New firmware v1.0.22 for ZIDOO X6 release

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  1. mirror

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    Model:ZIDOO_X6 Pro
    Version: v1.0.22


    1.Add HDMI CEC RC function, the TV Sets that's with CEC function can control X6Pro box through TV control;
    2.Update the GooglePlayStore version as LeanBack;
    3.Update the latest GooglePlayServices version as V8.3.00;
    4.Add tips to the closing process of taskbar;
    5.Solved no focus when entering to taskbar for the first time;
    6.No focus when killed tasks;
    7.Optimized no identification with NTFS filesystem device;
    8.Revised "Ehernet" into "Ethernet" on the settings;
    9.Modified brower as Andriod native Browser;

    1.Update KODI to 15.2 final version;
    2.Solved losing part color issue when playing 2D video;
    3.Add support to transformat for BD MVC 3D Frame Packing;
    4.Solved the audio noise issue with kodi pass-through feature;
    5.Optimization 23.976 in kodi.(The default status is off,This is a beta function
    6.Eliminate the noise of audio passthrough;
    7.Modify the strategy of buffer area;
    8.Add the notice switch of 3D mode on TV;
    9.Support Adjust display refresh rate by KODI;

    Native Video Player
    1.Add support BD MVC 3D FramePacking in native video player;
    2.Optimized the error condition when playing BD ISO;

    1.Modified the display mode of date and time as (09:25 into 9:25);
    2.Add ZidoRC on shortcut;
    3.Add Vietnamese;
    4.Press Menu button, "set boot" changed into "Launch on startup" in the applicaiton management page.

    1.Modified no display with some devices;
    2.Modified no Udisk display, when entering file management and press HOME, blug-in Udisk, select the promot into file management

    OTA zip file:
    Main download:
    Amazon mirror:
    Mediafire mirror:


    How to upgrade:

    Note: I would like to say thanks to the Beta Test Group their great help testing and reporting Pre-releases of beta firmware, their contribution and experience are fundamental to make the Zidoo X6 pro a better player.At the same time, We know we still have a long way to go, we will still continue to work hard.ZIDOO X6 is the first Android box support 3D MVC frampacking via kodi.There's always something that can't be perfect. What we can do is make it better.
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  2. thanhzidoo

    thanhzidoo New Member

    This firmware had supported leanback theme for other apps that use it.
  3. Domengo

    Domengo New Member

    GREAT. Very and so much thankyou...
  4. skank

    skank Member Beta test group

    Not much changed since v21

    In fact, nothing fixed from the list of bugs we gave
  5. Movie78

    Movie78 Member Beta test group

    Can't wait to test this.
    I hope the 3D Depth and PopOut is much better on this version.
  6. skank

    skank Member Beta test group

    Why is that? Nothing new since version 21 , no bugs from 21 fixed
  7. Movie78

    Movie78 Member Beta test group

    4.Solved the audio noise issue with kodi pass-through feature;
    6.Eliminate the noise of audio passthrough;
  8. skank

    skank Member Beta test group

    Those 2 were already in version 21
  9. Janaboy

    Janaboy New Member Beta test group

    The biggest question that they fixed the "artefacts" issue..!?
  10. skank

    skank Member Beta test group

    Dont think so , or they would mention it
  11. hdmkv

    hdmkv Active Member Beta test group

    Just my opinion, but this firmware isn't ready for general public (though it's better than v1.0.16). But, neither was the X6 itself release-ready to begin with.
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  12. jonnyv

    jonnyv New Member

    I take it from above comments that this release hasnt been Beta tested .Have the Beta group had any input at all ?
  13. Movie78

    Movie78 Member Beta test group

    The last version we tested was 1.0.21
  14. jonnyv

    jonnyv New Member

    Could this be that version with the issue number changed for release?
  15. hook7

    hook7 New Member

    [BUG] Kodi 15.2 crash with link IPTV .m3u8 (add-on Playlist Loader and PVR IPTV Simple Client)

    EDIT: [SOLVED] after 2 reebot it's OK
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2015
  16. Goujam

    Goujam Member

    To try out the 23.976 version do you enable all options in the acceleration settings. Or do I turn the 23.976 on and the other rockchip version off ?
  17. Zahir Jamal

    Zahir Jamal New Member

    Thanks for the continuing efforts. I was excited to see HDMI-CEC finally enabled but then discovered that this is a partial implementation. While you can use your TV remote now, switching the box on or off doesn't power on the TV or turn it off.

    The improvements to Kodi are appreciated. Keep up the good work.
  18. yenseizenit

    yenseizenit New Member

    Thanks for the efforts guys!!

    One question... How can I enable de HDMI-CEC feature? I have a Philips TV with EasyLink (that's how Philips call the CEC feature), but in the setting in Android I can't see any CEC or EasyLink option. Can you help me?

    Zahir Jamal, I saw you have tested it, how? Thank you so much!!
  19. Zahir Jamal

    Zahir Jamal New Member

    There is no special switch in Android. Your TV should recognize the device as CEC-ready. Look in your TV's settings menu for an Easy Link option. You should see the box as "Mbox" and you should be able to navigate with the TV remote. But power on-off doesn't work.

    (My Samsung TV recognized the box as an "AnyNet" device as soon as I turned it on).
  20. yenseizenit

    yenseizenit New Member

    Thanks a lot Zahir Jamal.

    I have the Philips 55PUS7909 and I can't make it work... This f*cking TV is driving me crazy :(

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