IP to it ? what router do you have ?
  18. HoneCharles

    HoneCharles Active Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    As I know, the ZIDOO_X6 Pro unit have compatible with many of the wireless mouse, I don't know the model of your's, You can try some recommended:
    We often offer the update in the forum at first time, if everything does fine, then will be online update about 0ne week later.
    First you can change into static ip mode through the Ethernet, if does nothing happen, then you can be send it back to you agent.
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  19. Braubursch

    Braubursch New Member

    As it stands, is nothing more with the firmware. My 3D movies are not in 3D and bucking still. Have again the firmware v1.0.28 installed because it runs on stabilized centermost. My recommendation, they build on the 1.0.28 at new.
  20. Truckersmurf

    Truckersmurf New Member

    I have a DIR-820L D-Link router. Don't know much about assigning ip's and such all I've ever done is setup wifi. I'm not to Internet savvy when comes to that stuff
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