New firmware v1.0.23 for ZIDOO X6 release(beta)

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by mirror, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Model:ZIDOO_X6 Pro
    Version: v1.0.23


    1. Add support 3D MVC mkv file via kodi
    2. Optimized system, to enhance the stability
    3. Add support of file system hfs plus (mac)
    4. Solved the issue about unclear focus to dialog

    OTA zip file:
    Main download:
    Amazon mirror:
    Mediafire mirror:

    How to upgrade:
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  2. Janaboy

    Janaboy New Member Beta test group

    Beta group what for then?
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  3. Zahir Jamal

    Zahir Jamal New Member

    Appreciate the continuing work. Can we please complete the implementation of HDMI-CEC next (TV power on/off)? Thanks.
  4. user59

    user59 Member

    Thanks Zidoo
  5. hook7

    hook7 New Member

    F A N T A S T I C !!! Great job, now HFS+ works!
    Thanks guys!
  6. jvanhambelgium

    jvanhambelgium Member Beta test group

    Keep it coming! Good work
    Quickly tested with a large ISO (Bluray) file.
    Again the timing audio/video in KODI guys!

    When starting the movie, I need to adjust in KODI audio offset. (+- 450ms).
    However, after many skips fastforward & backward I could disable this offset as the audio/video seemed OK in sync.

    So the overall behaviour does not seem consistent. Is there nobody else that notices this delay when you the mouths moving as people speak in movies ?!
  7. Rew452

    Rew452 Member Beta test group

    Overall better.
    Still Audio sync is off by 0.625s Ahead using HDHomeRun add-on in Kodi.

    Using Emby to playback MKV made from original disk are right on for audio sync

    Kodi still a little sluggish when using these add-ons. Especially when "Adjust display refresh rate is enabled"

    Power Standby works better, But how about making the mode a menu selection for Power instead of bring it up when Power button it hit.

    Most just want to hit Power Button and have it go to Sleep and hit it again to wake.

    Refresh rates off for US TV and Blu-ray playback; 60hz instead of 59.94Hz and 24.0Hz instead of 23.97Hz

    Still using wrong Color Space
    YCbCr 444 as default

    Need Color Space selection for System default, Like this:
    YCbCr 444
    YCbCr 422
    RGB Full
    RGB Limited
  8. mihaly

    mihaly New Member

    Audio sync stills has some problems. Hfs support is great.

    What is the best player(now using archos) for iso's etc?

  9. user59

    user59 Member

    Entering Mouse mode with remote, then exiting mouse mode, mouse pointer staying on screen.
  10. spring

    spring Guest

    5 second will disappear.
  11. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    We will update the shortcut key function in x6 define "red","green","blue" button to"STOP","Audio","Subtitle" in native player and kodi
    And add function to support setting the Power Button action.such as: ask me,power off,standby
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  12. skank

    skank Member Beta test group

    Why is my post deleted?

    Just tested zidoo with version 23
    In my opinion nothing fixed since version .16
    - 3d iso played as 2d kick out the movie at some point
    - 3d iso also has following: bad artefacte, some start in middle of movie, some have multichannel stereo instead of hd audio

    So i expect following firmware should fix something!
  13. Denis V

    Denis V New Member

    Hello. Tell me please, what is HDMI cable in the box? HDMI 2.0?
  14. jvanhambelgium

    jvanhambelgium Member Beta test group


    There is no such thing as a HDMI 2.0 "cable"
    This is just a short HDMI-cable that will support also your 4K "signal" needs. Probably very low cost, but because it is very short in lenght not that problematic.
  15. Rew452

    Rew452 Member Beta test group

    Just for information, try to stay with at least 6 feet length as the spec for HDMI use this as a minimum for equalization between each HDMI chip set used for connecting devices; Such as X6 to TV or your AVR.

    Shorter cables can cause issues because of this.
  16. Denis V

    Denis V New Member


    Thanks a lot for the help.
  17. skank

    skank Member Beta test group

    Ok.. I got some very very interesting big news concerning zidoo x6...
    I already sold my copy but havent shipped yet so i would do this final last test.. And boy perhaps i sold too soon lol
    I have this bug that my 3d iso stopped playing in 2d in zidoo kodi. (All 3d iso)
    Hdmkv told me if i tried it with native player and so i did..
    I opened explorer and tried that same iso.. Where i know where it happens....
    Guess what? Perfect playback! I knew it it was kodi cause i have it with openelec and windows kodi too ,but not with himedia or mede8er
    It actually played flawless in native zidoo.
    I wondered.. What if all those other bugs wouldnt be there?
    I tried 3d iso frozen which played in kodi from the middle.. And tada.. Perfect playback from start!
    Tried epic 3d iso which had multichannel stereo instead of hd audio , tada perfect hd audio!
    Tried the croods which had bad artefacts in kodi.. Again perfect playback!
    I had all these issues with zidoo kodi:
    - 3d iso played as 2d, stopped playing
    -3d iso frozen started from middle
    -3d croods bad artefacts and freezing audio
    -3d epic multichannel stereo
    But none with zidoo native! None!
    I wonder when zidoo tries if they try in kodi or native player.
    But it seems kodi makes things harder..
    For all those having issues.. Try native player? Some might not be there anymore
    Anyway, kodi should act the same.
    I just wanted this to share
  18. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

    That why I ask Zidoo to play all movie in kodi with native player... we could use last build of kodi to manage our library. I ask them for X9, since .ts files in kodi play with the native player but X9 since X6 Zidoo did not release any update of any kind for X9. Pray for Zidoo not releasing a another device because you will be left like X9 user still with helix 14.1 no 2D with 3D file and a white band at righ and so on...
  19. spring

    spring Guest

    as i have said in kodi thread, those problem is not only the rockchip(maybe Mstar) problem. we only porting the video codec for kodi, the demux and the audio sync use the kodi source code, we do not change it.
    The kodi did not have the 3D iso/mkv source code, we add it. the way of reading stream file is difference for kodi and native player, maybe this is the problem for those isuue.we will try our best ot slove this problem, but it is not the one day or two day will be perfect.
  20. natzen

    natzen Member Beta test group

    any news about hdmi drm patch?

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